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Tyga - Taste (Official Music Video) ft. Offset

3693281 ratings | 701994821 views
For the single, "Taste". Out Now! Stream: https://EMPIRE.lnk.to/Taste Produced by d.a. doman Official music video by Tyga featuring Offset performing Taste. © 2018 Last Kings Music / EMPIRE http://vevo.ly/xAOmJE #Tyga #Taste #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo #Offset
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Text Comments (92481)
Ayanna Bush (2 minutes ago)
I love and like your song l am listeing to song right now
Electro (2 minutes ago)
The beat makes it all no joke the lyric is kinda bad but the beat is so fire
I'm Re. Imre Aley. Aley (6 minutes ago)
I still waiting for get a taste
Synetik (11 minutes ago)
Never noticed KingBach in this video before.
qunsnroses (21 minutes ago)
woop woop woop.
Asutay Bolat (37 minutes ago)
who is JAMES CHARLES ?!?!?!!?
michael troy (53 minutes ago)
This porn has great music ✌🏻
Nat SaidThat (1 hour ago)
Just when I thought I saw it all, then comes Tyga's booty assembly line!! 😯😳 Women's bodies are golden, what would men do without them???
Layla Aaron (1 hour ago)
Tyga you and offset need to keep doing collabs
Niko Georg (1 hour ago)
Should copy that!😍😍😍
Noah Krauss (2 hours ago)
MY favo part is when the dog coms in
BLACK BASS BOOST (2 hours ago)
0:58 Lela star!?
Chris Braithwaite (2 hours ago)
Check out these twin artiste song. They remind me of Tyga 🔥🔥🔥: https://youtu.be/4MHFBAiGWJA
Cryptic Ice (2 hours ago)
His legs still sticks to this day
Khuong Nguyen (3 hours ago)
Bít bài này từ Gill
Benu Blenk (5 hours ago)
Ananta Bima? Hahhaa..
Faith Stewart (5 hours ago)
At 1:22 wait is that 2 chains 😂😂😂😭😭
ricky louis (6 hours ago)
2019 en top
I love you
Nair Tinelli (7 hours ago)
Basmati Bm (8 hours ago)
Kumkum vagus
Sabrina_ Hdn (8 hours ago)
C'te zik 😍
Văn Tùng Đồng (8 hours ago)
best qá a Tiger ơi. Love from Vietnam
Rosemarie Scott (9 hours ago)
I remember him being with breezy but like I guess he stop him and Chris were great rappers together even in songs 👍🏼
random anime shit (10 hours ago)
Tyga God
Zz Zae (10 hours ago)
Zz Zae (10 hours ago)
Middle Survival (11 hours ago)
Its reached on billion for sure..🔥
Herudient Dhient (11 hours ago)
I like the beat.i not like the rap
Justin Pompom (12 hours ago)
This is porn
Justin plunkett (13 hours ago)
Who also watching in May
Venge Sinner (13 hours ago)
What a twerp
Venge Sinner (13 hours ago)
What a twerp
Khriiz (13 hours ago)
Francesco Versace (13 hours ago)
Need a team to fuck all these bitches
jojokintel (14 hours ago)
These Ni66as the bomb yo I hope that black crime gets better!
MishyTheSheep (14 hours ago)
James Charles ruined this for me
Fear Kratos (14 hours ago)
This song is the shit.
man city (15 hours ago)
Shenseea 🇯🇲
Alexis Muñoz (15 hours ago)
Yugeshvar Yadav (15 hours ago)
He Looks Like Wiz Khalifa
stephany paredes (15 hours ago)
eddy (16 hours ago)
Whomp Whomp Whomp...
·Røsés· (16 hours ago)
Everytime this come on the radio i say "WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP" and my mother gets mad af.
Kingin 07 (16 hours ago)
700M and counting love tyga❤️❤️
WutThe Unicorn (17 hours ago)
THEGREATR8 (17 hours ago)
Why would you waste this beat on Tyga get Wayne or even Kodak this would have been best song of the decade
THEGREATR8 (16 hours ago)
Kingin 07 and how would the lyrics affect the beat
THEGREATR8 (16 hours ago)
Kingin 07 you high?
Kingin 07 (16 hours ago)
THEGREATR8 this beat is heat cuz of tyga
BERNAE BEATTY (17 hours ago)
BERNAE BEATTY (17 hours ago)
Larry caverga (18 hours ago)
Cuando llegas tarde y la profe dice pase 1:12
Sh33p (18 hours ago)
who is the white girl with the blue bikini at 0:00 in the second scene? Big tattoo on her butt
Felicia D (18 hours ago)
I live this video all the girls are beautiful ,thin and natural
charles mainor (19 hours ago)
Many thanks to ya want a let y'all know I see y'all going in on the beats i will be 58 in a few months yeah just saying you never to old to listen to that 🔥 you be you and get ya paper I only listen to # 1 hits I salute you
Happy hours (19 hours ago)
I can’t unhear sister james😂😂😂
Joseph Barto (19 hours ago)
Aileen Renee Hunter wants a taste!!!!
360 sa (19 hours ago)
this is a great song and i played this during class and i have to stay in for reces I HATE FRENCH
Johnathan Hamman (19 hours ago)
James Charles fucked this song but it’s still fire so 🔥
thunder snyper (20 hours ago)
Fuk every single one of this Latina hoes trying to get at this black guys.....you fucken whores just go where the money is
huff vose (20 hours ago)
Nothing against Tyga, his music sounds great, but it pisses me off how such simple meaningless music gets so popular and bands that have tons of meaning tend to end up fighting to be heard.
tofe tofe (20 hours ago)
Hi skyla Okay by
ees keree (20 hours ago)
WHAT A CUMBACK!! Who's still here?
tofe tofe (20 hours ago)
الي جاي من امين حسين يدوس لايك
fernando prado (20 hours ago)
Una cunumi ella quiere qe la culee..
ccl king (21 hours ago)
@tyga congrats on having more views than FEFE !
Luis002 OGT (22 hours ago)
Wiz kalifa
breanna (22 hours ago)
Bro he finee
Annabelle Playz (22 hours ago)
Teflon (22 hours ago)
Branko Kalajdžič (23 hours ago)
g3r4rmx (23 hours ago)
Puro pinche culo awado, pero el beat esta rompe madres
Romeil Esmaeili (23 hours ago)
I didn't know he going to come back at all
saharnaya 1 (1 day ago)
Chi Collins (1 day ago)
Lorenzo Nottoli (1 day ago)
Omg like
Jonn Luis (1 day ago)
Cade os Br hahaha
Hamin j Rumluan (1 day ago)
Ko jelas kawan
Sheep (1 day ago)
Pussy is power... & I'm charged up.
Hakan özmen (1 day ago)
Türk yok mu? Belli edin kendinizi.
ccl king (1 day ago)
ksk 69 (1 day ago)
700M 🔥🔥
J4mo Playz (1 day ago)
Is that 2chainz
Terry Ly (1 day ago)
Nivea lotion has joined the chat
Hassen Soyed (1 day ago)
Who is here after 700M ?
Tanel Darius Leis (1 day ago)
This beat is harder than James meat
Z Leo (1 day ago)
Jemand Deutsch
Koyomi (1 day ago)
Ja bruder
Ivy Tonchh (1 day ago)
james: whomp woomp
nick lempert (1 day ago)
How many girls do you want? Tyga: yes
Hapati Akuhata (1 day ago)
his music was always good some people just didnt like his taste in music thats all
Bawer Orak (1 day ago)
Ayni eemcujkkkkkkkk
James Charles Whooped Whooped
Jaymzz With a Z (1 day ago)
this song is a friggin year old ... how even!!? =O,, we're aging real quick ... guess the kardashian should be legal now!
Wahyu Framadani (1 day ago)
Why every rappers has a bad attitude taste when they make MV ? Explain to me guyss.
Ricarda Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Wheres the comment where it says "not even 1 second in and I'm already seeing ass" after James Charles drama happened all the funny comments on this vanished :(
sboniso sangweni (1 day ago)
Tyga - enemies, for me his dug deep on that shi* still love to bit
Lizrayn (1 day ago)
Broken Snowglobe (1 day ago)
Yooooo everybody in this video is due for destruction.
l j (1 day ago)
Eso es música para mis ojos 🤯😎
XcelTV (1 day ago)
una cunumi.. haha xD
WAKOKAINE (1 day ago)
*PRODUCER* how many girls you want in the video *TYGA* yes
Red Thot (1 day ago)
So did James cover this, or did Tyga use James

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