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Switching Clothes with my Brother!!!!

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Switching Clothes with my Brother!!!! We are wearing each others clothes for one week!!!!!! This is the longest challenge we ever made! SIS vs BRO instagram @ sisvsbro_karina_ronald Karina has a new instagram @ kurzawa_karina Ronald's new instagram @ ronaldkurzawa OUR MERCH: https://www.sisvsbro.com Welcome to SIS vs BRO! This is where Karina and Ronald join forces to challenge each other in countless fun videos! Challenges, gaming, and more!!! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and we will see you in the next video!!! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karinavsronald/
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Widdy Chan (12 minutes ago)
"I think these are the shortest shorts that I've worn in the past two days, but still too long" GIRL YOU DON'T NEED TO WEAR BOOTY OR SHORT SHORTS EVER DAY! I'M TRIGGERED!
Kareem Samra (21 minutes ago)
Reston peas Ronald rest in peace I hope you have a bag of clothes for your sister
jonykalee whittingham (21 minutes ago)
Y'all r way to loud😠
MeitensLv (26 minutes ago)
It's easier for girl to dress in boys clothes than boy in girls clothes cause tomboys look better than a boy in girls clothes
Vale Valeee (29 minutes ago)
It's painful to watch how the boy is throwing the Karina's clothes
G Reveiws and challenges (38 minutes ago)
Justice is a girls store! 😂
Samantha McClain (39 minutes ago)
Your brother IS GIRLY
Scherylle Baldazo (44 minutes ago)
Lol Ronald is like “ Purses.......Maybe “ lol
Bella Baksai (49 minutes ago)
No problem at all today is my favorite part of the day before I get to go to the gym today is a good day at work today and tomorrow is my favorite part of the day by by
Bella Baksai (46 minutes ago)
I love it so much
Bella Baksai (53 minutes ago)
I L obv
Thifany Garcia (1 hour ago)
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Thifany Garcia (1 hour ago)
Ronald and karina you shoud do switching close with dad
agne dzejite (1 hour ago)
round 1 2 and 3 winer karina
Thifany Garcia (1 hour ago)
Ronald you’re so funny 😂
BananaCorn (1 hour ago)
No one gave us any looks. Um just saying you have someone filming you in a grocery store.
Amelia Simmons (1 hour ago)
It's a design bro
Tina Butler (1 hour ago)
Colske : (1 hour ago)
hunselme paluku (1 hour ago)
You look funny
Kate Sanchez (2 hours ago)
Kate Sanchez (2 hours ago)
Karina always wear crop tops uhhh
Erica Family (2 hours ago)
Is it fun
Mr.Mr. Cupcake (2 hours ago)
I’m scrolling through the comments and all it says is her crop tops and she does not look good with it tied up so high
Erica Family (3 hours ago)
Ilze Steenkamp (3 hours ago)
Bro you make like a girl
Feli‘s Gamingchannel (4 hours ago)
,,so I got these jeans and that shirt and I tight it up. I think I look pretty *ok*” SHE SAYS THAT ALL THE TIMEEEE
MoreThomas Miller (4 hours ago)
At 17:12 was the dad playing fortnite
DAV (4 hours ago)
They have those really punchable faces
NADIRAH RAMAN (4 hours ago)
Is Ronald flamboyant
Vardaan Chadha (4 hours ago)
How many time ranold said girls comment me and hit like☺☺
toys andcolours (4 hours ago)
Brother good
Hosea is one of my friends name lol
Vinisha Ali (4 hours ago)
toys andcolours (4 hours ago)
Sister nice good
Colin Graham (4 hours ago)
She where's a crop top🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Colin Graham (4 hours ago)
Black is my thing
Tilly Granger (5 hours ago)
I liked day 7 for both of you
Tilly Granger (5 hours ago)
I liked day 7
Is Ya Gurl Cam (5 hours ago)
He would of had to fold up all of my damn shirts back tha way I had them mugs
Paul Cornish (5 hours ago)
Well done
Paul Cornish (5 hours ago)
Good idea
Paul Cornish (5 hours ago)
Good job
Paul Cornish (5 hours ago)
Paul Cornish (5 hours ago)
Ash’s Life (5 hours ago)
Unicorn craf Tip
Jayda (6 hours ago)
*its to girly which is sadly* wut....
Sanjeeta Menaria (6 hours ago)
Marios Koupepas (6 hours ago)
Sister is bad
James Baras-Miller (6 hours ago)
this seems exploitative
Bipul Kunwar (6 hours ago)
Haowen Huang (6 hours ago)
Just trash Karina's closet
grapes h (6 hours ago)
The girl lowkey annoed me bcuz shes too young to tie a top that short like im wayy older than her and im not even allowed to wear short tops that short and her voice..
Scarlett Black (7 hours ago)
She says she looks like a boy likr wth what boy wears crop tops!???
ticks (7 hours ago)
me only owning 10 shirts 4 shorts and 2 pairs of auctual pants plus a hoodie. IVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY CLOTHESSS
Millie Shelton (7 hours ago)
Good luck ronald
Vale cutie (7 hours ago)
Vale cutie (7 hours ago)
shes soo girly im not hating but can you not tie a not to your shirts a crop top os a crop top and a shirt is a shirt 😬what part do you not understand 😕
Leah Sapkota (8 hours ago)
I vote for karina It looks nice on her I love karina
AG ARCADE GO (8 hours ago)
Anny Hanny (8 hours ago)
Karina looked fabulous on day 3
Crafts_are_life Haneen (8 hours ago)
I just wanna walk up to her and untie her shirt
Angela Willey (8 hours ago)
Karina wins
Sophie Taylor (8 hours ago)
Can y’all chill crop tops are cute sure she’s 11 but that’s her style plus it’s her stomach at least nothing is like “hanging out” or wearing a bra top it’s just a crop top yeah she’s young but let her be her
Demie Robinson (9 hours ago)
Love video
Best Gammer (9 hours ago)
Ronald omg bro your outfits are nice and great maybe karina is hiding secret boy clothing in her room
Karen Alvarez (9 hours ago)
She wears the same thing
Kynlee Griffiths (10 hours ago)
Girl you need Real clothes 🤭🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️💅🏻👚👖👗
Jayden Derossett (10 hours ago)
That bois voice kills my ears
Jayden Derossett (10 hours ago)
Jayden Derossett (8 hours ago)
Harmony P Birch (9 hours ago)
who's a popular kid
Harmony P Birch (9 hours ago)
guess wat I am 15 and got a boyfriend
Jayden Derossett (10 hours ago)
Your oglys as fux
Cool Dude (10 hours ago)
Kynlee Griffiths (10 hours ago)
I wish I had your house 😍😍😍😜
Amanda Bernal (10 hours ago)
Karina 10 out of 10
Aiden Suh (10 hours ago)
She looks bad
Alyss Hernandez Sandate (10 hours ago)
i think your outffit kierrina is perfect
AJ MURILLO (10 hours ago)
Donald Tanner (10 hours ago)
I have a lisp to
Donald Tanner (10 hours ago)
that guys rude I think your voice is cute and the boys voice is asome
Araceli Valdez (10 hours ago)
My daughter loves your videos and she wants to meet you in person
Donald Tanner (10 hours ago)
Anahi Santos (10 hours ago)
Dont you have a mother
When White kids (with blondehair) Tryin To be cool No offense
Yasmin Jimenez (11 hours ago)
i think that carina won
I'm 11 but I don't like wearing croptops Because Mean are cruel here in Chicago.....Btw Too young Karina Wait till you are i guess older?
Karina Williams (11 hours ago)
"I never liked the pants that ronald had" lol
Mercedes Turnbull (11 hours ago)
She look nice we're do you live
Stella Onyeakazi (11 hours ago)
Wow that’s crazy karina and Ronald 😅😅😅😅😅😅🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙂🙂🙂
Glen rees (11 hours ago)
KARINA is 11 right? ( correct me if I’m wrong ) I am 11, KARINA wears CROP TOPS THAT ARE SOOOO SHORT!!! And I’m over here getting in trouble tying my shirt up a tiny bit because it was down to my knees. See the difference between KARINA and I, if you don’t...KARINA IS TO YOUNG TO WEAR STUFF LIKE THAT AND TIE HER SHIRT UP THAT HIGH, ALSO DID YOU HEAR HER SAY “oh I have a nice selection of crop tops for you to wear” WERE ARE THE PARENTS
Dorthy Frabell (11 hours ago)
Paul Zito (11 hours ago)
I love your shows
Oven (11 hours ago)
nggrs are property
Oven (11 hours ago)
nggrs are property
Oven (11 hours ago)
nggrs are property
Oven (11 hours ago)
nggrs are property
Oven (11 hours ago)
nggrs are property
Oven (11 hours ago)
nggrs are property
Oven (11 hours ago)
nggrs are property
Oven (11 hours ago)
nggrs are property

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