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"Magic - Eye" BEST Mind-Reading Trick (Magic Trick Apps for iPhone & iPod Touch)

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http://iPhoneStreetMagic.com - I can read your mind over the internet with "Magic - Eye", the new street magic trick app for your iPhone & iPod Touch. (Note: I can't see the card from the video cam or reflection from laptop screen or mirrors anywhere!)Download this app at: http://bit.ly/magic-eye today!
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Text Comments (42)
Shabanas P (4 months ago)
It was correct.. Good job
Stromae G (9 months ago)
stay a kid all your life bro!
Shivam Sompura (1 year ago)
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=justimagine.studioo.android.chooseanumber_amagicalapp Download my app now!  Its a mind reading app with secret! hope you like it! I hope it brings a smile on you face . Leave a review of you like it 😊.
Trevor Dame (2 years ago)
its impossible because its not live if he recorded this it would take time to edit and post
Osman Replay (2 years ago)
saat kısmında yazıyor
Osman Replay (2 years ago)
LazYGameR (2 years ago)
i pick king of spard
Wolfics (3 years ago)
I didn't get the fie of hats
Ancient Chinese Secret
Raymond Ee (3 years ago)
Just get the app and you will know who is the idiot
Raymond Ee (3 years ago)
This app will 100% impress your friends
David (3 years ago)
totally fake
S0uL (2 years ago)
Michael Angelo Pascua (3 years ago)
u son of a bitch
Jepi (4 years ago)
hes such a fucking idiot. as if we didn't know that he was looking at his recording whilst doing this to see the card. what and idiot, didn't your parents ever force you to study to become a doctor or something not a shit you tuber who doesn't know a good trick
I'm Sandwich (2 years ago)
It's an app
I'm Sandwich (2 years ago)
He didn't
Anoynomous (4 years ago)
unnikmr (5 years ago)
use a mirror
DiamondsDimons (5 years ago)
The app costs 3.99 D:
Duy Zoro (5 years ago)
you reading the camera
Latrelle Joyner (5 years ago)
All he had to do was look at the computer screen while he was recording...seesh
ciklopasd555 (5 years ago)
Or only wach your compiuter :)
ADMIN 51 (6 years ago)
hyyy.,.,,where site.,.download this apple for free
bradley bear (6 years ago)
Mine was 8 of diamonds
BottsVlogs (6 years ago)
No. It was not the fie o haets
SnakeBlock (6 years ago)
no use istallous better ;)
Marcin Wisniowski (6 years ago)
use the reflection of your computer to see the card.
mark79135 (6 years ago)
Fake read the desperation
mzpooh51 (6 years ago)
no mines was 7
saam golmoradi (6 years ago)
He look at the card
TheiPhoneMagicGuy (6 years ago)
@ScottyDog2002 try this site to get my promo codes for free download: themagiccafe.[com]/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=452581&forum=273&2&start=0#1
TheiPhoneMagicGuy (6 years ago)
@ScottyDog2002 Are you able to do a video recording of yourself performing this trick on another person to read his/her mind and post it up to youtube if I were to tell you the secret?
where is his eyes i can t see theme xD ... joking ♥
TheiPhoneMagicGuy (7 years ago)
@TXOdle Download the app and you will know! But don't post the method here okay? This app will definitely impress all your friends this coming New Year!
D O (7 years ago)
Um, or the pattern that he stared at after he flipped the card over? Tough stuff.
TheiPhoneMagicGuy (7 years ago)
@evanzoisy2 If you have learned the Art of Deception, you can! Check out my iPhone Street Magic home page to learn it.
Evan Zois (7 years ago)
Is that real cuz it is mad
TheiPhoneMagicGuy (7 years ago)
@14spag14 Good try! But you got to try harder : )
Arezki Foufou (7 years ago)
14spag14 (7 years ago)
you gave away your secret at the end when you revealed the 5 of hearts by not even looking at the phone. reflection
Jacob William (7 years ago)
He saw the reflection of the card in the camera lens

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