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Fun, Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Hi everyone!! We all spend so much time picking out the perfect gifts for our loved ones, so today I wanted to show you some fun ways to wrap those great gifts!! I hope I helped inspire you to get creative with your gift wrapping ideas this year!:) Please send me pictures, I would love to see how you all wrap your gifts!! Thanks for watching!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! Follow me! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HeyKayli/222550661132178 Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Hey_Kayli SUBSCRIBE to THEMOMSVIEW http://www.youtube.com/themomsview SUBSCRIBE to THEMOMSVIEWTOO http://www.youtube.com/themomsviewtoo SUBSCRIBE to CARLIESTYLEZ http://www.youtube.com/carliestylez SUBSCRIBE to KATILETTE http://www.youtube.com/katilette SUBSCRIBE to MIYA http://www.youtube.com/user/MIYA SUBSCRIBE TO BELLAMISHELLA http://www.youtube.com/bellamishella
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Text Comments (244)
Coffee Jaytee (2 months ago)
Bloody hell the comments are extinct
Coffee Jaytee (2 months ago)
I like your overall personality!
Ahmed Al abri (1 year ago)
I really liked it.It's so cute!
Just Kids Thing (1 year ago)
Hi, can u please tell me how to gift wrap a belt?
Alyssa Brown (2 years ago)
Taamz Heart (2 years ago)
so soothing
Grace Bauer (2 years ago)
i love ur voice
Saraid Betancourt (2 years ago)
will it lass If I use one of this pic outside
Ruksar Ani (3 years ago)
omg this helped me so much thankyou i love you :D
Doruthy Alfaro (3 years ago)
so love your ideas. very pretty
Doruthy Alfaro (3 years ago)
very pretty
Merry Heart Jewelry (3 years ago)
These are very creative ideas! I enjoyed your video!
Luisrules4ever (3 years ago)
Black Star (3 years ago)
Youre so beautiful :-)
rapsaC (3 years ago)
What do I do when the colour comes off when I remove the paper, any special tipps and tricks?
Minna Segura (3 years ago)
So cool and cute
Roxanna Villalta (3 years ago)
i like your nail
Doctor KKFang (4 years ago)
hey kayli i love your channel alot but how did you make thoose candy giffts i tried so much and every time i FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and soon i just started crying seriously how did you make them!!!!!!?????????????
Kayli Reynolds (4 years ago)
our names are spelled the same way (:
edie porter (4 years ago)
like if you are watching this in 2014 lol
Gloria Jones (4 years ago)
very nice, love this, your direction were so clear and easy. will try.
lokngarnd (4 years ago)
You can put jewelry in the tube also
I love your hair and you look beautiful thank you for idears
U look amazing and I love your ways of wrapping. Plus I love your hair like that! Thanks for giving me good gift wrapping ideas
Tanya Kaur (4 years ago)
You look amazing with a side part
AlaniTheAwesome 23 (4 years ago)
Bella Leger (4 years ago)
Bella Leger (4 years ago)
Nancy Pouk (4 years ago)
Simple and creative ideas!  Nice video
It's_ Nia (4 years ago)
I love how you hold everything like it's so fragile
Brianna Eason (4 years ago)
I KNEW her hands reminded me of my cousin's for a reason!!!
Ashley Ramsey (4 years ago)
Cute!! Thank you!!
Jo Harrison (4 years ago)
Nice ideas Kayli. You may like our video on You Tube too, look for Premurosa gifts.
Razvan Mesteriuc (4 years ago)
it might sound stupid, but cannot this be turned into a small business?
5hillfam 3 (4 years ago)
probs you could. i would try it if i were you! good luck if you do try it:)
Tehreema Arshad (4 years ago)
Ur gorgeous
Lea Hewitt (5 years ago)
what if three of my siblings have the same enitials? i will just put the full name....
Reinaldo Magalhaes (5 years ago)
My name is Amanda
Lydia Thueson (5 years ago)
Kayli you are awesome
Casey Pell (5 years ago)
my name is casey
Desdemona Gladiola (5 years ago)
Super cute!
Sarah Gleason (5 years ago)
Sarah Gleason (5 years ago)
Your shay Carl's sister I. L
Alex C (4 years ago)
No she's not -_- she's shays brothers wife....
Sarah Gleason (5 years ago)
.:Charlotte :. (5 years ago)
I like putting stuff in cupcake boxes things like nail varnish and jewelery and its sooo easy to wrap
KaylinCouture26 (5 years ago)
I love brown wrapping paper! I wrapped all my presents in it this year and made a video about it!
saeed khan (5 years ago)
i d like to be ur neighbour lol
RedBev59 (5 years ago)
Really good idea's. Looks pretty easy,too. LOVE the toilet paper rolls gift idea!
lovelicious2131 (5 years ago)
This gift wrapping ideas were cute! But you girls should check out saharsstyle, her gift wrapping ideas are awesome! 
Patricia (5 years ago)
Hair tutorial please!?!?
cute idea...
Sternenpfluckerin (5 years ago)
is's great you show the results first!
Kiara de Goede (5 years ago)
cute! i used the toilet paper roll wrap and put a lipstick in it for my lovely friend. really great idea. thank you
EnjoyDream99 (5 years ago)
Budi Kurniawan (5 years ago)
Nice voice...
gemma north (5 years ago)
Your hair is amazing. Also, I'm feeling all Christmassy now, and it is August :(
Bri Dani Taylor (5 years ago)
I guess it's time for Christmas in July, cuz that's when I'm watching this...;]
Natasha L (5 years ago)
Lol same I'm watching in the summer
Ade Milo (5 years ago)
this is less creative i would say
gillian maldonado (5 years ago)
gillian maldonado (5 years ago)
You should make a video with what's up Elle!
Chantel Luu (5 years ago)
I love these type of DIY videos :) Keep posting!
ma. angella Angel (5 years ago)
Thanks for making the video..! :)) You curled the ribbons with scissors right?
Madimoo mooz (5 years ago)
Why do u have one of those little microphone things on your shirt like the have on the news
Alltimejaee (6 years ago)
When you do another craft with the kids you guys should do something with polymer clay :O)
MommyLovesTech (6 years ago)
Definitely love the ornament on the gift idea! They're all such great suggestions. i'll apply to other gifts throughout the year for sure. Thanks Kayli.
Alexzandria Burgess (6 years ago)
Kayli's Hair is Gorgeous in this video love it!!!!!!!!!!
Mehg T (6 years ago)
woah kayli lost weight!
LoveYourImperfecti0n (6 years ago)
AnLi007 (6 years ago)
those a great warpping ideas. I love them. Thank you Kayli!!! Happy Holidays!!
Makeupby Taham (6 years ago)
Hahhaha i love it
Manal Yahya (6 years ago)
these are amazing ideas!!
GFilmSisterZ (6 years ago)
can't wait to do this! I've been saving my toilet paper rolls. lol.
Nad5Fash (6 years ago)
Amazing wrapping ideas !! I loved it <3 I'm definetly going to try those out :D LOVE your VIDEOS soo much Kayli !
lilly H (6 years ago)
Kayli, I swear you can be a Victoria Secret model.
shereah (6 years ago)
I used the little treat wrapping technique to wrap the thing I never know how to wrap....Nail polish! It works great and looks great. I know its going to look very pretty in my moms stocking on christmas morning! Thanks Kayli!
LifeOfAmlet (6 years ago)
You're so beautiful!!!
Crohn's Dad Life (6 years ago)
beautiful ideas from a beautiful lady
disneybaby21 (6 years ago)
I loved them all can't wait to try crackers . We always have a tradition of writing fun and cheeky quoits on each others gift tags xx
HockeyRocks220 (6 years ago)
You've lost so much weight! You didn't need to, but you look even more amazing than you did. Don't lose anymore, you are gorgeous!
PhillyGirl1124 (6 years ago)
Come check out my channel! I have videos on HOW I LOST 65 POUNDS and dropped from a size 24 down to a size 8, HOW I CURED MY ACNE, easy diy's, fashion, funny tags & stories, and more! :-)
Vanessa B (6 years ago)
Your hair looked amazing in this video!!! Love the side part
Maria Blessing (6 years ago)
GREAT .......TQ....
Leslie J (6 years ago)
I like the side part on you!
Stephanie Jorgensen (6 years ago)
Love your hair and make up in this video kayli, you look beautiful!
13ursexybaby (6 years ago)
I love your hair like that, Kayli!
Maddy G (6 years ago)
Hey Kayli, thanks for this video! I will definitely use some of these ideas! I was wondering if you could give us some ideas for decorating for Christmas. Thanks!
jenny (6 years ago)
Your hair looks amazing! Love the idea of the ornament on a DVD/book! I hope everything's going okay! Happy Holidays!:)
Kaitlyn Kollenberg (6 years ago)
Thank you for these ideas!! I love wrapping gifts!! That's part of the gift to me..
agatheechelon (6 years ago)
You look life the perfect woman :)
bonzai7o2 (6 years ago)
strawberry2233 (6 years ago)
You are so creative! Love your vids
MackenzieMae (6 years ago)
Ohh I LOVE your hair in a side part!
xlaurenxdance15 (6 years ago)
Why am I so bad at curling the ribbon with scissors!? You make it look so easy :)
95kuumakana (6 years ago)
wow you look so beautiful i loooove that you are side parting your hair now
Kayleesbeauty (6 years ago)
everytime i look at her i see brailey :)
Rhiannon Renée (6 years ago)
I made the candy things they are awesome!
AhNdRaYaHhX3 (6 years ago)
Love your videos Kayli!
E Fitz (6 years ago)
trinityblue, i agree
LisettePieter (6 years ago)
You look so beautiful in this video!
Vanessa Olguin (6 years ago)
very cute :)
Stephanie Willoughby (6 years ago)
Did the candy one for my mom last year but uesed tissue paper on thr body wash things and tied it off

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