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Text Comments (207)
Twilight Bella Edward (19 days ago)
Animate Yourself (5 months ago)
3:00 how to reject photosynthesis
Maryann Brundage (5 months ago)
I'm so happy to see so many things that my Great grand daughter can enjoy doing! She loves doing things that can make the long time between school sessions ! She will love them ! I will let pick out her favorite colors & I know purples will be first one picked!!
Clea Obahib (6 months ago)
Sajeena Sheheer (6 months ago)
Super and cool
Meilani Hsu (7 months ago)
All of the rooms for this channel are probably so aesthetic.
Esme Lotte (8 months ago)
so no one is actually gonna use their yarn to knit or crochet? just make silly shapes on the wood for fun?!
Ismael Sanchez (10 months ago)
Where do you keep all the crafts
IHaveNoFriends (10 months ago)
Okay ur username is 5 minute crafts and this is 6 minutes. See me in court .
Elsie P (3 months ago)
IHaveNoFriends it takes approximately 5 minutes to make the craft not how long the vid is!
maryhuana lol (8 months ago)
IHaveNoFriends xD
PURPLE OKID KID (11 months ago)
Nice 👍
Blum Mehnetova (1 year ago)
Ay ben o çoçuğu yerim
Minaal Malhotra (1 year ago)
awsome di ......yan k sath kuch dewali decrotion k liye bhi btyo pls
Ajitpal Sudan (1 year ago)
Ingenious idea
Jannatul Ferdis (1 year ago)
দারুন একটি ভিডিও দেখলে ভালো লাগবে : https://youtu.be/hzyresbMSZY
Ahlam Kasmioun (1 year ago)
This is good 5 minute crafts I will even try some of these diy yarn things I like to do them your vids are cool
DANIA PRINSS (1 year ago)
VERY GOOD 👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💟💞
Karen Yang (1 year ago)
So cool,i love your video!🍶🌏🎈🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎉🎉🎊🏆♥💰💴💵💶 💷💸💳
shokofeh Golami (1 year ago)
Tosi hienoja vau
Triyakim and Friends (1 year ago)
maisha sumaiya (1 year ago)
Woooooooooow and coooooooooooool and super duper and best and beautiful in the world.
Sarah (1 year ago)
Handy hint..if u want to make a pompom and you dont have a fork..use your fingers..works exactly the same way...if fact..i had no idea you could use a fork for it lol. still like my way :P each to their own
Lolu Oyebola (1 year ago)
What is the last song?
thế anh nguyễn (1 year ago)
Ankita Patel (1 year ago)
l love your video
Nina Fhd (1 year ago)
lawa lawa ah dorang buat
аз те мраза
Alexandrina _B (1 year ago)
can you make bookmarks pls
muối Bàng tán (1 year ago)
hay qua
Hafizah (1 year ago)
not everyone can do it...newborn baby can't do that...😂😂 i am only joking....this is the best vid ever...😊😊😂 don't mad at me...seriously
nawal alrahbi (1 year ago)
I told my friend I was going to sell Pom poms so she said how do you make it so I told her and now she is stealing my costumers :,(
Priya Mohan (1 year ago)
Totally Zealous Fun (1 year ago)
How to make Yarn Stars 🌟 woah that sounds exciting you'll need a yarn ,glue ,water yaay I have then all also a wood with nails arranged in a star shape 😒 ahaah nope
ReRe kids (1 year ago)
good good good
Desislava Moskova (1 year ago)
супер 😍😍
Pushpa Singh (1 year ago)
where is yarn found in Bangladesh
Vijayll Malkani (1 year ago)
Rekha Chauhan (1 year ago)
Ayaz Irfan (1 year ago)
NYC yaaan
komal Gupta (1 year ago)
In 1st carft how to remove that star after it is done
Niamh Doble (1 year ago)
5.39 yes but who wants a pink string dangling from a pretty dress?
Ubas Joven (1 year ago)
5 min craft...can u post a video with how to design your scrapbook with yarn please
Erik Castro (1 year ago)
I love it So
bell on
im a irish unicorn (1 year ago)
can u make a coozie out of yarn
Nidia Olvera (1 year ago)
like si te gusto el bebe
Danai Mountraki (1 year ago)
Ishani Dasgupta (1 year ago)
you have these very same life hacks in different videos. you ause the same hacks 😕👎
Χριστίνα Μ. (1 year ago)
02:00 .... loved it
Χριστίνα Μ. (1 year ago)
Pinja K it was a cap ... this is what i see anyway ...
Pinja K (1 year ago)
wtf was it?
Z ZLAŤAN (1 year ago)
Kata Matijević (1 year ago)
oka. ali. beba. je. ružna
No Nickname (1 year ago)
2:26 this baby so cute
Karima Elkouch (1 year ago)
Amber Ciofalo (1 year ago)
This is great for that endless supply of yarn I can't afford.
red scarlet (1 year ago)
yes, it seems like a waste of yarn
very cute baby
Soy Luna (1 year ago)
Whath babby Beautifull! !
Anya's Channel (1 year ago)
How will the star ornament (first one) will get out of the nail?
Abhishek verma (1 year ago)
Roshmei Niña Pelayo (1 year ago)
So cute😍😍😍😍
Ardhityo _ (1 year ago)
what is song ? 1:25
Nikita Desale (1 year ago)
why u always show the same crafts using different titles?
ThatBaconGamer :D (1 year ago)
"Yarn crafts" *5:35** and so on*
Priyanka Soni (1 year ago)
add is so ....long .....😠😠
Priyanka Soni (1 year ago)
add is so ....long .....😠😠
? ? (1 year ago)
Kawaii Noodles (1 year ago)
Who tries to make crafts and never does it?
maryhuana lol (8 months ago)
;-; me ;-;
Allison Firooz (10 months ago)
Jamie Owen (1 year ago)
Jared Smith ME
Parleet Singh (1 year ago)
waooooòoo is very very nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Hair&Beauty Care (1 year ago)
Can you please show us how to make tooth brush covers at home without buying from shops? Any hacks
Xytrial (1 year ago)
I used to think your profile picture was a drumstick 🍗
daddy's girl (1 year ago)
Love it
Kc Robinson (1 year ago)
Love the vids but hate that they repeat from other videos.
pembe şeker tv (1 year ago)
slime slime
Smart Pug (1 year ago)
Who else just watches them but doesn't make them?
Traci Shadle (2 months ago)
Smart Pug I do to
Allison Firooz (10 months ago)
Smart pug ME
Djdnenf Bankd (1 year ago)
um... everyone!!!!
Smart Pug true
Adelina Duca (1 year ago)
Smart Pug me
Bădulescu Oana (1 year ago)
Captain Swan (1 year ago)
i like yarn yarn fuzzy
Mingyagamer lps (1 year ago)
I love 5-minute Crafts!!!!
LordKnockout (1 year ago)
I always watch these and think about how great it'd be if I were to make them... Then I never do and I watch more of their videos...
So how do you get the street out of the nails?
Monika Singh (1 year ago)
j just lv it.....
Nitisha giri (1 year ago)
Early today
Adri_Fig 04 (1 year ago)
Wow this time they had 3 crafts that they already used in different videos Wow,just wow
BTS LOVER 232 (1 year ago)
who watches it but don't do it
Jessica Rai (1 year ago)
congrats for subscribers
deku. exe (1 year ago)
lol soo cooI was able to do some
The DIY Channel (1 year ago)
The number of likes I get is the number of cookies I will eat. And one cookie for my friend Kevin! ➡️🤓
LPS Kitty (11 months ago)
I want a cookie too!
Rod Wilson (11 months ago)
Real Chilean PS
Laura Chester-Helme (1 year ago)
Bunny Moon was
MUFC Alexis (1 year ago)
Bunny Moon This is my friend Bob 🙃
AnselAlly (1 year ago)
Don't break my heart and tell me the baby was yours :C
armi larosa (1 year ago)
Im that person who watches these kinds of videos but never do what they are doing. I just think they look cool.
Kaianna Harris (1 year ago)
love this channel
Amy Kawaii (1 year ago)
To many repeats
niglet (1 year ago)
medi craft *Too
Brynja J (1 year ago)
i want to make one but i dont want to waste and throw it the next day
Danielle Collins (1 year ago)
Joelle Kernen (1 year ago)
Does this channel re-use vids and crafts?
Luis Lopez (1 year ago)
I hack never got a like so can I get at least 1 plz thx
Luis Lopez (1 year ago)
thank u for all the help u guys r the best 😄😄
Sparkle The Queen (1 year ago)
Luis Lopez well u got ten lol
Aleezzz W (1 year ago)
Luis Lopez You got a like!
Luis Lopez (1 year ago)
68 to comment 543 to like
hici bibi (1 year ago)
it's dont 5 minutes
Skyscraper Girl (1 year ago)
Awesome job!
Vids are always great
Sophia Lauren Baylon (1 year ago)
Sophia Lauren Baylon (1 year ago)
this is amazing!!

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