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Sea-Doo Technology: Intelligent Brake & Reverse (iBR)

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http://www.sea-doo.com. Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR), the world's first and only on-water braking system gives you greater control over your watercraft. iBR stops you up to 100 feet sooner than the closest competitor watercraft. Only available at www.sea-doo.com.
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Text Comments (38)
Ok Sea-Doo but lets talk about those ridiculous programmed keys you keep putting on everything.
ASESOR DE SERVICIO (2 months ago)
excelente sistema para frenar y para aparcar. Muy buena explicacion para un fácil manejo.
Navneil Bansal (2 months ago)
Great job Sea-Doo. You guys copied Yamaha's even faster GP1800
Navneil Bansal (18 days ago)
Jordan. I have a GP1800. And my friend has a seadoo. He showed me this vid
Jordan (18 days ago)
Navneil Bansal, they might have copied Yamaha, but improved it. Anyway if your a Yamaha fans don’t watch anything that involves sea doo.
D2 King (3 months ago)
Tom Smalll (4 months ago)
Seadoos don’t last over 100 hundred hours up the vxr
TOUCTI (3 months ago)
My GTR215 have 220 HOURS
Mike Walker (1 year ago)
Buy a 2 stroke goes faster and smoother ride and batter braking
Mike Walker (1 year ago)
Sorry mines a rfi 787 with 267 hours. And we got 4 of them so ya
Nangjelovski (1 year ago)
Mike Walker they're loud, when not running right smoke alot and good luck with your choke lol
Mike Walker (1 year ago)
That's why there's a choke.
Nangjelovski (1 year ago)
Mike Walker yeah and good luck starting it when its cold lmao
ASESOR DE SERVICIO (2 years ago)
siguiendo cada indicacion resulta muy sencillos de manejar
MX922_DYL (3 years ago)
If you need this you don't deserve a PWC anyway lmao, I'd rather have my VXR any day.
Braydon Fothergill (6 months ago)
Maby he just can't afford one with ibr
nz rockdj (1 year ago)
My apologies .. removed comments, look I have seen idiots here in NZ they buy a 20-30K Jetski, own it for a few months, the novelty wears off and they sell it at a huge loss .. rather dumb and rather all too common. And what is the big deal with a big, fast expensive jetski .. our offshore waters can get quite rough and so you can only travel at a certain speed and then you end up in the water or you break something. An entry level Seadoo Spark is around $10k here and I don't like them because you can't really work on them, a decent Jetski will set you back at least 15-20K as I said you can buy a really good boat package for that sort of money .. and on a 20k jetski there aint a lot of space on board, in fact its the same with any jetski. A boat is better value for money in my opinion when you get to that price bracket .. and it does depend how deep your pockets are. I do have a Jetski and i brought it off a friend for $3.5k, its a 2000 Seadoo GSX RFI which has only done 105 hours and never been in salt water. I got it serviced today and everything is 100%. Now I have as much fun as someone who owns a $20k machine .. and I bet you when I sell it i wont lose much at all, I bet you the person with a $20k machine will lose a lot. So call me cheap but I like the fun factor without breaking the bank.
Zoltrix89 (1 year ago)
"Vibrators... small dicks... stick it where it fits"..... and we are the Trolls ? hahaha
Zoltrix89 (1 year ago)
I was writing in response to MX922_DYL
Zoltrix89 (1 year ago)
+nz rockdj I wasn't writing in response to your comments, rather the other poster's. I even liked one of your comments... perhaps you should take the time to understand a comment before you open your ignorant mouth. To top it all off, 15-20k is a small fortune ? really ?
biodot88 (3 years ago)
That is great how the yammy clunks into the other ski at the dock.  Funny.
Mohamed Ahmed (3 years ago)
Fuck off yamaha is better
nz rockdj (2 years ago)
Stick to making bombs you fuckwit.
woow el primer freno en agua
Juan Pinzon (3 years ago)
the first brake on watercraft BRP always interested in being best
Byron Shults (4 years ago)
Ive had an 08 sea doo wake without iBR.. over 300 hours to me it seems just like something else to break. really isnt that hard to dock a sea doo if you know what you're doing with the reverse handle..
Computer (1 year ago)
There's nothing else to break. It extends a bucket in front of the water jet just like the reverse handle does, it's just attached to a finger pull on the handle bars now. It's very frustrating to see people resisting improvement so much, yes, change happens, there are better things than what you grew up with, get over it.
Ryan Knipping (4 years ago)
Hope to be riding a Sea-Doo in 2014 :)
ingmar kosmeijer (1 month ago)
u got a seedoo yet?
JBIRCHMAN1996 (4 years ago)
if you can't handle your sea-doo without iBR you probably shouldn't have one.. but it's a nice feature! :P
texas thunder (7 months ago)
Guess that why they don't put Reverse Buckets on 150k jet boats!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ-q5UKrhno

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