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Brush On White Teeth? Whitening Review

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http://www.Whiteninglightning.com Or here for USA $18: https://shopstyle.it/l/WizK This is a review on the Whitening Lightening Super Booster Whitening Pen Check out Vlogmas: www.youtube.com/christytv300 I was sent this item to review
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Text Comments (322)
Real Vladik (5 days ago)
I'll save u some time 7:24
Katelyn Eisiminger (10 days ago)
7:25 You're welcome
Aaron Aimable (11 days ago)
Let someone else with yellow teeth do this review
Aaron Aimable (11 days ago)
Come on this product is not to u
Neisa Flaherty (11 days ago)
That’s very nasty if you don’t brush the back of your teeth.
the video starts at 11:17 by the way
Kiran Kaur (15 days ago)
Why do you talk too much ? Body hell come to the point ..
Keeley Jackson (19 days ago)
I love these reviews.....I will never buy or use this mess. Thank you
Julia Mooradian (24 days ago)
u can’t review this with your teeth that white already. smh stupid
Jaycee Kremdelakrem (26 days ago)
Stop talking so much
Ethan barrett (1 month ago)
“Not to brag or anything but I’m between 2 and 3” omg I’m so out of here fuck this video and life in dead
You talk so much....
Stacë Taylor (1 month ago)
Save yourself from watching! She says it DOESN'T WORK at the end of the video!!!!!!!!!
Brenda (1 month ago)
Get to the point!!!!!
Madisyn Brinsky (1 month ago)
Kim Starkulla (2 months ago)
You care very much about your theeth but dont brush them in the back? Wow xD
rachelleleann1989 (2 months ago)
Ur teeth are white...but not that great...geez. I came to watch for the pen...not to hear u go on and on about yourself. Don’t have time for that
Maggie HH (2 months ago)
It seems that her teeth are as white (bleached) as they can possibly get. Okay. Fine. Then she says she should have used it on her boyfriend's yellow teeth. Okay--so why did you NOT? Obviously this person is over processed. Stop wasting our time! This product might actually work, but we won't know because chick is ONLY about HERSELF!
Jestoni Ferrer (2 months ago)
This is bullshit, you have white teeth.... Do you really need to review this product? It doesn't really make sense to me.
Ferrara KidsClub (2 months ago)
You don't brush the back of your teeth?
Skyler Hayes (3 months ago)
You are supposed to do it once a day for at least a week for best results and wash it off after 30th min. Since youre teeth are already white it may take longer to get desired results. These pearl pens are now u der $10 at Wal-Mart .com
timothy gibson (3 months ago)
Less talking, more demo
Carl Goring (3 months ago)
This is when you find out that her teeth are really plastic veneers lol
Brie Bella (3 months ago)
Don't use that pen it hurts teeth gum
Randy Clark (3 months ago)
F* that Sh* .... NO WORKING !!!
Sheeba Kitty (4 months ago)
Youre teeth are already a 2-3 and you ecpect 1 use to get them to a 1 ... Youre like an anorexic trying to lose weight. Not a helpful review..
tanuchenka (4 months ago)
thanks for the review but this was too long...I found myself skipping ahead several times until I gave up on it.
Slammed Ricers (4 months ago)
Synthol for your teeth
2253glen (4 months ago)
What moron does not brush the back of her teeth?
No Studios Information (5 months ago)
Is everyone ignoring the fact that your teeth are bones and that its good for them to be a little yellow because that's their natural color? The reason why we brush is to get all that extra stuff we put on it so it's okay if your teeth are a little yellow but if they're a bit more yellow than usual you should try brushing them more.
M Jam (5 months ago)
U talk a lot 🤕
OriginalDoll1 (7 months ago)
"I was a 2 when I started"... LMFAO
Is this safe for an 11 years old kid... i bought that for like 4.06 dollars
Daniela Sprella (8 months ago)
loving them! although ideally, your teeth should be congruent with the whites of your eyes otherwise they’d look fake but hey! I love ‘em way lighter than my eyes =D
Zee D (9 months ago)
Thank you! You have nice teeth!
Sharla Johnson (9 months ago)
Rich (10 months ago)
Oh good lord, there is so much stupid in this video, I don't even know where to start...
Braincreatives It (1 year ago)
I hope people see you are lying to them.. People, check the photos at the end well and compare the front teeth,, IT IS OBVIOUS IT"S 4 DIFFERENT MOUTHS SHE'S A SCAMMER.
Christy L (1 year ago)
Braincreatives It did you actually watch the video to hear the final verdict of it? Plus, it is obviously the same mouth lol
STARDUST- ONE (1 year ago)
Does it work on crowns or bonding on teeth ???
Big AL (1 year ago)
Jesus this video could of take 40 seconds to do...got bored watching it
Magootsie (1 year ago)
You shouldn't say "Uhm" so much. I'm sure you don't realize you're doing it but it's very distracting.
Laura Grothues (1 year ago)
I'm a smoker and i loveeee coffee.. and one of my front teeth is half fake.. its always a little more yellow.. this pen does work for me though. I use it once a day for 30 minutes like three days in a row.. it does make my teeth less yellow, even the half fake one.. this is the only product i know what can be used on a fake tooth.. so.. for the price i'm happy!
Get Deal Shop (1 year ago)
Teeth Tooth Whitening Gel Pen Whitener Cleaning Bleaching Kit Dental White. Just $12.20 Save $1.99 Buy 2 Get 1 Free. (Worldwide Free Shipping No Hidden Charges) Here This Link To Place Your Order! http://bit.ly/2hygyS4
donna wanna (1 year ago)
I got to 4 minutes on the video and still nothing but chatter, when does the actual review start?
coolkat awsomness (1 year ago)
You have a nice smile
Faizrosli Faizrosli (1 year ago)
Omar Alhanfoosh (1 year ago)
1. Hopefully your boyfriend was cool with you throwing him completely under the bus, girlfriend of the year. 2. Hopefully they didn't pay you to waste everyone's time. 3. If you say it doesn't work, you're really gonna push it with a discount after lol evidence that they did not ask you to review it because they'd never approve a negative review 😂 but nice try making it seem like big companies seek you out.
penearth (1 year ago)
how does this crap come up first on youtube on the search? TAKE IT DOWN
Sam KM (1 year ago)
Wtf?! Why didn't you just say it at the start of the video that it doesn't work?! Disliked
CJ S (1 year ago)
You know too white is freakn creepy...You don't see ppl with bright white teeth and say WTF?! Sounds like the whiter the better, but couldn't be further from the truth..fake and disturbing looking.
Aleesha Ali (1 year ago)
white teeth but no lips 😂😂
Kamu Produktionz (1 year ago)
OMG! U talk waaaaay too much!
B1G D4ddy (7 days ago)
Fuck off then
Get Deal Shop (1 year ago)
Teeth Tooth Whitening Gel Pen Whitener Cleaning Bleaching Kit Dental White. Just $12.20 Save $1.99 Buy 2 Get 1 Free. (Worldwide Free Shipping No Hidden Charges) Here This Link To Place Your Order! http://bit.ly/2hygyS4
YoungBlaze (1 year ago)
it starts at 5:10
cutie 82 (1 year ago)
my teeth are white but I want them to be more white xD
cutie 82 (1 year ago)
😁 I am ossesed with teeth whitening
Nerob8kd (1 year ago)
I have bad teeth it DOES work to a minor degree wish It would've worked like it says it does but I robbed them hahahha so no loss there instead of them robbing me😂👮
elftails m (2 years ago)
PS I think the word you were searching for at 1:25 might've been "logo."
fadingdreams300 (2 years ago)
ooh yes!
elftails m (2 years ago)
It's just as well that you don't want to review the whitening system where a UV (ultraviolet) light is used bc the rays (which would be affecting your gums, face and eyes) are known to be cancer-producing.
elftails m (2 years ago)
I was leary at first bc you were doing a review for the COMPANY but you were actually honest about it which is admirable. But I wouldn't fret bc your teeth are plenty white as is. Did the company pay you for this review bc I would've skipped over myself, since it didn't seem to work anyway, and immediately tried on my boyfriend who sounds like a better candidate.
fadingdreams300 (2 years ago)
Thanks. They sent me the product for free as compensation but since I'm a small youtuber, they didn't pay me anything. I think they did for some of the big youtubers though.
elftails m (2 years ago)
Does the Whitening Lightening pen contain the same ingredients as the True Brilliance pen? I would never use the True Brilliance pen simply because of their ads where they show a Before & After pic of a girl wearing no makeup in the Before pic, then full makeup in the After pic. What's the point of them doing this when they know good and well that we're going to notice this?
fadingdreams300 (2 years ago)
haha I hate before and afters like that. Or for a weight loss thing, the before the girl looks like she's sticking out her stomach and arching her back to really push her stomach out, and after you can tell she's sucking in and standing up straighter lol. I am not too sure about the True Brilliance Pen but I would imagine they are similar. I even saw my own video stolen by another whitening pen company and they edited out where I said the name of this, and tried to claim it as their own product. Of course they didn't show the ending where I said it doesn't actually work, but they used the video to show how 'their' product applies. Luckily they had to take it down after I reported it since they didn't ask me, they just took and edited my video
dewar white (2 years ago)
i used it, i have yellow teeth, there was not a jot of difference, thank you for telling the truth
Tim Smith (2 years ago)
Damm bitch talks to much
Sofía R. (2 years ago)
Black tea actually stains our teeth more than coffee,and if you add milk to your coffee,and drink from a straw, and brush your teeth soon after,you'll be fine. I always carry a little toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste in my bag. ;-) You say you take good care of your teeth, hence why they're perfect,but some people are born with tiny,&/or discolored teeth,it can be genetic, or because of medicine. Long story. I worked as a dentists assistant in Spain in my early 20s..I was shocked that he hired me because I had no experience at all!! But..now I do. ;-)
Rebecca Respect2Glory (1 year ago)
Your enamel is effected if you do not brush within 20 minutes.
four seasons (1 year ago)
Sofía R. : you aren't supposed to brush 30 minutes after drinking or eating to brush
Younes Razkaoui (2 years ago)
not your smile just your teeth ........... ok
Carmen Justine (2 years ago)
Rude bitch
doreen darrah (2 years ago)
How can someone not know they have to brush the back of their teeth? even illiterate children in Africa know that.
muhetos (5 months ago)
"Illiterate children in Africa"!
Lord Mensah (8 months ago)
doreen darrah ignorance is really a disease!
THATguy (2 years ago)
5-11 on that guide all look the same
xXH1ddenIdentityXx (2 years ago)
is it like teeth paint? because I have yellow tooth spots and i want to cover them up?????????????
Kati Ungefug (2 years ago)
Wait so you're basically painting you're teeth and then it comes off when you brush you're teeth?
janX9 (2 years ago)
Dazzling White Pens from the dollar store work fine.
Nico.Anonymous (5 months ago)
Get Deal Shop shut up
Get Deal Shop (1 year ago)
Teeth Tooth Whitening Gel Pen Whitener Cleaning Bleaching Kit Dental White. Just $12.20 Save $1.99 Buy 2 Get 1 Free. (Worldwide Free Shipping No Hidden Charges) Here This Link To Place Your Order! http://bit.ly/2hygyS4
Ania Tessa (2 years ago)
$29? You can get them on eBay or Aliexpress for $1 :)
California Creamin' (5 months ago)
Do you think all the pens are basically the same? I could believe it. I could also believe a $1 version might damage your teeth faster or something because nobody making it gives a shit what happens to your teeth as long it whitens a bit and keeps you coming back for more.
Kayla Stuart-Menzies (1 year ago)
Ania Tessa AliExpress all the way.:)
angel rodriguez (1 year ago)
Ania Tessa I use Ali and love it lol I was hoping I would find them there
Jerry Soriano (2 years ago)
you beautiful I'm in love
TheFreindlyDog (2 years ago)
Use miswak it is more natural and it is a stick
Tikajolia jolia (2 years ago)
I don`t understand what shall i do after applying product on my teeth? can you please tell me, because as i know i should not swallow it, so what shall i do after
MA RO (2 years ago)
just lies
Donavan Freeman (3 years ago)
you have amazing smile!
Suzanne Bennett (3 years ago)
I liked the Oxfam ad at the beginning. :D
Stephanie Evans (3 years ago)
Have to try. I used iBright, took here http://u.to/r2TmDA, charming smile and dazzling white teeth.
Jg Deva (3 years ago)
I sort of think your teeth are already almost perfectly white, so maybe there is no room for improvement...except maybe at the base of the lower teeth, so you are hard to improve. That said, please do the LED one. Why? You seem pretty honest. Maybe I'm just not finding the link? Also, see if you can get someone with worse teeth, maybe? BTW I tried a pen and did not like it either. Are the LED's UV? At least you can have fun with it, if it is!
fadingdreams300 (3 years ago)
+Jg Deva Ah I know, I ended up never doing the LED light review. There was so much backlash on this video!!
Lilia Ben (3 years ago)
im asking if we clinsing of befor that thanx
alex west (3 years ago)
WTF?  I take really good care of my teeth....but don't brush the back?  Fucking sick.
Get Deal Shop (1 year ago)
Teeth Tooth Whitening Gel Pen Whitener Cleaning Bleaching Kit Dental White. Just $12.20 Save $1.99 Buy 2 Get 1 Free. (Worldwide Free Shipping No Hidden Charges) Here This Link To Place Your Order! http://bit.ly/2hygyS4
Roy Sears (2 years ago)
Lol...yes she lost me with that statement. And she is dating someone with yellow teeth. Nasty..
Christopher Archer (3 years ago)
Christopher Archer (3 years ago)
fadingdreams300 (3 years ago)
+Christopher Archer Hi Christopher!
Alex Zinici (3 years ago)
Fadingdream , i didnt understand how long it takes to stay with that solution on teeth , cause all the night is imposible ... It will hurt at morning .... And i knew that must take between 15-30 minutes... Sorry if i was wrong about my english..
fadingdreams300 (3 years ago)
+Alex Zinici it dries and you don't notice it
richardhalo (3 years ago)
6 minutes into video and I'm bored. You said almost nothing about this product. No reason to watch further.
Lola (3 years ago)
+richardhalo What? She was very thorough and honest.
richardhalo (3 years ago)
Stevo Atkin (3 years ago)
Good video...and using the cougar whiting pen... Cute women u are..
fadingdreams300 (3 years ago)
+Stevo Kenneth Atkinson haha thanks!
Esther Gogna (3 years ago)
If ur video was faster I could have enough patience to watch it :(
Mereana Welham (3 years ago)
I bought one and it doesn't have the gel stuff in it? did you get gel when you buy it
Mereana Welham (3 years ago)
+fadingdreams300 i would but i honestly cant be bothered with it now. Lol
fadingdreams300 (3 years ago)
+Mereana Welham yikes. contact the company. ya mine came with gel in it
loosey5 (3 years ago)
I had to watch 7 minutes to find out it doesnt work wtf!!!
AJJ427 (2 months ago)
Thanks for this. Based on all the comments, I'm glad I didn't have to watch
James Edwards (5 months ago)
loosey5 more full you, but thanks for the heads up! Goodbye
Michele Osier (1 year ago)
OMG! Cut to the chase!
postyj (3 years ago)
It doesn't work because it states it doesn't work on veneers, which you clearly have
CCBunE (3 years ago)
+fadingdreams300 the fact that you were drinking extra coffee while whitening your teeth shows even more how WORTHLESS the whitener is. If the product HAD worked your teeth should have gotten MORE stained with the extra coffee. Thank you for being so candid about your results!!
fadingdreams300 (3 years ago)
+postyj nope, all natural teeth!
Nicole R. Butcher (4 years ago)
It is possible to whitening your teeth in your home by using organic method, which may save you tons of money for dentist visits & eliminate long terms unwanted effects.
Shafiq Khoram (3 years ago)
+Kattis Kablamski hi what kind of oil and how to apply it thanks
Kattis Kablamski (3 years ago)
Oil pulling !!! the best... heals your gums and cleanses you bog at the same time = )  There is a whole book on it. 
Nicole R. Butcher (4 years ago)
Take a look at here to learn more: help1.info/natural-teeth-whiteining
itzmehbrit (4 years ago)
Y are my bottom teeth yellower than my top teeth?
SupaFlyBoyZz699 (3 years ago)
Gravity hun hehe.
Jamel Hairston (4 years ago)
I know right
Cheatuto (4 years ago)
How many time you wait before remove ?
fadingdreams300 (4 years ago)
They suggest applying it before bed and leaving it on all night and then brush your teeth again in the morning. It isn't a large amount of stuff you are putting on your teeth, so it isn't like you have to sleep with a glob of gel in your mouth lol
OtastytastyX (4 years ago)
SWEET :))) --- NICE TEETH :)))
Ramisa Islam (4 years ago)
New Subbie 💕💕
fadingdreams300 (4 years ago)
yay thank you so much :)
nice teeth
nikko1299 (4 years ago)
well ur teeth are already really white???
Uh U.U Kookie (4 years ago)
I see a difference on your bottom row
Jasmine Meenie (5 years ago)
U have anna kendricks mouth
Layt'e (5 years ago)
your teeth are pretty straight but the occlusion is off ,,"its tilted" but they are pretty
JaNiece Gleason (2 months ago)
Be2utiful Me wow😮
Be2utiful Me (11 months ago)
I think she would need jaw surgery to correct that, or extractions with braces. I had braces, the most they can do is straigten. Jaw surgery corrects the bite. They wanted to remove some teeth to fix my over bite but she also said it wouldn't look right. The jaw bone is fascinating. It actually grows back. They break the jaw and leave a space then it grows back while healing. :|
Iris Cv (5 years ago)
Not everybody can get their teeth in number 1.... Depends on your natural teeth color some people just don't have super white. So maybe it doesn't work for you because you are already in your whitter.... I got the pens a couple weeks ago from another guru video and it's working for me :)
SupaFlyBoyZz699 (3 years ago)
truth dat truth dat, i rarely drink coffee,tea when i was 12 yrs old my teeth r just not white, kinda alike gray i suppose
julian flaviano (5 years ago)
where can i buy this product? im here in riyadh ksa

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