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TANITA TIKARAM " The Way You Move " (Official Music Video)

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The official video for ‘The Way You Move’ is taken from Tanita's new album ‘Closer To the People’, directed by Natacha Horn. Order the new album here: http://smarturl.it/TT_CTTP_itunes http://smarturl.it/TT_CTTP The Way You Move produced by Angie Pollock & Goetz Botzenhardt written by Tanita Tikaram & Bryan Day. Musicians : Sax Martin Winning, Double Bass Matt Radford, Drums Bobby Irwin, Guitar Oliver Darling, Strings Q Strings. See Tanita Tikaram live! Visit http://www.tanita-tikaram.com/ for all dates! www.tanita-tikaram.com https://www.facebook.com/tanitatikaramofficial/?ref=hl https://twitter.com/tanita_tikaram __________________________________________________________________ Directed by Natacha Horn Choreography by Aline Derderian Dancers: Alessio Cappelli & Aline Derderian Produced by Tash Production London Cinematographer: Raul Cadenas de la Vega Technic: Decode thank you Matias Sjöwall and the 2 wonderful crew members. Camera assistant: Lucas Cortondo Mondragon Sound assistant: Ian Ferguson Shot on location at Kings Place, London. thank you Nell Halford Head of [email protected] Place Music Foundation Ruth (Stage Manager) Tom (Production Manager) Background sculpture by Merete Rasmussen courtesy of Pangolin London. Make up: Amy Brandon Make up assistant: Gemma Martin Editing: Iain Thomson Thanks to the lovely extras: Gillian King, Gillian Holmes, Oliver Kempner, Maddie Kempner , Agnes Bangura, David Bangura, Antonio Reche, James Mayhew, Heath J C McLean,Luzmira Zerpa,Jaia Yglesias-Zerpa, Leah Sams, Oliver Darling, Ferdinand Paimblanc, Paolo Rosini, Sky Richardson , Georgia, Judy Ciok, Sarah Pearson, Jane Goldsmith, Charlotte Poison-Voncat, Carolina Cortondo Mondragón & Eve & her sweet boyfriend.
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Text Comments (30)
N Zavetnyi (1 day ago)
Loooove this
David Rabinovitch (2 months ago)
Every time I hear the sound of People dancing close together Where the moonlight finds the crowd And when you know there's No place better I love the way you move There's a boy who throws his head back To the rhythm when he's dancing And I can see that every joy And every sorrow flows Right through him If I could only change my ways to move the way you move *2 + 1:40 1:58 When I think back to those nights I lose my self among the shadows 2:08 When I think back to those nights I almost lost myself to you So show me now And tell me how coz i love the way you move -------------
debussy69 (6 months ago)
I didn’t want it to end
Kassi Ydris (11 months ago)
I love the way you sing ❤❤❤❤😇😇😇😇all the dancers and director did a brilliant job. I am so glad your voice sounds happier but still soulful and heartfelt. Your words touch my heart. Thank you for inspiring my life.
David Rabinovitch (1 year ago)
mi-mi-mi! I love you TT!
Camel Lul (1 year ago)
I'm waiting already a long time for your gift ( flowers) !?
Jeffery Dewberry (1 year ago)
love love love love
Jody McCullough (1 year ago)
Love the song and I love that they used normal looking people in the video. It's amazing some of the crap that gets millions of views and a nice video like this gets thousands. Ah well...
KIK (1 year ago)
Wonderful song!!
zalbis musulmonas (1 year ago)
Hi beauty Tanita, I remember You.
Scott saunders (1 year ago)
Keep making music please Tanita. This video LOVE IT!
Arhip Jarov (2 years ago)
Attila Magyar-Zsolnay (2 years ago)
Fantastic new song for Tanita. Unfortunetely today popstars over 40 can not move to Hitlist Top20. Anyway the producer of Tanita's new album is the keyboardist of the Lightning Seeds, Angie Pollock.
Dávid Dombai (2 years ago)
David Rabinovitch (2 years ago)
TT is my love! She can make so nice song! better then twist* yes, she can! But you need listen 2 or 3 times this clip After this You WILL listen MANY MANY MANY times. Like me. Thanks to Natasha H* too! Love DR!
happydavid13 (2 years ago)
Lovely happy upbeat song and a great dance track too. Excellent.
motanelustelistu (2 years ago)
Where is the song copied ? At least the chorus,if not the entire song,is CLEARLY COPIED or re-recorded after an old song.
debussy69 (3 months ago)
You’re quite clearly an idiot
İhsan Burak Atinc (2 years ago)
If you think it is copied you need to give us more info....or just shut the fuck up and enjoy music
ronster369 (2 years ago)
You're a piece of shit for making a claim with nothing to back it up with. We all took a vote here and decided to ban you from making any further comments on Youtube. You sick fuck.
Paulo Domiciano (2 years ago)
l Loved this video it makes us move. congratulations. Greetings from Instagram
Richard Ruben (2 years ago)
Wonderfull director ! Awesome !
I like vey much the song, and I love Tanita Tikaram since a long time. And I like also very much the video which is really fun !
Metalmadness (2 years ago)
Wow,is amazing song
Amazing song & Video !! <3
Beck Wolf (2 years ago)
Eric van 't Hof (2 years ago)
Love it!!!
Thomas Jones (2 years ago)
Fabulous song, fabulous video! Congrats to all concerned xx

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