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Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero Tamiya 1:72 Japan WW2 Aircraft Model - Part 1

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google.com/+idaemonplasmo My web: http://www.plasticmodels.eu/ David Damek Music/Hudba: Grégoire Lourme - Ronin Training Axession - A new Story Titan Slayers - A new Story http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/
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Text Comments (179)
mad dino (22 days ago)
why you are not speaking like youre other vids , it so boring that you are not speaking but still love youre vids
jeffhreid (26 days ago)
Your attention to detail is a hat sets you apart. However, I prefer your videos with commentary, it adds an additional aspect. Great job.
Crash Davis (1 month ago)
on top of everything else the Music is awesome ...
I don't know. I still think there's not enough detail in that cockpit.
Tommy Evans (2 months ago)
Would love to see a downed aircraft diarama
What color did you use for the interior?
Ferdy's Models (5 months ago)
The cockpit was so good it made my eyes wet.
IK (1 year ago)
I think that in some models there are too much weathering details. Like in the Pz. IV J and this one. But who am I to judge him. He's awesome in modelling.
HL 17 (1 year ago)
how did you able to paint directly on photo etch part like that ?
maiano guillaume (1 year ago)
You probably should be teaching Masterclasses somewhere cool in Prague!
Caroni100 (1 year ago)
"¿Cuál es el deber deber de hoy? Luchar. ¿Cuál es el deber de mañana? Ganar. ¿Cuál es el deber cotidiano? Morir" Heichi Okabe, piloto con rango de alférez integrante de la Unidad Shichisei No. 2 de Ataque Shinpū, mejor conocidos como kamikazes (Murió en 1945) Saludos desde Venezuela.
Harikrishnan Kodamana (1 year ago)
You are amazing man......Fantastic job...........Keep it up
Yamato_tomato (1 year ago)
Bradens reviews (1 year ago)
Bradens reviews (1 year ago)
I like the music
White Knight45 (1 year ago)
Hi there have u any videos on how to attach rigging
MyBlueZed (1 year ago)
So good David. 👍🏻
Ducesweden (1 year ago)
Man i have so much respect to all of you who does PE in 1/72 cockpits. Me myself feel like ripping my hair even if it's in a 1/32 cockpit. :D
Gustavo Czobel (1 year ago)
Photo Etched parts
Eddie Ho (1 year ago)
Can you please share the proportion of XF2 + XF78 + XF70 to get that nice colour?
jean-luc MAIRE (1 year ago)
the cockpit is a work of goldsmith
весьма круто собираешь видать что специалист
The music at the starts sounds more Chinese than Japanese in my opinion
Constantine XI (1 year ago)
Chin Chin The Dark Lord what are you talking about I almost mistook it for the Shogun 2 theme
SHELTERDOLL (1 year ago)
上手いですね。 参考になります。
Jon Ishmael (2 years ago)
I have many kits I want to finish someday. So it's ok to glue to painted parts as at 2:11? I always thought this was a basic modeling no-no. Beautiful job and tutorial as in all of your builds. thanks Plasmo
Angelo Paraskeva (3 months ago)
An airbrush applies a very thin coat of paint so its fine but dont do it when brush painting
Skudilidoo (2 years ago)
What brush do you use at 5:12
Marc Jones (1 year ago)
Did you work this out?! I looked through the Tamiya site and couldn't work it out
Matthew Momsen (2 years ago)
Mr. Tetris im not sure what its called, but its made by tamiya:)
TheMojophotos (2 years ago)
Lovely build, so much detail for a 1/72 model. Can you please tell me what riveting tool you are using?
Dat Ash (2 years ago)
What Petr Dousek Rosie Riveter sshould i buy if i build only 1/48 ?
TheMojophotos (2 years ago)
Cool, thanks.
I use Petr Dousek Rosie the Riveter Riveting tool 0.75mm
Alex Sp (2 years ago)
you use a pencil for the rivets holy crap i learn something new every day :) you rock
Bung Hole (2 years ago)
Do you have any idea how talented you are!!! Your almost a freak!!! Please keep showing us your amazing talent every time you build
Byron Leal (2 years ago)
Great work!! now, how can I download this video with the subtitles incorporated. when I see the video in my laptop, no subtitles!! the same happens with the B-17 video. Thanks for the info!!
Jaime Linares Rosales (2 years ago)
Hello, I really like your work. I wanted to consult you what kind of tool is coming out at 4:40, it seems a brush? can you give me more information. Thank you very much and I hope more video tutorials! regards
Tomek_PL (2 years ago)
Too much weathering. These planes had nowhere to get so dirty.
The amount of weathering on a WWII aircraft would vary widely. Some research into the Pacific war reveals that Japanese aircraft based in Rabaul, for instance, received little to no adequate maintenance and were in a sorry state indeed, especially toward the end of the New Guinea campaign. Newer aircraft coming from the factory would certainly look less weathered, but it would not last long, assuming the aircraft lasted at all. Also look for some real pictures from the time online. In the end, the degree of weathering can match the desires of the modeler. My two cents.. and great looking aircraft, PLASMO!
TheLordOfTheStrings1 (1 year ago)
Yeah because pedantic 'know it all's are well know for their pussy gainz...
Jason Arbello (1 year ago)
Tomek_PL what a hater, just jealous you don't have these skills.
Marco Nespoli (2 years ago)
pls make a macchi c202 .... best looking of ww2 in my opinion
sonosoloio (6 months ago)
Marco Nespoli - it would be better a fiat CR-32 or a macchi 200
Andrea Serna (1 year ago)
Marco Nespoli più bello il veltro
Алексей Раз (1 year ago)
Marco Nespoli Eugh
Luke Dwelly (2 years ago)
Man, I love your work!
El Diablo (2 years ago)
This type of videos SHOULDN'T be permitted to be shown to STUPID people... This are excellent tutorials..and very grateful you are willing to share them here...
Hayden Babineau (2 years ago)
The way this kit builds is very reminiscent of the old hasegawa one
Heard a lot about this kit does well with brushing too.
baikai seal (2 years ago)
um,i think you put too much paint at once in the cockpit,you should wait for it to dry first
SMorton (2 years ago)
hi do you make the seat belts from thin strips of masking tape
Christopher Hunt (2 years ago)
I believe that it is photo-etched.
gumark gum (2 years ago)
cut nails , man !!! urrrg. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Flugzeugbauer (2 years ago)
Looks awsome. But one question, where you get this Plans for your planes. I search for a plan for the Do 17 Z-2, Do you have an idea where I can get one?
Matthew Momsen (2 years ago)
Flugzeugbauer if you look on airfixes website, they have one:)
Zachary Winch (2 years ago)
+Plasmo what brushes do you use for fine details?
Brett Bricker (2 years ago)
Do you need to spray on varnish on the cockpit before applying the panel line wash? Incredible videos by the way!
Аnton Borisovich (3 years ago)
Уэри уандефул уася!
Karol Narwal (3 years ago)
amazing cockpit
Bradens reviews (1 year ago)
NOOB# canapy it's a canapy
AlexModelMaking (3 years ago)
What kind of brush did you use for the cockpit highlights? Thanks :)
+JHet9610 Tamiya Tamiya Pointed paint brush small
Jei.Bee (3 years ago)
Top build, congratulations. The riveting greatly enhances the surface detail, but must have required a hell of a lot of patience. Really, really nice.
Aries Tor (3 years ago)
Thanks men
Ignacio Anndres (3 years ago)
cockpit details full
Furkan KISA (3 years ago)
good totorial. whats ur brushes who look like a pen? thnx.
rodrigobezerra2 (3 years ago)
Hi! Congrats, beuatiful Zero. What was the color that you used as a lighter shade of XF-71?
rodrigobezerra2 (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models - Thanks!!
+rodrigobezerra2 I used mix of colors XF-71 + XF-2
Munro The Bunro (3 years ago)
This is your second build of a Mitsubishi zero isn't it? I'm pretty sure you've made one before right
+edwards gamer Yes, I built green Zero from Airfix too, but Tamiya is much better.
Gahlok12 (3 years ago)
What was that metallic blue paint for?
Repo (1 year ago)
It's called Aotake and was a blue/green metallic lacquer over bare metal. There are plenty of recipes for it if you Google it.
Gahlok12 (3 years ago)
+Ján Čižmár Oh okay I was wondering what it was called and what it did thanks.
Ján Čižmár (3 years ago)
+Gahlok12 Technical sectors (wheel wells, motor area, firewalls, flaps insides, interior part behind cockpit) were on A6M (and many other japanese WW2 aircrafts) coloured in that (or close related) shade - they called it Aotake primer...
Gahlok12 (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models That's not what I was asking about.
+Gahlok12 Model Master Interior Metallic Blue 2119
Gahlok12 (3 years ago)
I have a question have you ever done a model of a Hawker Hunter?
Rick Morty (2 months ago)
no i think he meant hawker hunter
Bradens reviews (1 year ago)
Gahlok12 you mean a Hawker Hurricane MK1? or2
Domiňik (3 years ago)
Zdravím, prosím, ak sa môžem spýtať, koľko rokov sa venujete takémuto modelárstvu? :)
John Vonghong (3 years ago)
David great video, may I ask the metal part that you use for cockpit is that part of the model kit or you have to buy them separate from the kit?
Strategic Scale Models (3 years ago)
Simply beautiful!!!!
Patrik Pěcha (3 years ago)
Davide, co je to prosím za "štětec", kterým natíráš zesvětlená místa v kokpitu. Na klasiku to nevypadá a nedokážu to určit. Díky.
Patrik Pěcha (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models Jo, Tamiya věci taky oceňuji čím dál tím více. Já myslel že to je něco jiného, na tom videu to vypadá, že ta špička je docela tuhá. Asi optický klam. Díky za info.-)
+Patrik Pěcha No záleží co myslíš klasiku. Pro mě je to úplná klasika Low třída Tamiya, ale přijde mi lepší než většina štětců. http://www.mpmshop.cz/naradi/stetce/tamiya/tamiya-87017.html Hlavně životnost je velmi vysoká a cena velmi přijatelná. Já už používám jen štětce od Tamiye.
Anonymous Gaming (3 years ago)
Hi! What paint did you use for the interior of the cockpit, and same as for the exterior. thanks!
Sean Patrick Abarico (3 years ago)
how much money is this model, it has lots of detail and PE parts unlike some of the airfix kits I've got
Sean Patrick Abarico (2 years ago)
+Christopher Hunt Thnx
Christopher Hunt (2 years ago)
the one is from eduard
Heybat (3 years ago)
this baby is waiting in stack :)
Eduard daCosta (3 years ago)
Amazing work!! I love watching your videos, beautiful work.
GYRUSS (3 years ago)
Beautifully crafted video and build. May I ask what type of camera you use to film your videos?
rocko112camaro (3 years ago)
At 9:42 in the vid what kind of scribe are you using and where can I buy one?
+rocko112camaro I used rivet making tool made by dousek. Cheaper alternative is rivet-r or Trumpeter Rivet Maker Tool http://www.ebay.com/itm/Petr-Dousek-1-72-Rosie-the-Riveter-Riveting-tool-0-40mm-Double-PDR01D-/171663854887?hash=item27f7f68d27
John Croucher (3 years ago)
Thanks Martin for getting back to me :)
John Croucher (3 years ago)
Hi Martin,Love your builds - can I ask pls what CA glue you use for PE parts - thank you
+John Croucher Loctite super attak or Bolt Cyanoacrylate Super Glue Thin
General Hobbies (3 years ago)
more amazing work
Piotr Sadorski (3 years ago)
Great work :)
Dave Pugh (3 years ago)
Bravo. More please.
Jacob Wood (3 years ago)
How do you keep your tamiya brush from splitting into 2 points? I use the same detailing brush as you...
Jacob Wood (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models great! Thanks from New Zealand!
I have Hansa 581 with 0,2 nozzle but iwata eclipse is excellent choice.
Jacob Wood (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models thanks for the quick response. Also what airbrush do you use? I've just ordered an iwata eclipse and it looks similar?
+Jacob Wood How you do that? :-D could help clean brush perfectly. It mean use aggressive thinner and after that classic soap.
Dirty Gunpla (3 years ago)
would you like to build tank models?
Simon Yu (3 years ago)
thanks for the great video! I have been looking for so long for this build video, as I have the same kit and yet to build it. may I ask what PE set did u use for the wing flaps?
gamise mas re google (3 years ago)
all your videos make it look too easy. When are you going to build an f14 or an f15 or any contemporary?
eduardo leme (3 years ago)
nesta escala! maravilhoso trabalho. Estou ansioso pela continuação.
Beautiful as usual, what's next on the workbench?
+Александр Погур B-17
Luigi Amideo (3 years ago)
Nice work man, you're the best!
Alaskafish (3 years ago)
David, do you ever plan on making some 1/72 armor some time soon?
Alex Barta (3 years ago)
Čau Martine.Mam na tebe otazku: odku a jaká je ta značka štětce na detaily Dík seš vzor.Dík za odpověď a za tvojí tvorbu.
Alex Barta (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models Dík a nezastavuj v tvorbě videii.Tvé hotové modely jsou pěkné a můžeš s nima na výstavu
+Alex Barta Normální dřevěná Tamiya. Malý kulatý štětec. Mají ho všude možně, třeba MPM http://www.mpmshop.cz/naradi/stetce/tamiya/tamiya-87017.html
Gus Ensor (3 years ago)
were did you get the photo etch
Simon Yu (3 years ago)
I'm from new Zealand too :-)
+Gus Ensor New Zealnd? Wow, We are totally on the opposite side of the Earth. I have 21:58 and soon I am going to sleep. I must say, Good morning New Zealand :-D
Gus Ensor (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models thanks for that, just so you know you have a fan from New Zealand!! love your videos !
+Gus Ensor From Eduard. http://www.eduard.com/
A13tech (3 years ago)
radost pozerat, zverejnis aj tu B17 co si dole pisal?
A13tech (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models krasa, KRASA ! kiez by som to aj ja tak vedel
+A13tech Jasně. Nějaké fotky už mám na google+ https://plus.google.com/+idaemonplasmo/posts/8dUmBy1kzqx Nýtovaní zabere ještě hodně času. :-D
Alan Kućar (3 years ago)
A bit overweathered for my taste but still amazing.
Totenkopf Kevinus (3 years ago)
Awesome man !
Giorgio Pansa (3 years ago)
Hello Master, good job! I have a question, where do you find the schemes (blueprints I think) of the fuselages? I have seen these in your other video also. Thanks
Giorgio Pansa (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models Thanks!!!
+Giorgio Pansa I look here usually -> http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw/  zero -> http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw/a6mzerowia.html
AltCtrlFreak (3 years ago)
nice report and great techniques.
radzy76 (3 years ago)
Great progress so far. Again fantastic expression of your skills! Cheers, Radek
Nabiel Rivaldo (3 years ago)
this is way better than the airfix one majestic build!!!
The second part will be uploaded tomorrow.
Caroni100 (1 year ago)
"What is today's duty? To Fight.   What is tomorrow's duty? To Win.   What is the daily duty? To Die" Heichi Okabe, a pilot with rank of ensign member of the Shichisei Unit No. 2 of Shinpū Attack, better known as kamikazes (He died in 1945) Greetings from Venezuela.
blumax68 (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models forgive me but soundtrack of the part 1 make me anxious!
Manuel Fxcwc (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models Its a little bit too intense. Just that. The video is amazing, as usual. Great work, David!
+blumax68 Some problem with music?
blumax68 (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models Not with that music please!!!
108920 (3 years ago)
Fantastic !!!!!
Mauricio Sanchez (3 years ago)
Nice Model David. Congratulations. you are from republic czech?
Sebastian H (3 years ago)
Why not, peanuts... Let's take a week of for some vacation. This should give me a day for watching you doin your building stuff.
+Mogli LP :-D Three days on the bicycle. It is only 400 km. This summer, I rode on bicycle to the Baltic Sea. 750 km for 5 days.
Sebastian H (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models this means, I had to drive through your country in order to visit you ;-) I'm living in the bavarian counterpart of sumava, the " Bayerische Wald"
+Mogli LP exactly in Frýdek-Místek. It is north east of Czech Republic.
Sebastian H (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models like, where from exactly just wondering because I'm living bout 5 km away from the border
Juraj Ostřanský (3 years ago)
uzasne video :) Preco vlastne nerobis modely 1:48 alebo 1:35? Trosku skoda na tvoj talent. Inac nechcel by si spravit airbrush guide popripade poradit zacinajucim ludom s airbrushon ? Myslim, ze by sa to na cz/sk ujalo.
Juraj Ostřanský (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models Tak to zaber :D s tym guide lebo mam v plane si v blizkej dobe kupit airbrush a chcel by som od dakeho odbornika kde je vidno aj vysledky poradit kde si davat pozor popripade chemiu a co by bolo dobre do zaciatku :)
+Juraj Ostřanský Dík. Dělám 1/48, Naposledy FW-190, ale 1/72 zase nezabírají tolik místa. Zrovna lepím B-17 sice v 1/72, ale velikostně to je srovnatelné se stíhači v 1/35. Na Airbrush guide se chystám dlouho, ale zatím jsem nelepil vhodný model pro takovýto návod. Doma model mám, ale čas není. :-D Chabá to výmluva. :-D
1/35 SCALE (3 years ago)
nice video!
Joe's Model Kits (3 years ago)
Nice one mate!
Ali Aybatur Sarıbal (3 years ago)
So nice, finally 1 video :D
Sebastian H (3 years ago)
FIRST ha, I'm back
Sebastian H (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models yeah, I finished the main colouring, but I have some struggles with Revell's Enamel Clear Gloss coat. When applying it with the airbrush pistol, it starts to make same sort of cobwebs. I decided to take a brake for not doing something stupid when being frustrated. Maybe will try this weekend with another mixing ratio...
+Mogli LP Yes, tamiya is little bit better then airfix. What about your bf-109? Any progress?
Sebastian H (3 years ago)
+Mogli LP I say, the Airfix kit is no match with this one. First, I were like "WTF this is 1:72?" 'cause of the number of parts
Sebastian H (3 years ago)
+PLASMO - plastic models I now ;-)
+Mogli LP Unbelievable. :-O

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