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Hockney's "Secret Knowledge" & The Lie of Technology

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Hockney's Expose http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBNrgCaoyW8
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Teresa Karr (1 year ago)
Love the painting. Um, sumtin going on wit human thangs. I think you will be okay as long as the grid is UP. Was the audio fake radio show a joke? Non? The one about those autistic assholes. Ye know, mabey them sorry sons of bitches inherited the ....condition from head up the ass, artsy fartsy parents. Take a look around when you go outside.
Dub Anderson (5 years ago)
Good One, Tom.....Say, awhile back I saw a painting ith a dead cow & a fly on one side, & erotica on the other....Fussion? I am really anxious to see it when finished.....I can't seem to get the cow & fly out of my head....so appropriate!!! Anyway, maybe when You have a moment.....
Teresa Karr (1 year ago)
Autism? Wow, yada. Sure wooden wanna be dat guy. Ye know, them people gotta blame something because wierd offspring can't be a good thing. Snot enjoyable.
Teresa Karr (1 year ago)
Casper Blackbird (6 years ago)
also what is this 'vremiere' character you talk about expanding matrixes like popcorn? i want to take a peek, plx write correct name or link for vid. thx&_&
Casper Blackbird (6 years ago)
greetings art! getting cold eh?:D i got rather chilly winter here as well, not really smart idea to go outside without mission^^ either way nice to see you making vids, just so u know that i havnt died from freezing somewhere under bridge or smth^^ also i agree on being stuck, shit has to move on, i get more and more proven facts and reaserch data that just surely suggest any narrow minded person to start thinking if presented with these fats.. hope you drink enough hot tea with honey.

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