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25 Year History of the Modern Sea-Doo Watercraft 1988-2013 - A Look Back and Look Ahead

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http://www.sea-doo.com BRP is celebrating 25 years of the modern Sea-Doo watercraft. Since the rebirth of the Sea-Doo watercraft concept in 1988, Bombardier and now BRP has led the watercraft industry in innovation in technology, design, and fun on the water with countless awards and over 1 million units on the waterways of the world. Enjoy a look back over the past 25 years of of Sea-Doo.
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Text Comments (24)
ASESOR DE SERVICIO (2 months ago)
emocionante linea del tiempo.
gmf iq (9 months ago)
music a bit 2 dramatic lol
Chaos Zombie999 (9 months ago)
Man I miss the old days of the 2 stroke
James Brooks (11 months ago)
2000 GTX DI MILLENIUM EDITION it's the best ever !!
Jacob Maguire (2 years ago)
Sea-Doo really took off in the 90s. 96 I remember was a really good year for them.
Chaos Zombie999 (9 months ago)
Jacob Maguire especially with the bright green and purple
Quentin Raffensperger (3 years ago)
Why not mention the 68 & 69 Sea Doo's?  That was before Kawasaki built the Jet Ski.
Juan Pinzon (3 years ago)
BRP the first year after year
Mud Sh-sh-shark (3 years ago)
still have my old 88 old yeller
Agreed stunnerable... Long live the X-4 hull... IMO, the 96 XP is the best ski ever made
Almacen BRP Cancun (4 years ago)
todas muy asombrosas 
stunnerable (5 years ago)
Long live the X4!!
Marcin Kamera (5 years ago)
I would've thought an 08 rxp gotten some kind of awards but nothin in this vid.
jean tsai (5 years ago)
i'm not a sea doo fan but nice vid man
Tomáš Karas (5 years ago)
Beautiful video clip !!!!! congrat BRP !!!
TheDeltaSword (5 years ago)
Bring back the HX... These new things are miniature boats.
duhabcdef (5 years ago)
I want the 1996 GTX!
Minijet Adventures (5 years ago)
Look at seadoo blowing there own whistle...
Marcin Kamera (5 years ago)
Brp Seadoo Owner Check it
Christoffer (5 years ago)
happy 4:20 <3
Freeride Mowgli (5 years ago)
Watched this video... bought a Yamaha.
Wolfgang Burkert (5 years ago)
Very Nice WB
Alan Lima (5 years ago)
Show de Bola! Um Jet mais bonito que o outro, karara, queria ter uns 4 Jets.
macfan999 (5 years ago)

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