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P-51d Mustang Tamiya 1:48 Perie 2nd - ww2 aircraft model

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Detail guide step by step - p-51 https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=Uu7v6H0-THw https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=oDfGFyKZ2oc https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=FM25DIMS09U Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DavidDamek42/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel My web: http://www.plasticmodels.eu/ David Damek Music/Hudba: Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) https://goo.gl/7GjJ4s Awaiting Backup 5 - Magnus Ringblom Footprints 3 - Johannes Bornlöf Light Footed 3 - Johannes Bornlöf Footprints 1 - Johannes Bornlöf Back To Earth 1 - Johannes Bornlöf Army Of Angels 3 - Johannes Bornlöf
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Text Comments (677)
Randy Purtteman (2 hours ago)
UNBELIEVABLE! I've yet to see anything which you have touched not coming out looking like an artist was commissioned by a museum for a life like representation of that particular aircraft. Simply amazing!
jaka raharjo (2 days ago)
Hi I'm from Indonesia..I just see your video.man your so detail even with the tires..so realistic.love your work man.i love model kit but I spesific with gundam.can you make a diorama battle gundam??
01ZO6TT (2 days ago)
Awesome work. This isn’t a model anymore. It’s a work of art!! Do you sell any of these? Or what do you do with all of them when your finished.
Paul Moore (3 days ago)
That's fantastic.  I'm getting back into the hobby and I would love to have you do videos and talk through what your doing, why, how, what to look for, what not to do, etc.  I just feel like Ill never get to this level.  Like the other guy said ...this is art!
Karolina Kalinowska (4 days ago)
Dude, keep going, your activity is very inspiring. I am a musician, but need sometimes to chill and your videos were significant for me. I decided to make my own model instead of playing video games. Thank you.
Ariel Matozzo (5 days ago)
Charles Ball (5 days ago)
this is great! my only little critic would be that the weathering seems a bit heavy and maybe flatten the tires so it looks like it has weight. https://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Visit/Museum-Exhibits/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/196263/north-american-p-51d-mustang/
Vincent François (6 days ago)
97VobraOwner (8 days ago)
My models never ended up like this... my god what amazing work.
Ray Moyes (11 days ago)
Pedro Bordarampé (13 days ago)
just amazing work Thanks for sharing and inspiring us
Daiboy 1980 (14 days ago)
Ive drink a lot of beer otnight, and watched a lot of your vidoes, you my finred are afuckingf GENIUS! oustndaing work
Steve Jones (15 days ago)
Your work just goes on and on getting more extraordinary - it's amazing to watch
J.F. Nash (18 days ago)
It's very good, but the wheels should be slightly flattened due to the weigh of the plane while resting on them.
patrick LEYRIS (21 days ago)
very nice airplane !! good job, very wonderful !!
Renato Rodrigues (22 days ago)
Pura perfeição, incrível, magnífico, sem palavras. Ficou incrível mesmo. Parabéns!
HAE CHO (23 days ago)
OMG what a outstanding work!
digs bollx (23 days ago)
Plasmo, I absolutely enjoy your method and techniques. I look forward to every alert! BUT, dude, you have to visit a museum or air display. The aircraft DO NOT LOOK LIKE YOU'RE MODELS!!! Lay off the 'WASH and AGEING' Thank you!
Amazing ! You're an artist, congratulations !
willemsenc (24 days ago)
Excellent! Very beautiful work
mikeymarmalade (28 days ago)
Jack Daniels (30 days ago)
I'm not 9ne to watch a model get built but this was something else you have the hands of a brain surgeon! Well done, if I ever wondered who does the models at the museum... now I know. Nothing short of a grand master.
tonyb24242424 (1 month ago)
Scene with maintenance crew is really good.
Ev gen (1 month ago)
Дайте ссылку на информацию по трём (апельсиновый, зелёный, красноватый) световым индикаторам на крыле
M-A (1 month ago)
Norman1951 Norman (1 month ago)
If I may humbly make a suggestion: the plexiglass of the canopy could use a little "distressing" IMO. Perhaps it is but doesn't show in the pictures. Beautiful as always. I'm astonished to see how many products are now available to model builders. When I was at it in the late 50's and early 60's paints and tools were very basic or non-existent. No photo etching, no beautiful flat paints, textures, washes, glue applicators, etc.....You have mastered your hobby. Bravo
Allen Hampshire (1 month ago)
Plasmo, thankyou for your wonderful video on the P51. Another of one of my favorite WW2 fighter planes. You have such a patience in building. Your P51 is beautiful. God Bless you, keith
Mike W (1 month ago)
Amazing, well done..
Marcel Bexiga (1 month ago)
Luka Pantovic (1 month ago)
Do you sell your models?
Taipan News (1 month ago)
Me ensina ... deixa eu trabalhar com vocês ????
M Čížek (1 month ago)
WoW amazing !
robert tufo (1 month ago)
I do alot of fine detail landscape drawings and i get so many compliments from people and everyone says how do i that,,, i wish i can draw like that,,anyone can be anything if they really want it,,i love art and people who do work like you i really appreciate it thankyou,,you are an artist in your work and a really good one,,you would have to be 1 of the best ones there is,,but what about these idiots who give you the thumbs down,,are they serious or are they just jealous of your work,,i read one comment from a guy who says you over weather your models,,is this guy serious,,what a moron,,keep it up my friend as we truly think your amazing,,,,cheers
Rusty Kilt (1 month ago)
Sorry, but I hate you....
I'm looking forward to completing your training. In time you will call me master. :-D
Gooood. your hate has made you powerful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFkAAvDkj9k
Colin Winkler (1 month ago)
lightspeed72 (1 month ago)
Music could be more soothing.
Henry CHUC (1 month ago)
Love your work! I am so inspired by it. 😊👍🏻
velveetaslingshot (1 month ago)
These kits dont need primer?
Vanessa L (1 month ago)
Terrible job. Terrible terrible job.
Vanessa L (1 month ago)
Terrific. I meant terrific. Damn autocorrect.
jonsofanarchy cal (1 month ago)
Wow amazing and wonderfull. Congrulations
Christopher L. Scott (1 month ago)
Great build.
Michael (1 month ago)
i thought i was a perfectionist, after watching your video, i realize im a damn hack. nice job. actually, perfect job.
Magic_Zach (1 month ago)
You did a good job, no doubt at all, but I think the weathering was a bit excessive on this one. Particularly around the main intake under the fuselage, and the fuel caps. Even during wartime, such grime would be cleaned off between flights. Looks like it didn't get maintained for a very long time 😂
Ian (1 month ago)
Agreed. Plasmo's wonderful artistic style doesn't suit all subjects, and this one looks like it's been dredged from the ocean. There's no substitute for looking at photos of the real thing to get the weathering realistic.
Bobby Indra Buwono (1 month ago)
very nice, btw did u paint the glass of the canopy? the rear one?
Vestalian Codis (2 months ago)
Amazing work of art of the best WWII fighter ever built.
ATiliOS cheapsounds (2 months ago)
Are these models for sale
Alpha Tango (2 months ago)
If you put that in a background u would think its real
Hyo Kwak (2 months ago)
I wonder that the canopy was painted without any masking, but somehow it has been made. How did you do that?
Nerum Jr (2 months ago)
Great work, my friend. I would like to request permission to post the link of your video, on the homepage https://ipms.curitiba.br/ I am one of the members of the administration and we are promoting the hobby. Thank you in advance for your attention.
Steve Hendon (2 months ago)
I agree with Nelson this is art, the P51 is my favourite WWII fighter.
Lokee (2 months ago)
Amazing! You've inspired me to get my models out of the closet today. Can I ask how you create the under wing lights at 9:44? I seen you hand use a drill bit but what's the clear material you use that mixes with the paint to create the color of the light? Thank you!
randomnickify (2 months ago)
Please tell me you won some awards with this build :) brilliant stuff, its not model, its art.
Tamás Fodor (2 months ago)
This is sick! :O
panzert38 flandre (2 months ago)
Bonjour de la France ville dunkerque superbe excellent travail continue comme ça 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
shan banaan (2 months ago)
so mush work ?
Martin XXCZ29 (2 months ago)
Jses ten nejlepsi modelar na svete :)
Whirlybird (2 months ago)
Always too much weathering for my taste.
Jalal Alif (3 months ago)
Who dare give this guys a thumb down???what a jerk...i know its hard to assembling this model kit
Frank 1960 (3 months ago)
Thank you Sir for showing, and let us see here your wonderful artwork - really a masterpiece !!! Great job !!! Big respect and Cheers, Frank ! ( Germany )
Sebastian Celada (3 months ago)
erizlovect shahrizal (3 months ago)
Get In My Van (3 months ago)
Sorry dude but this... is like the uncanny valley of models
NixdorfHancz (3 months ago)
Chic Laco (3 months ago)
awesome! like always :D
nicedog1 (3 months ago)
A fantastic tribute to one of the best aircraft of WW2.
General Cody HD (3 months ago)
Luis Diaz (3 months ago)
Im looking at my models as if they've done something wrong haha
vladimir kostic (3 months ago)
one of the best build
hoyaspapa (3 months ago)
You must be the world best modeler. Now I understand what does 'craftsmanship' mean.
carlos jose (3 months ago)
En cuanto melo bende
barone bianco (3 months ago)
Lord Tachanka (3 months ago)
I suck in modeling
Delta Drones (3 months ago)
Prety Awesome! Amazing Job!
Guillermo Benitez (3 months ago)
G VPN (3 months ago)
Mohanad Ahmed (3 months ago)
Does the engine come with the kit?
Lock-n-Load (3 months ago)
That's bad ass
thomas d (3 months ago)
wow, just wow
agwbcfjc2 (3 months ago)
I love the concept of this build--a fighter plane being serviced for maintenance and re-arming, if those are the right terms...brilliantly conceived and brilliantly executed in every detail. Masterful craftsmanship. Simply amazing.
D. ANDERS (4 months ago)
I had just give up my hobby !
Icinesis Wayons (4 months ago)
Very precisely done detail, I do this type of warbird modeling too. Great work! Do a WW2 German FW 190-D9 or Dora for the Galland circus division!
Wow!!! What a Beautyfull model., Congratulations and thanks a lot for shearing it.
Bill Boomer (4 months ago)
Wow! I just love the detail on where they reload the guns! Great job dude!
Alan Hsu (4 months ago)
Great work :)
Alan Hsu (4 months ago)
revell- contact a proffessional XD
None of your Business (4 months ago)
This is beyond awesome. Kudos!🙇‍♂️
adrian mihulet (4 months ago)
wow i love it
Ronnie Farnsworth (4 months ago)
That is Damn nice !!!! : D
Ian Goldstraw (4 months ago)
Surprised you riveted the wings, as most wartime P-51's had all the rivets puttied over, and the wings were painted aluminum. Otherwise a nice P-51..
Smoov Operata (4 months ago)
The level of detail is incredible! Nice work 👍
Rory Thornton (4 months ago)
Hello, Your skills really are amazing and i'am sure you worked very hard to posses such skills , Thank you for sharing some of them with us. If i may is there a site you use to get the template for doing the riveting and panel line schematics on your builds. Thank you again for sharing .
sujirou (4 months ago)
that feeling of whether to put the covers or not
MLGmounted (4 months ago)
too rusty for the real aircraft, was made with anti rust aluminium
Merschmettie Gorvatski (4 months ago)
...speechless, just speechless
bazzaah (4 months ago)
Really superb!
ricky perry (4 months ago)
David, Unbelievable great job. Could I get you to build $$ our friend Dick Hanson's P-51 "Miss Marilyn Monroe II" please. Thanks [email protected]
nekeke (4 months ago)
Jacob Varghese (4 months ago)
Amazing....So detailed...Made my day....Thanks for sharing this video...
Denis .R. (4 months ago)
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