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Mangini magic eye trick

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Magic drummer trick
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Mike Portnoy (5 months ago)
The Laura Pausini Live with Mike Mangini of Dream Theater
DavidRar (2 years ago)
The cowbell sound is from the Enigma Machine drum solo
Luis Jacob (2 years ago)
5 years later I come back to this video to hear the... Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
(11 months ago)
Luis Jacob lol Labrie Voice 🤣🤣
GUTS (4 years ago)
Recorded with a potato :|
ryanto sureno (4 years ago)
It is cowbell pedal hahaha
Airi shayn (5 months ago)
PunaneMallu (1 year ago)
No its not. Its his eyes.
JW Corcoran (3 years ago)
+julius pradianto Hahaha exactly man! You can hear him stomping on every wink
Danny Truth (4 years ago)
Pedal, i heard him stomping when he winked. lol
Eesdesseses Erdt (4 years ago)
I'm pretty sure they're not actually attempting to convince you that he made the sound with his Mind, so no shit.
Johnny Strings (4 years ago)
Holy shite!  He can drum with his very mind!  Ahhhh!!!  Hees an alien for certain!
Rivan Nurzaman (5 years ago)
wow that awwesoome
Akira Takade (5 years ago)
Yeah, LeBrie is nice like that, checking if Mike's okay.
14arsha (5 years ago)
3 cha thailand! hahahahahahaaaa
David Pardy Drums (5 years ago)
My mistake, for some reason I thought you said Mangini! I actually agree with you, I enjoy Portnoy's playing to an extent but I always get the impression that he never really tried to learn anything new for 20 years, whereas all these other guys like Weckl and Donati just keep on setting the bar higher and higher.
David Pardy Drums (5 years ago)
You don't know what you're talking about.
Nico Mechetti (5 years ago)
you likeeed??????? jajajaja you are the gay fucking children
Hugo Chung (5 years ago)
0:17 GAAAY!
Hugo Hermosilla (5 years ago)
The Best!!! :)
TheHiton16 (5 years ago)
i know labrie is just checking his mike or voice (or something like that), but it just sounds so random =D
KRivera (5 years ago)
same with weckl, put him on a doublee bass with just super loud chinas and he will be just getting out of the room.
31anno (5 years ago)
He probably has a cowbell next to his feet and operates it with a pedal. That's what many Latin drummers use.
RolfDaShiznit (5 years ago)
What the hell? I hope this was just a joke, because I want the explanation for this, RIGHT NOW!
steam steam (1 year ago)
He's an alien.He mastered time so he travelled through spacetime to witness man in it's most amazing stage of development. And to bring some bangin tunes.
darklord8603 (5 years ago)
in a gadada da vida?
Felipe Brito (5 years ago)
Hey... Why ?!
Macel Teixeira (5 years ago)
Romess1 (5 years ago)
Listen! Watch out!
Vic Santiago (5 years ago)
Or an electric bass.
MadmanMoon (5 years ago)
Did someone just compare Dave Weckl and Mike Portnoy? I'm just uh...gonna leave now.
MrAvengedDrummer (5 years ago)
He is the best at what HE does. Let's see Weckl do what Portnoy does. And obviously Portnoy can't do what Weckl can.
Spike Scorcher (5 years ago)
And then he starts singing Listen To Me. xD
wannabe rocker (5 years ago)
"i got a fever and the only prescription is More Cowbell" Christopher Walken.
SCOUSE1G (6 years ago)
He also gives a James LaBrie "HEEEEYYY!" by flicking his fingers!
reza firmansyah (2 years ago)
Camilo Ramírez (6 years ago)
shows three fingers and winks..."line up girls", lol
AwesomemusicMaan (6 years ago)
Bass pedal attatched to a cowbell :P
yoyo2137 (6 years ago)
thats fine...still needs more cowbell
Sincoola27 (6 years ago)
I demand an explanation
brettzilla craft (5 months ago)
Sincoola27 Trigger pedals
Jay Perez (6 years ago)
J4Y_4NDY (6 years ago)
Mangini not only keeps time with his hands and feet, but now with his eyes too!? 0_0
danlc95 (6 years ago)
@Ryfasol Yeah, sure. I guess it depends on how you define "good" and "flawless". If you're defending Portnoy, his parts were often out of context, not at all musical. his flawed unrefined technique would prevent it from ever sounding flawless.
danlc95 (6 years ago)
@mikeybbdrummin Exactly! I know a dozen or so drummers in my area who can handle anything Portnoy has ever done. I don't know but two that can pull off the Mangini stuff. Portnoy has to be one of the most over rated drummers of our time. All those garbage mag awards should have gone to at least Danny Carey, if not Mangini, Lang, Donati, or Minneman
Svava (6 years ago)
How ? :0
Peeradech Choncharoen (6 years ago)
He look like OZZY
Jack (6 years ago)
The reason behind my comment was he actually tries to be one of the best and not be just any drummer unlike some people who think if they can play a beat and hit the crash they are the best when they can't even begin to compare themselves to the best
Jack (6 years ago)
and anyway what does he have that you don't...A LIFE
Jack (6 years ago)
did'nt understand a word of that mate
PetarDambovaliev (6 years ago)
Yes i think so.
PetarDambovaliev (6 years ago)
Of course portnoy is light years behind Donati,Lang,Weckl and Smith.Did you see the work Virgil did with Allan Holdsworth from this year?It's amazing and Allan of course is the master of the guitar universe.
PetarDambovaliev (6 years ago)
I was saying i agree with you dummass :D
PetarDambovaliev (6 years ago)
Hmm...an intelligent person that you can argue and agree with.Rare in the youtube world.
PetarDambovaliev (6 years ago)
Thats a valid opinion you have your own taste.My point is Virgil has such insane skills and knowledge that he can do everything on the drums and he is choosing to play a certain way.If you don't like him as much it's ok no problem but he cannot be denied as one of the top 3 drummers alive today.
PetarDambovaliev (6 years ago)
Yea i love thomas but he doesn't seem as creative as Virgil.
PetarDambovaliev (6 years ago)
Listen to planet X's quantum album.You will see what i am talking about.
PetarDambovaliev (6 years ago)
I don't know by what criteria you judge but Lang is nowhere near Donati's Independence or just about anything.Donati transcends "i can do that" shit because he can do everything.And yes Dave is smooth,groovin and musical as hell.He is playing with Chick Corea for the past 25 years for a reason.
PetarDambovaliev (6 years ago)
As far as complexity and technique i don't think anyone can match Virgil Donati.And yea tasteful drumming is the word you are looking for.I love that too.For great feel and taste Dave Weckl is the king.
PetarDambovaliev (6 years ago)
I would not put all these guys together as top echelon but i agree with you 100%.Donati,Weckl and Smith are top of the line as far as i am concerned.
Jack (6 years ago)
Mate he is NOT overrated I'm a drummer myself and know he is one of a kind People like you are stupid t even say that The chancess are you find every opportunity to say things like that mike mangini is the greatest drummer who ever lived so go and troll somewhere else
AburameFifox (6 years ago)
dugrenier david (6 years ago)
dream cover you are very close to be dream theater, manigini is mike but not portnoy..
The "Yeeeeh" of James is perfectly in time with the 2 fingers of Mike. Sounds like a sample.
ShadowMKII (6 years ago)
And the Internet goes to!...
MaintainTheFrogsBite (6 years ago)
0:28 WHY?!
EuriLochus (6 years ago)
TrafficMind10 (6 years ago)
Needs moar magic eye trick!!!!
Villafane7 (6 years ago)
Bad troll is terrible. (And Mangini is pretty amazing.)
Villafane7 (6 years ago)
This is real telling of both your musicianship and personality kid.
Villafane7 (6 years ago)
This is not something a real musician would say to be perfectly honest.
Negativehook (6 years ago)
Its a foot pedal.
Vl1imir (6 years ago)
0:28 Labrie like a cat
Shadownet (6 years ago)
How the hell did he do that?
Da Dude Man (6 years ago)
The real "Magic Mike".
SneakehNub (6 years ago)
Mangini: "Let me show you the sound of my people" James: "WHYYY!"
z2thaanko (6 years ago)
This looks like something off of Tim and Eric
KevinGDelCid (6 years ago)
That analogy is flawed because it implies that Barker and Jordison are a) Males, and b) too good of drummers; this, as we all know is false.
By the words of Steve Jordan, 'Simplicity is NOT stupidity'. It's not about what you play, it's always about how you play it. Tell your teacher that and he'll agree. That, or he cleans sewer rims for a living.
SomewhereFarBeyond29 (6 years ago)
0:15 Mike controls James.
Stephen Wanhella (6 years ago)
Definitely haha
Stephen Wanhella (6 years ago)
That will literally never happen unless some law forces it too. Interaction with other users is what makes social networking websites popular
tamaboom (6 years ago)
its kinda sad that portnoy isnt in the band anymore but at the same time its mangini!!
danceofeternity3824 (6 years ago)
10 straight Progressive rock drummer of the year. That's a record not even Neil Peart has.
SAHBfan (6 years ago)
riddleman65 - some have said that youtube are considering removing the comment facility from vids altogether. I don't know if that is true, or if they will do it - but if they do, it will be because of idiots like you.
MaintainTheFrogsBite (6 years ago)
0:27 WHY?!
Mark Ferigato (6 years ago)
maybe foot pedals? lol
Ekkerrr (6 years ago)
@nenissaK he sure as hell isn't better either. IMO
hypshark (6 years ago)
he spontaneously combusts at 0:31
LooKerHood (6 years ago)
Mangini is THE MAN!!!
howycwap (6 years ago)
@AdrenalineThrob so everytime she winks her vagina makes a sound. youre an idiot
xXTheoriXx (6 years ago)
I love that LaBrie's scream xD 0:17
nenissaK (6 years ago)
How can somebody tell that Mangini´s worse than Portnoy with nobody seen or heard Mangini making drumtracks for DT?? And the hell no he isn´t worse than MP.
1219AH (6 years ago)
mrdeanpatrick (6 years ago)
I can only imagine how many times he got called 'Mangina' in school.
Victor No (6 years ago)
I believe none of you sorry asses have the sufficient knowladge to compare a drummer this good to other drummers on a technical level. If you like somebody elses music, great, have fun listening to him yet that doesn't mean he is better than Mangini. Also being better on some grounds is not subjective. Just listen to the damn music.
Nna-dozie E (6 years ago)
I have a fever. The only cure is More Cowbell! Come on now, all this hatred and silly hateful words over a video of a guy playing drums?
Blomm11 (6 years ago)
@GuidoPerdomo "Heeey!!" And a little later: "Whyyy?!?!" :D
Guido Perdomo (6 years ago)
epic how LaBrie is screaming in the background, like shouting for attention :p
Daniel Linde (6 years ago)
This is good, it just needs more cowbell.
zombiedrumma (6 years ago)
0:08 damn, Mike is buff.
JoseitoEdlVodao (6 years ago)
It's foot Cowbell man. I'm Bruce Dickinson and this song needs more EYE!!!
Chris Munton (6 years ago)
Years and all he taught me- makes me laugh you are trolling about this video
Chris Munton (6 years ago)
@riddleman65 keep it up you are making me laugh. I studied with Mi,ke for 2'
dis por (6 years ago)
@riddleman65 @riddleman65 Because drummers only ever play the hardest things they know. Clearly, you know nothing about music at all, but that's been made obvious many times now. Really, everything you say is invalid.
Ben Hacker-Hughes (6 years ago)
I love foot percussion pedals. :D
DarkMedicine (6 years ago)
@headcrusher0032 In the opening animated video for their concerts, his character is a genie lol
jbmusicman1 (6 years ago)
Jordan, thank you for letting us in! Please keep it up. I did end up getting an IPad just for the Morphwiz and Geowiz...wife thinks I'm crazy...

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