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The Magic Mushrooms

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Text Comments (47)
Darreonne Ross (1 day ago)
Hello. Can I use this video for my music video ?
Darreonne Ross (1 day ago)
#MagicShrooms Tidal : https://tidal.com/track/99552202 Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/magic-shrooms-single/1445686118 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5fd2fgRtV7b16JApEvN0ig?si=JuVaOQhQSGq9Th-5fAfeXg YouTube: https://youtu.be/oXd5ZLLZNlw
Gabriel Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Not accurate tf
Rustyhandpan (8 days ago)
Could I use a few parts for a music video? Not for profit.
가을잠바FALLJACKET (20 days ago)
Good dude 420 love
aliyah beaudry (22 days ago)
The water scene is so accurate
aliyah beaudry (3 days ago)
Maikelino Malone i have... the rest is complete bullshit but when i tripped the water was brownish purple and the contrast kept changing
Maikelino Malone (3 days ago)
im sure that you have never taking shrooms or acid..
Jeremy Beaupre (1 month ago)
Accurate the wood part with all those tree
VOXI XIV (3 months ago)
rubixx26 (3 months ago)
Is it legal to grow shrooms in Spain?
Camaro SS (3 months ago)
During the day isn't when you want to take them.......I've experienced 44 dried grams in a dark room in silence and had full on visuals of people, circus clowns, popcorn soda pop......
love is Life. (3 months ago)
No good bat trip
F I N E (3 months ago)
the evil laughing
Camaro SS (3 months ago)
How do you figure it is a bad trip?
Alex Acosta (6 months ago)
Looks more like LSD than shrooms
Camaro SS (3 months ago)
Brotha, I have taken 44 dried grams of psilocybin mushrooms and I can tell ya that it's pretty simular.
Teabreakcafe JlT (7 months ago)
Last bgm please
Jake the dog (8 months ago)
I'm 15. Recommend me some?
waderz nutz (9 months ago)
Bad trip.
Sanjay Sanjay K (7 months ago)
waderz nutz Ya
Lee Knaggs (9 months ago)
I ate magic mushrooms on 2017 red nose day.😖😖
O.T.B Harmony Limited (7 months ago)
Lee Knaggs anything happend
Tenesee Bognot (9 months ago)
70% accurate. Shroom gets VERY detailed
Rolf (9 months ago)
Tenesee Bognot (9 months ago)
Rolf around 3-5gs. Smoke weed during your peak to make the trip more magical
Rolf (9 months ago)
On what dosage does colour shifting get apparent?
felipe rodriguez (10 months ago)
Royce Armstrong (1 year ago)
maybe shrooms and acid and weed all mixed LOL
Jacob Richards (3 months ago)
Royce Armstrong and dmt
Kevin Barkley (4 months ago)
with mdma
pikzo123 (6 months ago)
no its normal weekend tho
SOROUSH (7 months ago)
Royce Armstrong ithink if u do that u will die
Jazmin Martinez (1 year ago)
Syny Boss (4 months ago)
Iqbal Kramat (9 months ago)
Jazmin Martinez hola
Bubba Kush OG (1 year ago)
Not accurate. Cool video thou
Yaseen Mubarak (28 days ago)
How does it feels like
neru. (1 month ago)
yea, i've been takin enough mushrooms and it looks like this
{A} {M} (6 months ago)
ColonelRadec16 nope haha
ColonelRadec16 (1 year ago)
Take enough Mushrooms and this will be pretty fuckin accurate.
Lotfie Lysander (1 year ago)
who else trippin?
Carlos Cruz (12 days ago)
+Simon Gomis lol
Simon Gomis (1 year ago)
The director isn't
Andres Felipe (1 year ago)
Severo 👽
claiton lopes (1 year ago)
nao chega a tanto assim chega perto em doses elevadas mas nao tanto assim kkkjj
Maconheiro de Direita (3 months ago)
Serio mano? to louco pra usar sera q chega a ser isso ?

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