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Nike React Element 87 review and on foot

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information Follow me @ Instagram: @Thecamp0ut Link https://www.instagram.com/thecamp0ut/?hl=en Brand: Nike Model: React Element 87 Key Features: The midsole features Nike’s revolutionary new React foam technology, while the upper makes use of a translucent shell, exterior taping on the heel, an exposed lace collar, and trail-running style laces. Release Date: July 13 in North America; June 26 everywhere else Price: $160 Buy: Nike and select retailers tbc
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Text Comments (89)
Mar78 Andres (9 months ago)
Dope review and dope kicks but you definitely gotta get on your sock game! that blue stripe lol will kill your get up for sure.
Jordan Clemons (10 months ago)
Is kicksvogue.net legit? No one has seem to have heard of it
Squiddly Pants (10 months ago)
was binging videos on these shoes, so hyped for them. your video really stood out, just super solid, i subscribed
SUPERIMIAINI (10 months ago)
If I may ask, what is the sizing compared to Adidas UB? I haven't bought Nike's in a while I'm a 10 in UB with room, go 9.5 Here or 10. Thanks in advance. Great intro!
SUPERIMIAINI (10 months ago)
Thank you, I figured I have 1 shot on Friday morning!
TheCamp0ut (10 months ago)
SUPERIMIAINI 10 they run a little snug
Rafael Andrade (10 months ago)
Are these shoes going to be hard to cop 😭 I hope not
Cameron Valdez (10 months ago)
Where will these release at ?
Joshua Orbito (10 months ago)
I'm loving the translucent upper 😍 you get to showcase the sock game
doby1234 (10 months ago)
Are these going to be limited or are they general release and will be readily available?
UnrThdx (10 months ago)
A plastic bag for the price of a leather bag !!! less and less material for higher prices !!!
cam2k (10 months ago)
These looked fire when seen leaked, but on feet toe box looking all deformed and creased up, having second thoughts! Just a little disappointed on that!
AYO B (10 months ago)
These are hard
lorena suarez (10 months ago)
I can imagine an off-white version the react element 87
T Polk87 (10 months ago)
I need these
Joseph Harding (10 months ago)
Condomsfor your feet
Rian G (10 months ago)
How’s the ankle support? Kind of worried cuz I got flat feet. They’re look dope though
Best part of the shoe is that the socks change some of the color blocking. Very dope
gelu (10 months ago)
this cw was actually previewed/leaked/whatever as an undercover cw
Yves Saint Laurent (10 months ago)
I’m seeing too much for knuckles
MJ 23 (10 months ago)
I think the material will rip easily and not last very long.
Rahkwan Khaldun (10 months ago)
Probably a dope shoe, just not on you. You make them look wack.
TheCamp0ut (10 months ago)
Rahkwan Khaldun sheesh lol
lew_bz (10 months ago)
So so sick man ! Good to see a little review again
austindukerivers (10 months ago)
great camera work
Sienna아미 (10 months ago)
New pair of shoes every time you change your sock color
smittyboy007 (10 months ago)
Fire!!! They'ed look funny as fuck with a raw foot in it LOL
Jevin Wilson (10 months ago)
Do they look good with wide feet?
Ruperto Gutierrez (10 months ago)
TheCamp0ut did you go true to side or half size up
Mac Oul (10 months ago)
so do i. thinking going a half size up
TheCamp0ut (10 months ago)
Jevin Wilson I have wide feet I think they look great still
Glenn Kirk (10 months ago)
I always loose when it comes to the running shoes.. i rock a 16.. they usually stop at 15.. dope silhouette tho... gambled on the force 270s and those actually fit me good in a 15.. copped the safaris and wolf grays.. let me kno if that snug one foot is uncomfortable to a unbearable point
Jace Hanes (10 months ago)
Awesome review. Thank you.
Jay New (10 months ago)
Crazy I couldn’t cop on the EU drop. Where did you pick these up ?
CookiePuss81 (10 months ago)
Nice vid . Just wait until they start using zoom x in shoes .
Ywj Xing (10 months ago)
whats comfort compared to boost?
Thuong Dinh (10 months ago)
yooooooo. seems like a we gotta buy it to compare it
william teahno (10 months ago)
Bruh these to raw. Seen a pic the other day and had to find the shoe major cop
Benedict Chua (10 months ago)
Patiently waiting for the Undercover collab.
halfcab81 (10 months ago)
Is that really a mesh? It looks like a thin plastic type material.
halfcab81 (10 months ago)
What do you mean by flip flop feel?
Jeremy Chung (10 months ago)
Sick review!!! Love the intro. Would you go for the same size as epic react?
Sneakerhead Max (10 months ago)
Lol GR
Demirel32 (10 months ago)
Are these breathable? They don't seem like it. That plastic makes me think you can grow weed in the shoe.
TheSonOfSomeMan (10 months ago)
Shits are super 🔥definitely gotta cop these also 🔥review 👌
Jerome Alexander (10 months ago)
I hope they restock these before the NA release. The resell prices are pretty ridiculous
Justiniano Lopez (10 months ago)
Look sick
Jaryd (10 months ago)
Tf was that @intro
Fly Motives (10 months ago)
love these man really cant wait to cop, want all of them!
Sovereign Hope (10 months ago)
How is the strobel board? Is it stiff/ thick?
Jc Robles (10 months ago)
Need a 10.5 on theseeee
Emmanuel Clausell Llavona (10 months ago)
I want to cop but i’m gonna wait for the Undercover collab
Tyler Olszewski (10 months ago)
Cant wait for those blue hinted sole ones. Absolute fire.
King Cesar (10 months ago)
Couldn’t cop from the US consortiums that release it but hope to cop in the official NA release
King Cesar (10 months ago)
Dope review
Ash Bash Sneakers (10 months ago)
I'm starting to think maybe these aren't for me.. Its feeling like only certain angles these look dope.. I dunno.. I missed out on them anyways so I don't have to worry about it but still.. Think these will be like. The epic reacts and have a shit load of colourways easy to cop for everyone eventually?
Ash Bash Sneakers (10 months ago)
When's the last time you took an L on a new release?
Bostons Best (10 months ago)
Cork from Portugal no doubt lmao
Kicks Do (10 months ago)
Kicks Do (10 months ago)
Sixtus easy cop here in Germany. Have much pair in every shop for 1 Hour.but i pass because dont like the cw. Think its trash
Sixtus (10 months ago)
He the type to say trash, but complain when he can't get through the snkrs app on release day.
Kicks Do (10 months ago)
Ben Mullan shoe is Trash Bad cw too
Men Bullan (10 months ago)
You haven’t fucked anyone you gimpy virgin
Men Bullan (10 months ago)
Kicks Do fack off
Emerson corrales (10 months ago)
Super fire must cop ! Yo dabs intro fuegooooo b
Japanaholic353637 (10 months ago)
Very cool shoe. I will be trying my best to get one of the undercover collab shoes that come out in the fall, I believe.
SumoSkrat (10 months ago)
The swoosh hits are all fire - toe box, lateral side, rear heel, aglets, insole
AmbrizFer (10 months ago)
they should of put react on the 270s
Rubicon Crossing (10 months ago)
AmbrizFer genius
AmbrizFer (10 months ago)
I know react is comfortable but 160 idk
AmbrizFer (10 months ago)
they look better when not on feet I feel like in order to wear them you have to have sail color socks
Sergey Baklykov (10 months ago)
The shoes are super fire and great review! I'm still iffy on the translucent uppers, hopefully they make some different colorways without the translucent upper
Vu Thai (10 months ago)
Bryan (10 months ago)
Ya think these will sell out I don’t know if I should buy on release day or wait it out
TheCamp0ut (10 months ago)
Sneakerhead Max agreed hype aside I just thought it was an amazing shoe the other one I need is the volt midsole
Sneakerhead Max (10 months ago)
Tyler Olszewski yeah I don’t even care about hype on these I just really want a pair. I think they did really well.
Tyler Olszewski (10 months ago)
Sneakerhead Max wait on other cw's they will overflood the market with pairs. I already know nike will fuck it up. I want the blue sole ones in the picture absolute flame cw
Sneakerhead Max (10 months ago)
Hopefully they will decrease. I am 0-26 websites so far.
Tyler Olszewski (10 months ago)
Jake bate only 350 cause they haven't dropped hardly anywhere yet.
DaDa’sGottem (10 months ago)
make some camp out 0/ dad hats Mike! Ima need a pin too
John Toffi (10 months ago)
shoe of the year
Ryan Tapalaga (10 months ago)
Stupid fire 🔥
hundred_ stacks (10 months ago)
Def crack they killed these on feet there amazing🔥
Humberto Neto (10 months ago)
hundred_ stacks *they're
KANYE WEST (10 months ago)
T Travis (10 months ago)
Absolute fire!!! Greatly appreciate how quickly you got this up.
brandfles (10 months ago)

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