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#MYSTERY #CHALLENGE #DRINK Thank you to everyone who asked us to do this challenge. We thought it would be fun to do it with a twist. If you are new to our channel or haven't subscribed yet, please subscribe to our channel to become a member of our FOREVER FAMILY !!! If you like this video and want to support these channel , be sure to do the following: SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, FAVORITE, COMMENT and SHARE this video with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! That helps a lot! KEILLY AND KENDRY ADVENTURE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxiKrTtvpIig2L8ssbGH7FQ KK'S WORLD : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTOpXa7T36y4aDWvWml6UCg THE K FAMILY . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCar2ra-26mqTiy9z9pMmVOw STEPBACK : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm72Llel6JSxtrBTeTdBzrQ FOLLOW US ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA 🎀 INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/sisterforev... COCO’S INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/coco_sister... SEND FAN MAIL TO : 📦📬💌 P.O BOX 11225 Bradenton FL 34282 USA SISTERFOREVERVLOGS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCav... SISTER FOREVER CHANNEL : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKsF... IT’S ME ALI 💙💚💛🧡💜( ALISSON NEW CHANNEL ) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8oi... WATCH MORE SISTER FOREVER’S VIDEOS 📽🖥📲 EMILY'S ROOM TOUR "UPDATE NEW HOUSE.https://youtu.be/Om7jEof5wa8 ALISSON'S ROOM TOUR 2018 "NEW HOUSE https://youtu.be/v0d0lES86j0 11 YEAR OLD GETS SUPER LONG ACRYLIC NAILS FOR THE FIRST TIME https://youtu.be/lPDVkxILPNc $50.00 DOLLAR CLAIRE'S CHALLENGE https://youtu.be/73chbNSkLEs RECREATING TESSA BROOKS' INSTAGRAM PHOTO https://youtu.be/VCacmI0UVYg $120 DOLLAR CHALLENGE " BUY ANYTHING YOU WANThttps://youtu.be/JOHxrj9TvCc I ONLY ATE McDONALDS FOODS FOR 24 HOURS https://youtu.be/PX0VB-1_b7Q THIS IS NOT SPONSORED VIDEO
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Text Comments (553)
Noemi Kepinska (44 minutes ago)
But I love you guys
Heather Reynolds (17 hours ago)
emily shut yp
JustKellyMa Vlogs (1 day ago)
Emily’s probably cheated
Hannah Rose (1 day ago)
Does anybody else notice that they put sound affect over the pouring
Aimee Hulce (1 day ago)
I think Alison is a cheater
chassie editz (1 day ago)
12:10 Emily poured alot Allison gets the soda, a drip comes out Boy says wow those run out fast No they don't Emily just drunk it all 😂
Fluffy Unicorn Sophia (3 days ago)
Hey love you guys I watch every video also in this video I realized how much Allison looks like her mom anyone else
Jenny Perez (4 days ago)
kendry is funny you make me laugh
Orlando Martinez (4 days ago)
Emily kept saying Alison was cheating and sometimes she wasn't even cheating
Amber Flakes 101 (6 days ago)
Emile is so loud
navya manjila (6 days ago)
I have subscripted to all the 7 channel s
Lali Lucio (6 days ago)
I have tried the beacon and jelly beans
Team sotos (7 days ago)
On 11:57 Emily was saying Mommy I get a point but she was way off she said cookies and cream
Ayyitz Emilly (7 days ago)
No offense but Emily is so annoying
offically. ziah (7 days ago)
Yall should do real food vs drink food
Jackie Mackay :D (8 days ago)
The “original flavour » drink is bubblegum
Beanie Boos and more (8 days ago)
Kendry is the REAL winner here.love u❤
Allae Douadi (9 days ago)
lichine is orange in arabic
Allae Douadi (9 days ago)
please give me a shoutout my sis speaks Spanish
EE girl (9 days ago)
Great video
ItsyobabySydnei (9 days ago)
Lailha Reyes (9 days ago)
Yall are a inspiration for starting so young and making a differnce and growing as people
Lailha Reyes (9 days ago)
Did he say it taste like butt how he know how it taste
Wavyy Keviah (9 days ago)
☀️ this is Florida soon this will come 🌪🌧 one like on prayer for Florida
Jamia Bassette (9 days ago)
Emily is really annoying, “SHES CHEATING”😒
Karyns Ortega (9 days ago)
I can tell that Emily is getting in Allison’s nerves😂😂😂🙄
Hugo Torres (9 days ago)
You guys are my dad second youtuber
Nikki Campbell (9 days ago)
Alison is rood
syd (9 days ago)
Can you guys do the Hamburger challenge is when you buys 6 different hamburger from different fast fast food love you guys 😘💞
Cindi Chavez (10 days ago)
Man Emily was cheating too she saw the bottle to not just Alyson
Genesis Garcia (10 days ago)
im on my schools computer and im watching ya
Ximena Ruiz (10 days ago)
Emely sutup
Bailey Pearson (11 days ago)
Emily was being such a brat bc she was saying Allyson was cheating when she wasn’t
Natasha Alcala (11 days ago)
emily is always saying ur a cheater
Natasha Alcala (11 days ago)
When they said alisson cheated but they got bad but they copy her what alisson said
Liliana Alvarez (11 days ago)
Do the challenge
Zara Siman (11 days ago)
The melon one was so good everybody that I know loves it and it really does taste like melon so maybe you guys got a bad one one
Zara Siman (11 days ago)
I love those drinks that you can push the marble into there so good
Wookie Brookie Bear (11 days ago)
I love your videos 💕👍😍
J & Y (11 days ago)
emily stop saying that alisson is a cheater you just want to win
Yulisa Escobedo (11 days ago)
can i get a shoutout plz i love u all
ThE CrAZY OnES (11 days ago)
Emily acted annoying in this but love u guyssss
Jamayra_123 J.S (11 days ago)
Me dry is the most funniest person ever can I have a shout out part 2 plzz😂🤗
Taylor Turpen (11 days ago)
My gosh Emily Alison is not a cheater
Itz.A and L (11 days ago)
Emily was accusing Alison for cheating a lot
Itz.A and L (11 days ago)
andrea sanchez (11 days ago)
alison is a cheater cause she keep changing the answers so she can win
andrea sanchez (11 days ago)
the hurricane is going to hit us
Hmm Emily must be on her period or something It's a joke boo
Karina Torres Wolfs (11 days ago)
I hope you guys are ok my sister live in Florida and I hope you guys and my sister are good from the hurricane ♥️♥️♥️😢
jiji kellz (11 days ago)
You guys should do trying candy from other places like Mexico or Japan
Bailey Palmer (12 days ago)
Emily was getting onto Alison for cheating but in one of the rounds when she was smelling it she looked in side when Allison wasn't looking then when she did look she put it down
Sofia Salazar (12 days ago)
omg emily is so annoying she is als draMATIC AND TALKS TO MUCH AND HER VOICE IS SO HIGH PITCHED
The KK Sisters (12 days ago)
Can I please have a shout-out btw love you guys so much #foreverfamily
ASMR Slimes (12 days ago)
Plz give me a shoutout plus I just love Emily she is so cute and allison Is so fun and caring and helping plus can u answer my question plz are guys half Filipinos? Btw I’m not
Alex And lexi channel (12 days ago)
Green del 😂
Pratima Ojha (12 days ago)
Where does sister forever live IN Florida
Maria Valencia (12 days ago)
a did it #foreverfamily
Isabella S (12 days ago)
When Alison and Emily were fighting and Kendry said ” Sister Forever ” it was the most funniest thing 😂
netser30 (12 days ago)
You should do mom slime with dad but you have to do 60 seconds I love you guys❤️💛💚💙💜💗😍😍😍
GMAE Dreams 567 (12 days ago)
Have u guys experienced the hurricane?
Seulolo Taumalolo (12 days ago)
Hello Sisters can i plz get a shoutout i love your vid's
Sarela Alvarez (12 days ago)
Allison you like to copy you’re cousin a lot right
Sandy Soto (12 days ago)
Why does Emily scream so loud
Abby Grace (12 days ago)
i couldn’t hear anything but emily yelling
Cool Zo (12 days ago)
You guys are ccoooolll
Slime Makers66 (12 days ago)
Emily stop acting like your the boss of Alison. Stop calling her a cheater I got so annoyed
Slime Makers66 (10 days ago)
ITZ0 ALEXA omg same
ITZ0 ALEXA (10 days ago)
Slime Makers66 yeah i got a headache she kept screaming alissons a cheater and it got annoying cuz she wasn’t and at the end of the day it’s just a challenge
HeavenPlays (12 days ago)
14:35 cheater! You keep cheating
Melanie Napoles (12 days ago)
Hola yo y mi Papa y mama y mi familia son cubanos tambien los quiero
HeavenPlays (12 days ago)
6:02 did Kendry just cuss? Lol
Caridad Perdomo (12 days ago)
I Am giAnnA I Am fRom cubA😝
Valeria Vazquez (12 days ago)
Do more with kendry its so funny
Anissa Sumner-Stately (12 days ago)
allison keeps coping emily
Dequiana Jackson (12 days ago)
Kendry has grown so much lol.
Bella Smith (12 days ago)
Emily your the cheater
The D Family (12 days ago)
Kendry is so funny I keep laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Keylis Flores (12 days ago)
Allison keeps cheating she literally said I thought this drink was hot dog bc she can see through the blue paper so she said hot dog
Rosa Rios (12 days ago)
Forever family
Abby Peters (12 days ago)
you count to three the say it at the same time
Abby Peters (12 days ago)
you have o say the answers at the same time because if you say strawberry then evrtyone else is going to to
Sylvia Bautista (12 days ago)
Allison a cheater
yety vidal (12 days ago)
you guys make my day every time can I get a shout out
Jimena BArrios (12 days ago)
Can i please get a shout
Mina Beganovic (12 days ago)
emily is a brat😐
v c (12 days ago)
Haii Guys I love your channel😋😍. Pls could I have a shout-out x
duhitzcynthxx 13 (12 days ago)
Please can I get a shout out I love your videos so much Allison and Emily you all are so pretty btw I'm 11 too x💖
Micaela Y (12 days ago)
ALLISON YOU ARE SUCH A CHEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ajetta 133133 (12 days ago)
I was so depressed just a second before watching this,this is sooo hilarious and cheered me up a lot,I wanna say a big thanks!!!pls can I have a shoutout so ik that you read this and feel a lot better
Princes Jewel (12 days ago)
Hope u guys are safe today God bless you guys #foreverfamily
Cool Girl Cool World (12 days ago)
cool video! the reactions were so funny!
The A family (12 days ago)
I feel sorry for u guys if your in Florida cuz I'm not I don't live in USA lol
Money Bagzz (12 days ago)
can plz shoutout
Money Bagzz (12 days ago)
i loveeee
Barbie Life (12 days ago)
Can you guys do a video like you guys pink phone cases for a charter
Maryam Elyassiri (12 days ago)
poor Allison getting accused of cheating every 2 minuets 😂 love you guys ❤️
Gracie Jefferson (12 days ago)
I subscribed to the channel
Sister forever (12 days ago)
slimey smoress (12 days ago)
Emily cant say alisson is a cheater cuz she was cheating to tf alisson wasnt even cheating emily was becuz when alisson said i know what it is emily said it to and alisson said bacon she said bacon dumbass girl(emily)
slimey smoress (12 days ago)
What was the bad word kendry said?
Kalli's Lifee (13 days ago)
I just watched there moving in to there old house video they were so little omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
She’s such a brat

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