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Nordmende 3004C Video #32 - Magic Magic Eye

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I install a 'new' magic eye in the radio hoping for a bright result.
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Michael Beeny (6 months ago)
I just love radio's with magic eye's. It does look a little over bright, might be worth increasing the anode resistor a little to reduce long term burning of the screen.
glasstronic (6 months ago)
Nifty indicator tube, Cool how the stereo indicator is integral to the tube. A nice touch.
Chris Phillips (6 months ago)
Jim the magic eye retaining clip that came out with the tube ( 12:47 ) and fell on the floor.. you neglected to refit?
DAVID GREGORY KERR (6 months ago)
What about inverting the audio.
Tjay WASHINGTON (6 months ago)
Not This thing again, oh my goodness, what a radio it is. 4:30 SUCCESS, sounds perfect, jim. 16:20- It's like brand new, ya gotta love the glow of that electric' eye, cool, thank's!

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