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Flat Girl Problems

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Just embracing what my parents gave me! All for shiz and giggles. Flat Girl Problems! Follow us on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/Leendadproductions?ref=ts&fref=ts Follow the boy in the video on twitter! https://twitter.com/Jaeleus @jaeleus
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Get Fit (8 days ago)
BM30 HB (1 month ago)
Leena is funny. But she covers up her insecurities through her videos and does a good job with the videos. Leena just a get breast implants eat more chicken and your mixed friends will look up to you. Yes I know they’re attractive but they’re not all that. They’re people too.
ErikA gabrielle (2 months ago)
Carissa Jurczyk (2 months ago)
Omg that thumb nail is litterly me and my boyfriend
Gacha N!kk! (2 months ago)
Wow, and here i am WISHING I WAS FLAT CHESTED😢
Septi Leni Leni (3 months ago)
hahahahaha dat me
mexico city (3 months ago)
Where are all my flat people!!!🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️👏👍🏼
Kodidini Thejaswini (3 months ago)
I subscribed just cuz I said Justin Bieber 😂❤️
Yubi K. (3 months ago)
username didn't found (4 months ago)
Ah the pain :cry:
Lyudmila (5 months ago)
Lmao that last one 😂😂😂😂
Iris's Subiminals Resuts (5 months ago)
And here's me wondering what's the diference if you wear a double or normal size bra. I still don't know :')
Pika Foxie (5 months ago)
When there was a dodgeball champion in my school vs other school there was this team were was 1 girl with the biggest boobs ever and they jiggled everytime she made any slight move and we we were like ohhh noo those boobies coming to get us
XW Ah (5 months ago)
Niveditha Jayadev (6 months ago)
Story. Of. My. Life
I actually wish i was flat chested I have really big boobs and i dont like it
Hermione Hsu (6 months ago)
0:58 please bitch, pigtails are for toddlers. run along to the baby section
Vousmevoyez (6 months ago)
But i like A cup 😢😢😢
Random channel (6 months ago)
im like damn 12 and its so annoying when i run and jump like 😭😭😭😭😭 trust me when you sleep its struggles you can barely move to sides like ahsnijdnudhidmckckihudnyeikdikdmu!!!!!!!! 🙄🙄🙄 *(WHO ELSE)*
NPC (6 months ago)
I'm a guy, and its all about proportions. Flat chests are perfectly fine as long as they are proportionate to the person. Same with butts for that matter. I don't see what the big deal is if you are a slim girl but flat chested, it would honestly look weird as fuck if you weren't.
Rango Green (6 months ago)
Massage therapy by me will fix it 😁
Rango Green (6 months ago)
And it's totally Free of Charge!
#NatureLover saul (6 months ago)
It's alright .. m flat chested too 😉
Mark (6 months ago)
And the search for a funny female comedian continues...
Andrew Smith (6 months ago)
Guys give less of a shit than you think.
felix john (6 months ago)
Asian girls problem
bunk8720 (6 months ago)
Lol she's cute
Jawwad kaleem (6 months ago)
Im a guy. And I can relate to this.
blah (6 months ago)
Not sure but this was a recommended video in 2018
Sampath Samuel (6 months ago)
The last one lol
Your worst Nightmare (6 months ago)
When your thick so you don’t understand this XD
love life (7 months ago)
As per my experience im totally happy being flat because it has got much advantages .
hubert sidarta (7 months ago)
Does anyone know the guy's Instagram? For educational purposes...
Haroon Zaffar Khan (7 months ago)
Go n asked a guy to press your boobs .... it wil increase your boobs 😘😘😘
Lazy Laisa (7 months ago)
Fuck off
elda stylinson (7 months ago)
oh my god meeee
Lucy Machin (7 months ago)
Sad thing is, yours are bigger than mine😅😂
Matt roules (7 months ago)
I am a guy and ...i love boobs or any size and shape cause boobs are all awesome
nefarious k (7 months ago)
Love small titties <3
Riki Wei (7 months ago)
Who’s the boy you groped huh? 😂
ieruza (7 months ago)
It's been said that when you hug a girl with a small chest, you are that much closer to her heart.
Michael’s passionking (7 months ago)
My boobs hurt when i run
Murtaza Aamir (7 months ago)
I'm a 22 year old guy, why was this in my recommendations?
Arijit Sinha (7 months ago)
yeah these issues keep haunting people.....small penis small boobs small height aka dwarf guys....but true beauty lies in theeye of the beholder........... what u do in life is what matters... see maradona sachin messi serena williams
Alex Val (7 months ago)
I really don't mind small breasts, i actually kinda like them. Not all guys are obsessed with huge boobs! First thing i look is the face and then the ass.
Lazy Laisa (7 months ago)
crap I don't have an attractive face, boobs, or a huge arse
RayMondoART (7 months ago)
Whats with the thumbnail lol!!
Piyush Neware (7 months ago)
As a guy with slight gynecomastia, i feel girls having flat chest are more cuter and tomboyish in attitude and nature!👍
Nitin Jaswal (7 months ago)
Tofu 300 gram each day. For big boobs
Simply Moroccan (7 months ago)
The voice over is too loud
Kunal Mazumdar (7 months ago)
1:16, that poor unlucky guy. Anyway you should consult with the lady boys of Bangkok. They have bigger assets then you. 😁
Angelo Yt (7 months ago)
Gentlemen prefer big Watermelons
Lazy Laisa (7 months ago)
Good for you
pankaj verma (7 months ago)
some boys like flat girl
eddy eel (7 months ago)
I bet they look great
Kris (7 months ago)
Sagittarianmoon (7 months ago)
girl i feel u 😂 but i love my tiny tits!!!✌ when people feel the need to put them down because im confident its irritating having to deal with that people are so dumb i just say fuck them theyre insecure themselves poor people
Prabat Rana MGR (7 months ago)
Oh my god, Justin Bieber 😂🤣
Shyam Sasidharan (7 months ago)
So flat dude🤑🤑
John Evans (7 months ago)
The butt and the thighs are what matters
Lazy Laisa (7 months ago)
My butt isn't huge either
thehunterzz456 (7 months ago)
I'm actually doesn't really care about breast size, I'm more into face beauty.. But not the one who wears make up.. But natural beauty.. I found it to be charming when a woman didn't wear make up.. I admire their bravery, then the huge sized ones ;)
Lazy Laisa (7 months ago)
Lmao I don't have an attractive face, boobs or butt
Nathan Soper (7 months ago)
You can't possibly be that vain? Why do you feel you need larger breasts? Very sad
nidhi gupta (7 months ago)
oil massaging during periods can grow boobs.try it ladies.all the best
Lazy Laisa (7 months ago)
Fuck off
Gurpreet Singh (7 months ago)
I love girls like you
Jotaro Kujo (7 months ago)
Veikka Rahkonen (7 months ago)
Men don't care about flat chested, that's the only problem.
VisiBle (7 months ago)
I like flat chested girls cause when something falls off of their hands and they try to pick it up, I get to see their nipples peeking out of the bra and tops with down-blouse effect. Big chests are never ending-meat field like "Yeahhh! Now we gonna see some areola, naah ...some nip slip.... wait where are they? Why can't I see, where's the end of the field! Why am I in hell of never ending meats!".
Aaron Lowe (7 months ago)
Girls, don't worry. Guys don't care. They'll get larger later on, trust me.
Aaron Lowe (7 months ago)
Get pregnant and they will. I know :o)
Lazy Laisa (7 months ago)
No they don't
itachi uchiha (7 months ago)
Im mad on flat chsted g😍😍😍
big brother Katakuri (7 months ago)
Thats literally what i do
Ahmad Mahdee (7 months ago)
Just get a boob job .......
Lazy Laisa (7 months ago)
Just fuck off
shy boy (7 months ago)
LOL this is so entertaining :-)
Why Bother (7 months ago)
i gotta say, u r hot. and my man boobs are bigger than yours (mostly because i'm a fatass) :)
MrNightpwner (7 months ago)
YouTube classic. Homemade and talented
I'm a good noodle (7 months ago)
those are perfect <3
Peter Piper (7 months ago)
In my opinion, God made you just the way he wanted. Don’t be ashamed of your body. You’re perfect just the way you are.
Nightcore Lab (7 months ago)
I'm an E cup ;-;
— gloewy (7 months ago)
Same :"^)
Cardboard Box (8 months ago)
Uhh, i wish i had a flat chest!
l miss my angle (8 months ago)
Being flat is better than having FUCKING big chest😣😣😣😣 I always have problem buying clothes😭😭😭😭 Bc my body is like those sand watch(???) but my butt is flat😥 I fuckin hate myself😣😣😣 Sorry for my bad english
Hinata Hyuga (8 months ago)
You need bigger boobs
Lazy Laisa (7 months ago)
You can't just grow boobs all of a sudden you retard
Retro GOD (8 months ago)
flat chest, mosquito bites
S. D. H. (8 months ago)
I always preferred around a B-cup in women, though A & C cup are fine also.
llama llama (8 months ago)
Im only 11 and have boobs... I DON'T WANT THEM ANYMORE!!!!!
MrDasilva8383 (8 months ago)
I never even give the time of day toa flat chested girl! I friend zone the bitches I love big tits on a woman😆😬👍🏽
Lazy Laisa (7 months ago)
Rip me
P R I N C E S S (8 months ago)
Why am I watching this.I can't relate.
LaXus[D]reYer (8 months ago)
No loli no life Lolis are flat Flat is good Long live lolis
flashbodie1 (8 months ago)
Also can't titi f**k
Adelllc _ (8 months ago)
😂😂😂 true af
Cryogen (8 months ago)
Why do they care whether there flat or not🤔????
monty royal (8 months ago)
Get fake tits like a normal girl
Ken Ven (8 months ago)
L. Smith (8 months ago)
Lol! Pretty lady I'd take you over some bolted on, frankensteined, freak of nature any day!😁
Happy Sisters (8 months ago)
Get pregnant is the solution. Fill it with milk..
Lazy Laisa (7 months ago)
That is not how it works you retard
HDM Vision (8 months ago)
I love flat
Alisha Draine (8 months ago)
Syed Khan (8 months ago)
I like these types of tits
Ruhin Sandhi (8 months ago)
Urs is flat n mine is a real papaya...so i dont really need papaya...u wont undrstnd how it is to carry 2 big bean bags everyday..
Julliene Kate 。оло (8 months ago)
*omg theres justin beiber* Girls:*WHERE?!* Me:ppft
ejkdbtsghrn - (8 months ago)
OMG there is justin bieber 😂😂
Ikram Marki (8 months ago)
You're so beautyful gurl
she's flatter than the earth.
Lazy Laisa (7 months ago)
Earth chan.
Can't relate
KashMillioso (8 months ago)
Chloe Allen (8 months ago)
I wanna be flat chested because boobs fucking hurt okay

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