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Sdkfz 251/1 Hanomag. Normandy, 1944 1/35 Tamiya

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Sdkfz 251/1 Hanomag Normandía Agosto 1944 Plastic Model Kit 1/35 Tamiya http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.360818463950524.89839.203532643012441&type=3
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Text Comments (36)
Fabinho Miniaturas (2 months ago)
Toni G Castroviejo (2 months ago)
¡Gracias! :)
Maha Lingam (11 months ago)
Why does the damn thing not have any bumbers?
Maha Lingam (11 months ago)
I have it. And i tell you. yours looks much better. I was a teenager when i last built a model.
Willabe (1 year ago)
It looks great! Love it!
Toni G Castroviejo (1 year ago)
Thank you! :) Glad you like it!
History Minute (1 year ago)
2 questions, how did you get the ripple like effect on the benches, and what color did you use for the scratches?
Crusader IV (2 years ago)
What color did you use for the leather seats?
Crusader IV (2 years ago)
+Toni G Castroviejo Thank you so much
Toni G Castroviejo (2 years ago)
Hull red, a black wash and flat flesh with dry brushing ;)
TarlZaralka (2 years ago)
how did you get the triangular piece on there, you know the one slightly behind the front wheel. I can't seem to get it on right.
napadaan lang (2 years ago)
Is that woodland scenic trees did you use at the end of the video? Thanks
Toni G Castroviejo (2 years ago)
No, it's moss.... I don´t like how it looks :( Thank you for comment ;)
Perfect job, i am building the same kit now. How did you make cover on lights?
Toni G Castroviejo (2 years ago)
Thank you, mate! Glad you like it! :) I did it with cuts napkin, and wet brush
Jesus Blanco (2 years ago)
Una pasada Toni,una vez más
Toni G Castroviejo (2 years ago)
+Jesus Blanco ¡Gracias otra vez, amigo mío! practicando la pintura con el Hanomag... Lo volví a pintar con el toque blanco de camuflage invernal experimentando con la laca :)
Steve Borkowski (2 years ago)
Yes Awesome Job I started on the same kit . Weathering ha's begun .. https://youtu.be/AUt7IfK2Y7Y
Toni G Castroviejo (2 years ago)
+Steve Borkowski Thank you, Steve! I appreciate! I´ll watch yours now ! :)
geeserman (3 years ago)
Awesome job. I've been thinking about building this kit. How did you get the worn look on the seat cushions?
Toni G Castroviejo (3 years ago)
+geeserman Thank you very much, my friend! Glad you like it! :) I covered the seats with wet toilet paper with water and white glue ;)
Davis Jacobs (3 years ago)
I built this kit a while ago. I did not like it. It was just too fiddly and weird.
Davis Jacobs (3 years ago)
+Toni G Castroviejo Yup! I've modeling for roughly 4 years now and I can even see how much I've improved! I like to compare my old work to my new work.
Toni G Castroviejo (3 years ago)
+Davis Jacobs Be patient, Davis. With time and practice you'll increase your skills, you'll see. The main thing is to enjoy  :)
Davis Jacobs (3 years ago)
+Toni G Castroviejo I got the Tamiya one. But, it have been that I had just gotten into modeling and didn't really know much.
Toni G Castroviejo (3 years ago)
Well, I think is a nice vehicle the Hanomag.... Perhaps the brand?
Can you please photo bottom side of this model?
Toni G Castroviejo (3 years ago)
For more photos:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.360818463950524.89839.203532643012441&type=3
Tornik (4 years ago)
Looks sick. Detailed and subtle work.
Toni G Castroviejo (4 years ago)
Thank you! Very glad that you like it!  :)
Toni G Castroviejo (5 years ago)
Thank you very much!Greetings!
wesmander (5 years ago)
Fantastic build of a very old model , nice work
J. Go. (6 years ago)
Looking forward to the final product. I fully expect it to be up to to the standard shown so far. Good luck! :)
Toni G Castroviejo (6 years ago)
Thank you for your comments!In fact, the vehicle is not finish.The idea was a diorama in Normandy with the hanomag and the panther atacking together.So, I left the weathering for the final.The foliage is awful, I know... I put it to make me an idea, made some photos and I decided to post in the video.thank you again!!I will have present your comments for the final touches
J. Go. (6 years ago)
Very good! The model is very well done & the presentation is excellent too. The progression of the work on the model from new to a field weary vehicle is great. The music was good too. Accents the presentation w/out being obtrusive. Now a very few observations. A vehicle in the field is prone to picking up a little rust as paint flakes or is rubbed away. Such damage or wear spots also tend to show some bare metal- floor boards and driving pedals are prime examples. Foliage was too bright.
MrELLEMARTY (6 years ago)
looks very nice!

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