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Why Choose Sea-Doo?

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http://www.sea-doo.com Sea-Doo watercraft are all about having fun and control for greater safety and superior maneuverability.
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ASESOR DE SERVICIO (2 months ago)
hay diferentes modelos dependiendo para que se use.
Juan Pinzon (3 years ago)
nice marketing I want a Spark
renge99O9 (4 years ago)
 So you put handlebars, a seat, and a motor into a plastic kayak and are charging almost 8 grand for it?   Isn't the Same engine used in all models of the spark, with the only difference being engine computer settings?  And if you want anything that comes standard in the "more expensive" PWC's, you have to ummm...  Pay extra to "Add" it?    It appears that the "revolutionary breakthrough" here is in the marketing department.
ML L (3 years ago)
Bizarre indeed.
renge99O9 (3 years ago)
+ML L It's your money and you are free and an adult, more power to you.   Just expressing my own view on this, it's like buying a mini bike before learning that you really wanted a motorcycle.       I believe the price on these should be much cheaper.          Why in fact could they not just give you the 90 horsepower without charging a grand or two extra for what is basically reprogramming a chip?   Why can't they just include the plastic storage basket that costs them perhaps 10 bucks?    They even charge you if you want their graphics on it, so essentially like cable or tshirts or shoes, you are paying THEM to advertise their product.      We live in Bizarro world for sure.
ML L (3 years ago)
Actually I'm 45 and I own a 2011 RXT-X. No one said anything about cheap being good or better. The Spark is an entry level ski that almost anyone can afford. It has its limitations, but it will still allow someone to buy a ski and enjoy the summer months.  If you want a Spark but want the add-ons, then be ready to pay for them, but the unit as shipped is finished and ready to ride right out of the crate.
renge99O9 (3 years ago)
+ML L Nothing wrong at all, except the newly minted MBA's getting involved and removing "customer value" in favor of "maximizing profits".    I am guessing you are young and don't understand that you get what you pay for, and cheaper does not usually equate to as good or better.  People bought the hell out of YUGO's too, and justified it just like you did....    Give it a year or two, then revisit the reviews.
ML L (3 years ago)
There's nothing wrong with the Spark in its stock form. If you want any extras, you have to purchase them just like you would with your car, truck, house or anything else that you would add extras to.  The more expensive skis do have more features and a bigger engine, bigger hull, better design and more bells and whistles.  The Spark at its entry level of $5,000 is a great deal for a beginner or for someone who doesn't want to buy the more expensive, bigger  skis.
Austin Doiron (4 years ago)
starts at $5000

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