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The LUCID-Art and LUCY Camera Lucidas Draw and Paint like the Masters!

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Carolyn Brt (6 months ago)
Oh my dears, tracing is just a tool. The painting and shading is what makes you the artist. You sound jealous. What’s up???
BtsLover101 (6 months ago)
This is absolute crap. This isn’t drawing, its just tracing. Dont buy this damn product, its dumb af
Ancient Magic Art Tools (2 months ago)
It's a tool that has been used by artists and Old Masters for hundreds of years, so you can call it tracing if you want, but artists have always used tools. Were Vermeer, Ingres, Van Eyck, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt just tracing? Call it whatever you want, but the LUCY and it's historical predecessors don't do the drawing for you. It's just a tool, and does not remove creativity.
Diego Bueno (6 months ago)
You'll get better at tracing but not at drawing
Ava Gaming Fox (6 months ago)
So basically tracing....
kawaiicorngaming (5 months ago)
I meant trace it then use that traced drawing as a reference and I do agree that if don't trace you'd feel better
Ava Gaming Fox (5 months ago)
kawaiicorngaming that's not a reference it's stealing unless you give credit but if you don't trace you have the pleasure of making something you made yourself bottom up!
kawaiicorngaming (5 months ago)
Ok I admit it is tracing and kind of "cheating" at art but if you use it and the draw something else using the one you traced as a refrence then it would be fine
Ava Gaming Fox (5 months ago)
kawaiicorngaming sometimes but in this case no
kawaiicorngaming (5 months ago)
Ava Gaming Fox Yes but you still do it plus it's easier look I don't wanna have a fight about tracing but it's helpfull k?
yuriination (11 months ago)
Can I use it with an image on my cell phone? Or must I print the image first?
Ancient Magic Art Tools (2 months ago)
Yes, we even have an accessory to enlarge the image off a phone: http://www.ancientmagicarttools.com/projectorarm/
kawaiicorngaming (5 months ago)
yuriination I think it's fine with cellphone and if it isn't than lower the brightness

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