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Cardi B: I Know How To Suck D*ck

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Text Comments (61)
Chill Vibes (21 days ago)
Classy lady. So respectful.
CrimsonNerd (28 days ago)
She knows how to give felacio very well. Vital for her survival.
36 GWIZZ! (2 months ago)
Desire Wade (2 months ago)
kamite 1 (3 months ago)
Waste of earthly resources on this person.
John D (4 months ago)
The record company is smart, because of her low talent, this stupid publicity will compensate for it. Marketing her sleazy attitude will draw eyeballs for advertisers. It should work to stretch her career. Because of Low iq viewers.
Qu33n.jay_ (1 month ago)
this was in 2016....
Stephon Williams (5 months ago)
Swallow mine
Anatsia Singh (7 months ago)
Cardi b nuh easy bredda
Piss Off Google (7 months ago)
Damn y'all thirsty as fuck 😂👌 she don't want none y'alls duck hush
Rich Mackey (7 months ago)
Cardi B is hot as fuck to me.
TheNewVocal (10 months ago)
Good evening from Singapore! Wish you'd have a fantastic week =)
Jackingknof Knof (10 months ago)
She’s a professional at this
Phil R (11 months ago)
Repent YOU FOOL !
Holly Lian (11 months ago)
how much she says the f word is making me cringe
Preston Cannon (1 year ago)
Ratchet ass bitch she a nasty ass dirty bitch, I hate this ugly ass bitch, what the fuck is Offset thinking, he need to dump her ratchet ass str8 up
Odalis Morales (1 year ago)
Nasty ass female man 💯💯💯
Gaming News (6 months ago)
+Odalis Morales shut the fuck up u probably suck dick 2
Odalis Morales (1 year ago)
Mariah Caceres And that's exactly why u won't amount to sh*t.... I feel bad for females like u... Smh💯😂
Mariah Caceres (1 year ago)
Odalis Morales shut up
1philfloable (1 year ago)
I wanna nut all over her face and tongue
Born Yesterday (1 year ago)
Shes the type to give you aids froma blow job.
Mariah Caceres (1 year ago)
Born Yesterday shut the fuck up you would probably give some1 aids bitch
Johnny King SRM (1 year ago)
I wanna see What dat mouth do , I bet She Give sum bomb head
Johnny King SRM (1 year ago)
She says she Gives good head a lot
tai. McDonald (2 years ago)
MONEY HOARDER (2 years ago)
man id tear that up so good. lord help a guy out
Kel Krst (2 years ago)
Man she the definition of ratchet!
Lilcoco Brown (11 months ago)
Kel Krst your mom is the same way
Mariah Caceres (1 year ago)
Kel Krst what the hell dude don't talk about Cardi like that
firebug sar (2 years ago)
waddup reck... I see cardi gt her grill fixed.. nice
Machete Lopez (2 years ago)
she's the type that continues to talk while sucking you off like stfu and sucks it.
Charlie Clips pops (2 years ago)
This bitch dumb AF
Charlie Clips pops (2 years ago)
+Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 👏
Majessty _ (2 years ago)
She's actually smart asf. She woke
shawna lewine (2 years ago)
Omg, she's so annoying!...I don't mind her, because she's harmless, but her voice, and that wreckless, gutter ass mouth doe!...Just, *ying ying ying ying ying ying ying ying ying ying*, for fucks sakes man, shut up!
Roguestatus650 (2 years ago)
bitch is annoying and stupid as fuck
Ali Bomaye (2 years ago)
she funny af lol
John Staples (2 years ago)
Ange romeor (2 years ago)
his here already lmao
shawna lewine (2 years ago)
John Staples (2 years ago)
+Shawn Orjiakor 👍
Shawn Orjiakor (2 years ago)
I know right?
Kamani Jones (2 years ago)
shit wack💯that's it?? where's the real news??? you that bored? #StopTheFuckery!!!
DB Raxx (2 years ago)
Salute! M.Reck u that dude! Appreciate the look and love champion ✌🏿️
King landlord (2 years ago)
I'd kill this bird with 2 stones and a stick...
prod kid (1 year ago)
Underrated comment and joke.. I get it😂😂😂
MuzikkZone (2 years ago)
This is why i fuck wit Cardi B
BSHO (2 years ago)
MuzikkZone really
RealTizzalk360 (2 years ago)
females in 2016
Skill Music (2 months ago)
RealTizzalk360 *in 2019
Leader Never Follow (2 years ago)
She understood what this world is coming too , she smart
Shawn Orjiakor (2 years ago)
ZONEDOUTTV (2 years ago)
I love this thot 😍😍
Coman The Dragon (14 days ago)
Chill Vibes No u!
Natasha Wright (16 days ago)
Me to
Chill Vibes (21 days ago)
You must be one too.
Ron Geter (2 years ago)
salute to your success, but you need to be mindful there are little girls that look up to you....
Unknown (6 months ago)
dude She's not a role model....someone's behavior will always tell you if they are or not!
come clean these ashy balls lol i got chapped dick 😁😉

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