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Sim Girls 5.3 Latest vesion Gameplay 2012 with Download.avi

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Hi! all I have the Latest Version of Sim girls , version -5.3. Here is the download link-http://www.blackspear.info/simgirls.html If you are getting problems running .swf files i have one solution .Right click on the downloaded file and choose the option -{ Open With} and open it with your Internet explorer. When you will open that file with internet explorer you will see a notification on the top of the internet explorer that Flash Player has blocked a content something related to it blah blah !! right click on that notification and click on Allow Blocked Content. Enjoy You Can NOW play the game . Hope You Like It . Just 1 thing more to say Like this video .No need to subscribe ...its your wish but please don't dislike it. Sim Girls Part 2 is coming in Mid 2013 with 12 new girls ...All sim girls fans !! what are you waiting for Go to -blackspear.info to find out more !! Thank you for watching :D Note - All My things Are Legit. The new site for downloading the new 5.5 version is-www.blackspears.com ''I DON'T KNOW WHY SIM MAN CHANGES HIS SITE TIME BY TIME ''
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Htet Aung Hlaing (2 years ago)
I can't download it bro. If you have other way, please give me a link. I love this game and ''Ganguro Girl''. Those games are so nice.
Scorpion (4 years ago)
To save your game go to the mystic shop and there you will seea star on the bed then there comes the option to save your game.Remember do not copy your game to another location as it will erase your saved data.
ABHINAV KUMAR (5 years ago)
i mean setup
ABHINAV KUMAR (5 years ago)
how to save game plz give me steup link
Scorpion (5 years ago)
i am coming with 5.5 now !!! get ready for the 5.5 with more new scenes
Htet Aung Hlaing (10 months ago)
Can u play offline? If you have application download link, please give me. Thanks.

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