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35 year old who lives in 1946 - BBC News

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Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews Ben Sansum is 35. But he lives in 1946. His clothes, his house, the music he listens to - all come from an era before he was even born. BBC News went to meet Ben at home in Cambridgeshire Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/user/bbcnews Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcnews Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcnews
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Text Comments (15719)
Ali G (7 hours ago)
Bro who stills sell this borax and food but he cheated he has a good refrigerator
e mc (18 hours ago)
When you feel sad after finishing the fallout 4 story
Dave Gardiner (1 day ago)
I'd love to email this guy to congratulate him but, umm...
Billie (1 day ago)
Why do I wish I was born sometime in the 1900's?
Dartagnan (1 day ago)
British Railways48 (1 day ago)
Damn I'm like this!
Daniel Byrne (1 day ago)
shits in a bucket, still uses a Fridge... Top work mate!
Dad (1 day ago)
He had to hide his tommy gun!
Tom Cashman (2 days ago)
Meijimack, look at the woman in the audience, sitting there really freaked out. Sorry that was my reaction too. Quit Googling me. Shoulda stuck to engineering, or watching Judge Judy maybe!
Tom Cashman (2 days ago)
Meijimack, look at the woman in the audience, sitting there really freaked out. Sorry that was my reaction too. Shoulda stuck to engineering, or watching Judge Judy maybe!
shorty33 % (2 days ago)
I would love to hangout with this gentleman,I bet he is cool to be around.
KetchupDady (2 days ago)
Me after playing fallout for 2 weeks
e mc (2 days ago)
Thats what happens when you play too much L.A Noire
Anna 5678 (3 days ago)
He must have the coolest life ever. I don't have that vintage stuffs.
RocKnight (3 days ago)
We all have our hobbies.
Blue 3528 (3 days ago)
This is literally me, just less extreme. I hope to be like this one day
elv Big (3 days ago)
Nick Nash (3 days ago)
There way of life, ....i honestly think anyone from that era would have a fit if they saw what a mess we have gotten ourselves into in the current day and age.
alley katt (4 days ago)
I think he is amazing!!! 😊♥️
Mr.Autumn Winters (4 days ago)
Cole Phelps 😄👍 must of loved L.A Noire too
Rumelia (4 days ago)
Disliked: has modern, non-locked fridge.
super mario81 (5 days ago)
I thought I was the only 1 who loved antique things
davidgreid007 (5 days ago)
Great video.
Alhaji Jalloh (5 days ago)
Pls don't stop being yourself.
Alhaji Jalloh (5 days ago)
He is simply amazing!
Super random 2020 (5 days ago)
I've always wanted to live in the past.
A mortal being! (6 days ago)
This is actually very cool! if he is smart, he can make that a tourist attraction! I would personally pay to see a 40s house with all of its glory and atmosphere! That is so cool!
Richie Chou (6 days ago)
Someone please send this man a letter from Vault-Tec!
The comment he made about having 120+ friends on social media but not even being able to talk to your next door neighbor is spot on truth. My neighbors are loud idiots!
ss kk (6 days ago)
Lucky for him that he's living in 1946, if it was sometime earlier in the 40s, He should've eat spam for 3 meals a day. Probably the fish and chips (but the fish is replaced to spam thanks to U-boats) once every week or two.
Christopher 0205 (6 days ago)
Who now lives in 1950
Fury Senseyy (6 days ago)
*lives in the 40s* _asks for an interview on BBC_
ME_TOXIC (6 days ago)
But he's not American
Dylan Gardner (6 days ago)
This guy has more sense than I expected. He seems to be totally normal, just likes to live differently. He's doing it for fun. I'm a nostalgia junkie myself, so i can relate.
When someone breaks in your house to steal tv and electronics and they see this
Geovanno Mozes (7 days ago)
New Fallout looks great
Kim Tov (7 days ago)
can I join him?
Demonetized (7 days ago)
This dude is a time traveler
Greatest Timeline (7 days ago)
He only has sex with women who were already adults in 1946
lac24 (7 days ago)
This is really amazing actually. I wish I was able to do something like this but I'm too addicted to technology sadly
Florence S. (7 days ago)
Omg my dream life
Wyatt Webb (7 days ago)
Reminds me of ReviewBrah....
Theepic SkyrimPlayer (7 days ago)
He remembers his past life
kurtrussell26 (7 days ago)
I know what happens to him. Bad reincarnation, sometimes happen.
Sailenthot Carathot (7 days ago)
"My name is Ben Sansum and I ADORE to beat up my wife"
Fuentinho (7 days ago)
What a kind soul just wanting to be who he wants to without pushing his ideas onto anybody while maintaining a clear grasp on reality. All power to him!
Denise F (7 days ago)
It's very harry potter style.i love the astethic of it all..it's wonderful I think..
Misan7hrope (8 days ago)
"The view from this window hasn't changed in a thousand years." Dude, just because you put a lot of shit from the 40's in your house doesn't mean i'll believe your house is a thousand years old.
Aidan Payan (8 days ago)
Does he play fortnite though?
bovaz babu (8 days ago)
That house looks beautiful
joel robert (8 days ago)
im surprised Al Capone or John Ghotti wasn’t posted by his house 😂
VIRGINIA BEACH (8 days ago)
An era without the Kardashians or Justin beiber or Kanye. i am joining this guy!
Navraj Gill (8 days ago)
Thod guys got a quirk without the cringe, that cant be said for most people
K P (8 days ago)
But why 1946 specifically???
K P (8 days ago)
The real Mac Ter makes sense now, thank you
The real Mac Ter (8 days ago)
End off WW2 and was booming. Greatest year of the 40’s
Vedran Ivanusic (9 days ago)
What is the song at the beginning ?
Leach. (9 days ago)
"My partner has a modern house, I have a historic house, so we have a house each. It's Great!" My mans been divorced.
Brandon Evans (9 days ago)
Ah so this is reviewbrah's english cousin
Ricky Ramirez (9 days ago)
Not 1945 or 1950 but 1946. I wonder why 1946.
Max B (9 days ago)
The 40s were a great time! Style, music, cars, I wouldn’t live like this but i domt think its too odd
Sean _reviews (9 days ago)
But whyyy
Kiera Kiers (9 days ago)
He must be protected at all times!
Lena H (9 days ago)
i genuinely thought this was the onion when it showed up in my recommendations
dom bizkit (9 days ago)
Did they have anal beads in the 40s?
very nice (9 days ago)
does he still do this
Jack Fahy (9 days ago)
Let him be he's not harming anyone.
Dumbledore (9 days ago)
probably a serial killer
snight01 (9 days ago)
seems like a cool chap.. much respect
Shlomo Shekelberg (9 days ago)
Meh. The 1930s to early 1940s were better
h3akalee (9 days ago)
He's 35? Looks 55.
Nate Frig (9 days ago)
I think the guy you're looking for is James May
Elber Galarja (9 days ago)
Our Local Legend (9 days ago)
This is pretty cool
Jason (9 days ago)
How is he different from otaku and feminists? At least he got class.
Systematic Lag (9 days ago)
When you play Fallout: New Vegas too much
Hideika (9 days ago)
lol me when I listen to 80’s Japanese music
Thats cool af
Battleship United (9 days ago)
He reminds me of James May.
Daniel O'Connor (9 days ago)
Dear fellow couldwork as a consultant on period films.
Denise F (7 days ago)
True yes
JACK CAT (9 days ago)
Too much fallout?
When your mom tells your to old for *insert random thing here* and need to grow up... *SO YOU DO*
Karsen Hippolyte (10 days ago)
Hey bro in a few years you'll be called up for ww2 be prepared
K-BYTE (10 days ago)
This gave me that "fallout" feeling ffs.
Murgu Dan (10 days ago)
In 1946 ? Hmmmm...? .. You would be in prison for life, queer ! An that's for Britain. In other countries ? much worse ..you would be six feet under.
I wonder if he likes wartime cock as well
Queeropatra (10 days ago)
This is almost my life goal, except replace it with 1960s
Alex May (10 days ago)
I hope he’s seen Goodnight Sweetheart. If not then his mind is gonna BLOW.
Mr E (10 days ago)
This is awesome
Kike Arce (10 days ago)
Weird flex but ok.
Ganang Prayoga (10 days ago)
He get the inspiration after playing fallout
dotChrollo (10 days ago)
Emilio0587 (10 days ago)
What would be cool if there were whole communities like this where it would essentially be a different universe.
Aberinkulas (10 days ago)
1946 must have been the last time he fucked
The_Dolphin (10 days ago)
Why is this a bad thing? He’s not hurting anyone
Medusa Skull (10 days ago)
Some people are a natural born money maker. No matter how silly the thing they do, they are able to generate income. Not saying this gentleman is trying to monetize his effort, but it seems this idea will be popular and he some how will make money handsomely. On the opposite side, some are natural money spender. No matter what they do, they will never make enough to afford their living style, even that style is as simple as having 3 meals a day and a shelter.
Sinato (10 days ago)
I wish there was a town only with people like him. like a time capsule but bigger
killan001 (10 days ago)
Does he have to pay a BBC Licensee fee??
princess star1217 (10 days ago)
I would love to live like this. It's fabulous.
Gig3000 (10 days ago)
Well i wish i have an house like his and same lifestyle
Melchi Zedeq (10 days ago)
*and they call me old-fashioned for listening CDs!*
Aztec MC (10 days ago)
So basically he’s British....

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