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How to wash the slippers ! Miele W1 Twindos

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Washing the slippers at Delicate programme with extra rinse and gentle option selected!
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glenfieldmathk1 (4 years ago)
Have they dropped the Shoes wash? Nice video - thanks for uploading :)
Thierry (4 years ago)
+Rai Christoforou j aime car il y beaucoup de mousse   supper 
Rch (4 years ago)
+elyot67 yes ! I choose Twindos !
Thierry (4 years ago)
+Rai Christoforou hello   tu utilise la lessive miele twindose
Rch (4 years ago)
Yes they remove the shoe programm ! So for sport shoes and slippers I'm using the delicate programm!

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