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This is a video response to AVDJ 2009. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMqGG82UmBg Happy New Year EVERY ONE! Check out AVDJ Channel:VERY COOL STUFF! http://www.youtube.com/avdj Music :"Lullaby"by Trace Bundy http://www.tracebundy.com Just to start ya on more of Trace Bundy on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWPQLDKOnh4 Thanks for stopping by! Much Light and Luv for ya in 2009! Cheers, Meg
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chevkoch (9 years ago)
Lovely playing. You make wonderful New Years wishes.
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
thank babe! Yes I lOVED 2008 People. It's cool to have such creative friend as we do. I try to sit as close as possilbe to abord everyone's good stuff.
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
:D lol Thank YOU and YOU 2!
canajian (10 years ago)
It`s still as cool as the first time I watched! :0) Great vid! HAPPY NEW YEAR! *****
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
(((((Mousie)))) Happy 2009! wishing you EVERTHNG you want this year YOU GET!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
hmmmmmmmmm that might be cool. Thanks FOR a rockin idea. HAPPY 2009.
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Janie...it HERE 2009!!! whoot,whoot. Boy oh boy WE WILL ROCK it girrrrrl! OX
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Kimmy wishing ya creativity happiness, love and bag of chips!! Thank YOU Babe!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
much color and love Boucrate, YES PLEASE!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
YOU KNOW IT SHANE! 2009 is going to ROCK!!!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
HUG!!!! Frida thank YOU Darlin! May our creativity ROCK in 2009!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
:D HAPPY new year Joseph.
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
kitty,kitty kitty THANK YOU Babe :D
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
thanks Jim! I hope you are ROCKIN in the new year.
Jim Carroll (10 years ago)
Beautiful video! Happy New Years to you!
KittyKatsUnite (10 years ago)
perfect! this is wonderful! happy 2009, artgirlsreality, and many thanks for the response!
AwakeningAlchemist (10 years ago)
bowlingballout (10 years ago)
:-) Quite a visual treat
Frida Contreras (10 years ago)
Beauty!! Happy New Year Meg!!! Big Hug
Boucrate (10 years ago)
And a cool 2009 to you Meg! Filled with colors and Love!
Daligoddess (10 years ago)
You are such a coolsome person Meg. I hope your new year is filled with Love, Peace, Harmony, Health, Happiness and I do hope it is a Prosperous one for you too! Love xxoo
Cameragirl803 (10 years ago)
Beautiful Meg! Light and love to you to sweetie:) 5*****
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Well you are the inspiration to get my butt into gear Elphy and just let the magic happen. THANK GIRRRRL. oh yeah thanks AVDJ....da! lol
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
thanks Caren!! It that crazy cat named AVDJ that brings the best out in us!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Wonder what this year will be like....hmmmmm I can close my eyes and SEE!:D thank YOU czarwright. Happy circles to YOU.
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
(((Phil))) Happy new YEAR to YOU!
eaglecrowowl (10 years ago)
So sweet Meg. That was very beautiful! :)
czarwright (10 years ago)
Happy new Circle to you :P May it be full of love and peace.
Philip Scott Johnson (10 years ago)
Very Cool! Happy 2009...

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