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I Let An App Pick My Outfits For A Week

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I let an app choose my outfits and style me for a week! I uploaded a bunch of my clothes to this app and then it generated some outfits for me based on my own closet and wardrobe. Would you guys try this app or let it pick your outfits? I found the app here: http://www.pureple.com/ This video is NOT sponsored! Safiya's Nextbeat: https://nextbeat.co/u/safiya IG: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/ Assistant Editor: Claire Wiley MUSIC Mind The Gap Gypsy Sailor Tango Fusion Hot Sole Guilty Pleasures Sprightly Salsa Brava Devious Thoughts Sadango Giving It The Shpiel Barefoot In The Sand Balkan Showdown Roma Trompeta Black Cat In The Sun via Audio Network SFX via AudioBlocks
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Text Comments (13241)
Safiya Nygaard (1 year ago)
hello friends!!! happy almost halloween :) what did you guys think of this app? would you try this?? xox, Saf
ellie smith (1 month ago)
Safiya Nygaard i would so try this
Cute lil Frog (2 months ago)
Safiya Nygaard yasssss
ai chan (2 months ago)
All right about 10-15 times
Rose Mae (2 months ago)
Safiya Nygaard yin is the dark half of you usually and yang is the light side
J Brigs (2 months ago)
Is it just me I can't find the app maybe because I have an android
That Crisine impression tho
Sarai Zamora (16 hours ago)
My least favorite was the game over top but it was ALL prety cool and original. Give yourself more credit! you rocked it! 👍👍 or as the cat would say: 🖕🖕. LOL. I might try it too.
Jordan Lane (20 hours ago)
Why is everyone hating on Eevee I love that shirt
Anna Puczyłowska (1 day ago)
I enjoy your vids so much! I love your style and how natural you are, I love the fact that sometimes you pop up without makeup and generally have no pressure :) Feels like listening to a good friend ;) Thanks!
Joslynn Herrera (1 day ago)
5:45 was a great Christine impression
EerieEcho (1 day ago)
What a ridiculous app! Apps are supposed to make things easier.
Patricia sandoval (2 days ago)
This is an app for people who dont know how to match clothes like me
Lydia Leonard (2 days ago)
I still use the pureple app with my core wardrobe, and I got it when the video went out
Caitlin Basham (2 days ago)
"Hip Witch" I still love that
Vanessa Adame (2 days ago)
Who hates the eevee shirt if it looks beautiful😍😭🥰❤️
Kathryn Colvard (2 days ago)
giving the finger cat items come from where?
awkward sloth (2 days ago)
Purple should add a parachute section so you and others could properly sort the cloths
KatastrophicNoodle (3 days ago)
I tried to use the app on Google Play but from the reviews it looks like a scummy sorta app. I was *really* looking forward to using this but I guess i'll have to use the next best thing.
Sophia Lewis (3 days ago)
2:51 she said she was going to choose the video right of the "bat". hm hm hmmm
zegct1 (3 days ago)
disoriented dua lipa I'm crying
Gabriela C Ibarra (3 days ago)
In the last outfit you did looked like my art teacher
Lilith Samejima (4 days ago)
Jesus, why everyone hating on that eevee top :( its cute af
Jana-Mari van Dyk (4 days ago)
8:41 Will Smith: "Aw, dat's hot, dat's hot"
denizypinarci (4 days ago)
This is like the way you learn to roll dice in programming, where as you insert an amount and the program randomly picks in that amount
Amanda Ellifritz (4 days ago)
I support the tevas and the eevee shirt
Valeska Blenderson (4 days ago)
lynnrobi (4 days ago)
Aw I love the eevee shirt hahaha
Fusilli (4 days ago)
I admire Saf so much cause she gets out of her house every day and I could never do that
Jessi RaRaRa (4 days ago)
I fucking need that eevee shirt!
karyomychen (4 days ago)
karyomychen (4 days ago)
Two vids in one day !
Victoria Stephenson (5 days ago)
Anybody else realize that she is wearing the choker and shirt from the Facebook ad video in the beginning of the video.
Flynn Coon (5 days ago)
Does ANYONE know an app LIKE pureple that can be purchased on an andriod/Google phone? I really only want the randomizer option with the colours and stuff tbh. If anyone could help it'd be really appreciated.
tailovesyou (5 days ago)
I freaking love clueless so much my parents also named me after tai from clueless
katt17c (5 days ago)
I actually went to download this, but it's not for androids :(
Lara Crouch (5 days ago)
i love the eevee shirt
Concerned of your idea of butternut squash lol
James Jackson (6 days ago)
Urgh only for iPhone
Elodie Johnstone (6 days ago)
I’ve also noticed that Pureple does pick favourites. There this one pair of shoes that 80% of the time pop up XD
Lindsey Skidmore (6 days ago)
I got that exact same green jumpsuit at a thrift store. ahahaha
Pig (6 days ago)
That cat shirt is so.....amazing
Nedelcu Denisa (6 days ago)
app like this for android?
M B (6 days ago)
YOU SHOULD TOTALLY TRY THE APP TAILOR! i love your vids! #safiyasquad
Saleah Duke (7 days ago)
Why does everyone hate the Evee shirt?
Anna ambitiously (7 days ago)
Why does Day 4's outfit have the makeup from the blindfolded shopping videos, when you said that you did that one on day 3 (and we can clearly see that days outfit in the video clips). I really doubt you chose to wear that bright blue liner and orange lipstick two days in a row willingly.
Trixie Farber (7 days ago)
5:09 I love the Evie shirt, and I never thought the Evie shirt never left.
Emilee Mullings (8 days ago)
The second to last one.. ughhhh that’s my vibe!! I would wear that exact outfit😂
Aileen L (8 days ago)
do you guys think wikifeat is a stalker???
Amalthea Gaming (8 days ago)
I love the Eevee shirt. It's cute and i would definetly wear it
Erin Honkanen (8 days ago)
I love my platform tevas!!! I always get compliments
SoloFaerie (9 days ago)
Shiro Chan (9 days ago)
Btw yin means hell and yang means heaven you got them mixed in the video.
Kathy Johnson (9 days ago)
I'm almost positive that the pictures are only for showing you what to wear and the outfits are based on what you put in (style, color, etc) and the rest is random.
nickey g (9 days ago)
Love eevee
Isabelle Ragan (9 days ago)
I would like for her to redo this video and test out her theory about how the app chooses its clothing.
Kaya Pereira (9 days ago)
In rural Ontario if you wear that to a pumpkin patch they are going to think you are a workin' gal.
Aapa Tabsira (9 days ago)
Stop saying bad word
Zoea Athanasiadou (9 days ago)
Chelsea BreAnn (9 days ago)
Sara Vinci (10 days ago)
The only thing that is keeping me from doing this is the idea of taking a picture of every clothing item I own...
Lilli Johnson (10 days ago)
Also where did you get the skirt for the last day? I honestly love it and I don’t usually like skirts
Lilli Johnson (10 days ago)
Yin is dark and yang is light... sorry I’m really weird
Mackenzie Amaya (10 days ago)
When Safiya called Kim I was like “Me?”
Caroline Vogel (10 days ago)
Eevee is my favorite Pokemon. I love that shirt!!
Madelyn MacCaffray (10 days ago)
nice 4th of July makeup look.
L7 Trizzy (10 days ago)
love ur channel#SAFIYA
Oceane Bilong (10 days ago)
Your toes aren't that hammery-- *Takes a glance at her toes* I stand by corrected
Yani Lore (11 days ago)
I love ur channel and I love you so much ur so pretty but why do you wear all black clothes and u have some weird toes lol ❤️❤️💖
Sarah Heafield (11 days ago)
I love Safiya Nygaard, but I desperately wanna throw some bright colours on her like orange or blue!
Darkwolf Angel (11 days ago)
#HoloSexualSquad where you at
Alanna Dolan (11 days ago)
(2:31) hahaha the time lol 😂 YouTubers remember that next time lol
lilly the flower girl (11 days ago)
TheSimsGamer 44 (11 days ago)
Is it me or does she suit everything she wears like how and I’m here like I look like a fish
nody lol (11 days ago)
the imitation thoooo
Moon Master’s Slime (11 days ago)
I like your tivas....😢
Alabama Cassidy (12 days ago)
They picked out your outfits so much better then mine
Brianna Mekkes (12 days ago)
The 5th one she looks like a clown 🤡 no shade but 😂 the 6th one is so cute
Victoria Solomon (12 days ago)
"I saw Cady Haron wearing army pants and tevas so I bought army pants and tevas"
Léa Rodrigo (12 days ago)
Who else got the app after this?
Trinity Brooks (12 days ago)
Why did she sound like simply nailogical when she said it’s holo bitch
Addie Haraguchi (12 days ago)
Tylor said I think we don’t need to bler this video but they did when safiya did the middle finger
Addie Haraguchi (12 days ago)
Your wearing your makeup from the blindfold makeup challenge in day 4
Alysa Pacheco (12 days ago)
Second last outfit was GREAT
Katelyn Lafferty (12 days ago)
Love that mean girls reference at 4:56
Georgia bailey (13 days ago)
Joslyn W (13 days ago)
girl i loooove the platform holographic tevas. my boyfriend roasts me all the time for my tevas too 😂💜
April Vanhille (13 days ago)
What the app does is it randomised an outfit with o d thing from every catergory, it doesn't actually match things together
April Vanhille (13 days ago)
The app doesn't actually pick outfits that match, it just randomises them.
Monroe Nigut (13 days ago)
you should do this again
Anna Messina (13 days ago)
6:59, me in the bird box
Sara Hickerson (13 days ago)
Eevee shirt!!
Miko (13 days ago)
Saf : Kim ur doing amazing sweetie Me (Kim) : Aww finally someone who appreciates me than- oh f*ck she didn't even mean it.. Me: * cries in the corner *
ARMYx Cheshire (13 days ago)
I HAVE THAT EEVEE SHIRT!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Liv NYC (13 days ago)
Someone bought it for her lmao I hate it
kathryn guillot (13 days ago)
I have a outfit that I where all the time it's green paints and black shirt and I said to my sister I fell like Kim possible and she said no you don't so I win Elizabeth lol 😂😂😂😄😄😄🤔🤔🤔
Madison Graves (14 days ago)
The Cristine impression lol
Amber Duncan (14 days ago)
You're like the only person I know who can pull off black lip stick
Janie Klima (14 days ago)
Day four BOBA
Ashes_of_Frost (14 days ago)
Yin=black+feminine, Yang=white+masculine
Lucy Bickford (14 days ago)
Can you not swar because you are very funny and I want to show my family with getting in trouble
Kelly Ramirez (14 days ago)
Loved day 6 outfit
Melanie Heath (14 days ago)
those flare jeans are barf
Liv NYC (13 days ago)
So are your opinions
ige (15 days ago)
where can i buy those holo boots?
Jassmine Wong (15 days ago)
Yang is the white side. Yin is the black side😂

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