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Crush Your First Week of Law School and Set Yourself Apart From Your Classmates

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Download the Ultimate Guide to Crushing Finals at: ➜ https://www.legaleagleprep.com/finals ★★★ If you'd like all of the best strategies on law school (including how to consistently write A+ final exam essays) check out our CRUSH LAW SCHOOL MASTER CLASS https://www.legaleagleprep.com/masterclass The first week of law school can seem completely overwhelming. Just take a step back and realize that it's all going to be okay. Everyone feels overwhelmed. You're thrown into a situation that you've never been in before. You're learning about subjects that you didn't know existed. It's probably going over your head. You probably feel stressed out, you might be a little freaked out, that's okay, everyone feels that way. But let's talk about all the dos and don'ts of your first week of law school. Everything you can do to maximize your chances of success later on and everything you can do to minimize your stress in the present. ★ You should understand that the way that law school is taught is completely backwards. You learn the most antiquated arcane cases early on in the semester and there is very little chance that any of those cases will be used on the final exam. ★ The second thing to realize is that a lot of the information that your school is going to give you is bad. ★ Don’t try to do everything. ★ Start outlining. ★ Learn to write an issue spotting exam and spot all the issues. Get More Great Tips - Subscribe ➜ https://goo.gl/JwQUPf
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Text Comments (28)
Hadassah Branch (25 days ago)
How does writing an essay for law school differ from how essays are normally written? 😊🙏
Brent Vee (2 months ago)
Sophomore business major, hoping to get into a law school after. Love the videos!!
Nancy Torres (3 months ago)
Thank you for your Channel and videos. My fiancé is in law school and this helps me understand his frustration and where he’s coming from.
Marienkarpfen (4 months ago)
"Most of your grades will come from issue spotting exams" "Issue spotting exams are completely useless for your finals and you should'nt invest time into them." Contradicting isn't it?
Kiana 4real (2 months ago)
Marienkarpfen he said case briefings are useless
James Elliott-Hughes (4 months ago)
I understanding that you're talking from experience, and thus mainly referencing the American system, but I want to say that this is really helping me with my English Law Conversion. The GDL (English conversion course), is done post-grad, like American law school, but is only 1 year. Its the 9 mandatory modules done in a regular English law degree which are typically spread across 2 years, condensed into one. As such, its going to be intense but very interesting.
James Elliott-Hughes (3 months ago)
2 week update, can confirm- am dying.
C. Huseyin (4 months ago)
We need you in life! 😂
Lethingoc Lethingoc (4 months ago)
can you introduce to me some books helping me develop critical thinking and logical thinking?
Afghan Guy (3 months ago)
Lethingoc Lethingoc to improve critical thinking try reading argumentative material, and see how each side argues the same issue from different sides. One example is reading scientific journals were authors argues on the same topic, pro v.con.
Lethingoc Lethingoc (4 months ago)
hi! im ngoc from vietnamese! thanks for your videos.
Brian Titcomb (4 months ago)
I can't wait until his episode about the 39th week of law school.
suzy pius (4 months ago)
Great....keep it up
Aly (5 months ago)
This is totally applicable not just for law students, but students in general!! Thank you 🙏
cameron shipman (5 months ago)
Honestly, I've been looking how law school will be. I'm so new to it all... It's very daunting to know where to start. You have helped immensely in the way you explain the process. Thank you <3
Elliott Clark (8 months ago)
What is an outline
Elliott Clark (8 months ago)
LegalEagle like a summary
LegalEagle (8 months ago)
Law students condense their notes and other sources down into a manageable study guide called an outline.
G (11 months ago)
Could you do a video exploring the value of extracurricular activities while in law school? I’m thinking that I’d like to be involved with the school’s Student Bar Association as an officer, but a more popular opinion seems to be that law review is the only valuable extracurricular activity for law students.
G (11 months ago)
LegalEagle Thank you for your reply!
LegalEagle (11 months ago)
That is a great idea. Law review is certainly the most prestigious, but that doesn't mean its the only one that's "valuable." Moot court can be a great resume booster too, especially if you win awards. Topic-specific law journals can also help, especially in that industry (for example, a Tax Law Journal if you want to go into tax or Entertainment Law Journal if you want to go into entertainment law). In practice, I got a lot of mileage out of all the skills I learned in Mock Trial. The bottom line is that any extra-curricular can be helpful if you are really interested in it. They can also show that you are passionate about something and give you something to talk about in interviews. Conversely, most can be useless if you are just joining to pad your resume.
TalentLess Gamer (1 year ago)
hey man . I really like watching your videos they are very informative. I am in yr12 and currently studying to set my AS level exams. I honestly cant tell whether you are American or not. So AS level is like SAT'S but for the British Curriculum. So I'm taking History , Economics , Sociology and Math. Do you believe these subjects would help me or benefit me in order to do become a law student. In two years I will be finished with 'high school' and applying to good law universities in the UK. I'm freaking the hell out man. oh and by the way I am assuming you are a lawyer if so what kind ? P.s I want to become a solicitor because that's where the big bucks come in haha thanks for the videos :)
TalentLess Gamer (1 year ago)
alright thanks for the advice man much appreciated.
LegalEagle (1 year ago)
Hey TLG!  I am an American lawyer -- a civil trial lawyer, in fact.  As I understand it, that's more or less equivalent to a barrister in the UK, except we don't have to wear the wigs.    Law school is unlike high school or university (it is sui generis, as we lawyers like to say).  So take the classes that you really enjoy and get good grades.  Few lower classes provide much preparation or benefit from the perspective of law school.  So take the opportunity to learn about the world and become a well rounded human being!  Oh, and learn to be a great writer -- practicing law is all about good writing.
Wyam Tess (1 year ago)
Congratulations 👏👏 ! You have a new follower ( a new law student )
7april (5 months ago)
How did your first year go ?
LegalEagle (1 year ago)
Congratulations to you because you made a great choice! What burning law school questions would you like us to cover next?
xhxhxhxh xh (1 year ago)
thanks for this video. it is very educational and useful.keep it up with the good work !!! 👍👍👍

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