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Zoetrope Replica! Own the Classic Animation Toy that Stared It All

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http://AncientMagicArtTools.com/zoe The Zoetrope (or "Wheel of Life") was invented in the 1830s and was very popular throughout the 19th century. It remains as much a conversation piece today as when it was first invented, and it's beauty and magic are truly alive in this fine replica. This Zoetrope is HAND BUILT in the USA with solid hardwood and hardwood laminate, real brass decorative tacks and solid real materials—no cheap plastics or cardboard. It spins on a steel ball bearing and works as great as it looks! Find Out More and BUY→ http://AncientMagicArtTools.com/zoe
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Jessica Friedman (4 years ago)
correction: "own the CLASSIC animation that ***started it all :/
ҒКΛΛNNE (5 years ago)
nice art toy :) Reminds me of Balzer.. i will probably make one soon.. i think i know how it works x

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