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Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane

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Title: Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane Author: Andrew Graham-Dixon Andrew Graham-Dixon explores Caravaggio's staggering artistic achievements, delving into the original Italian sources to create a masterful profile of the mercurial painter.
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Torrya Eugenia (14 days ago)
it was 'ears cutting' when this lovely presenter were injecting her questions and multiple 'Yes-es' and 'Ok's'. It was testing my patience great deal!
Charles peterson (3 months ago)
I admit, the Scandinavian hostess's use of the word YES!, had an effect on my enjoyment. Very beautiful.
aaasss asasasas (5 months ago)
Andrew Graham-Dixon I admire patience with that stupid kundou
I am am I (5 months ago)
For a REAL insight into Caravaggio people should read Secret Knowledge by David Hockney. These critics and talking heads know fuck all really.
Doom Sayer (6 months ago)
Caravaggio is the goat 🐐!!
Gerald Parker (10 months ago)
I knew, through my landlord in the late 1960s to beginning of the 1970s, an extraordinary and deeply trouble painter, an gay, dapper artist named Erick (or Erik or Erich) Schnickwald, who seems to have ended up totally forgotten. Schnickwald's life was very irregular; he seemed to  be obsessed by the demonic in a disturbing way; and his art, gorgeously executed, featured endless elements of fire, blood, and suffering, maybe downright Hellish. He is about the type, perhaps, that Caravaggio was in his own way. The last that I saw of Eric was by chance on the street, by then poor, working in a menial job, and, as ever, despairing. His fey personal beauty, too, disappeared in sags and a paunch.
Tim McGee (7 months ago)
...and this relates to Caravaggio how?
Norfolk250 (1 year ago)
81 Ok, I must admit that I was going to scannnnnnndalously do this, but, I’m on a better purposeful path (or at least, I’m TRYYYYYYY-YINNNNNNNG to!). Though I resisted ... I failed, and ended-up giving-in to OCD and counting (with pepita seeds nonetheless) the number of times the interviewer said ‘yes’, as an extra. I didn’t include any alternates or substitutes (the word ‘okay’ shows itself very often as well), but just that one word, as a [bad] habit ... much if not entirely like mine own! Annnnnnd, of course, I’m posting it. BUT, I do-so in good faith that anyone reading it will have a chuckle rather than send ire my way. Ok, as you were.
Norfolk250 (1 year ago)
And, no.... that isn’t my ‘thumbs down’ listed in the count. I rather enjoyed this podcast.
ilpezkato (1 year ago)
Thank you for uploading!
great facts great upload thankyou

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