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bird in the hand

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Inspiration comes from everywhere...music, other artists and artwork. Check out (artgirlsreality) Meg Graham's MUSIC: http://myspace.com/artgirlgirlsings ARTWORK: http://theartistsalongallery.ning.com/profile/artgirlsreality The painting "bird in the hand" by Richardson @ http://www.emoma.org/emoma_exhibit/ Music by Conjure One http://www.conjureone.com Check out other cool artists on youtube: Elphyrafire http://www.youtube.com/Elphyrafire kookystockton- http://www.youtube.com/kookystockton clubsoda921- http://www.youtube.com/clubsoda921 Daligoddess http://www.myspace.com/daligod dess sketchmaiden http://www.youtube.com/sketchmaiden cdeeryart http://www.youtube.com/cdeeryart sherriwestfall http://www.youtube.com/sherriwestfall
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Text Comments (11)
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Cool I know at this point in time you know ME...but I could of come off as a real SNOBO with not responding back then...teehee! seems like a life time ago! night night girrrl!
Sherri Westfall (10 years ago)
No problem hun, I think youtube slacks off in letting you know about your comments from time to time, I have a video I made 10 months ago and I get comments on it now but never get email letting me know so I have to go and check it all the time! hugs to you
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
WOW thank you Linda...cause of you I found all of these cool comments from months ago! COOL...like a new present! Glad to see your are diving into my archives. Thanks for checking this one OUT! and the STARS!! Catch ya later girrrrl! ~Cheers!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
hey FRIDA I came across your comment girrrl. WOW that was a life time ago here in YT! But It dosen't mean I can say THANK YOU right NOW! hugs~
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Sherri I can't belive I seeing all these comments NOW. Gosh I hope everyone didn't think I was a snob~o~la! teehee! hugs girrrl!
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Elpyie can you belive I just found this nice comments. I wounder why just now. Of well thank you MAMA! Hope you and the newbie are feeling good! Hugs, Meg
artgirlsreality (10 years ago)
Man I found this just now! wow that was a life time ago kim!! I think a belated thank you is do!! Hope you are having a rockin day girrrl! hug~Meg
artgirlsreality (11 years ago)
No thanks you for watching girl!!!!!!
Frida Contreras (11 years ago)
Congrats Meg ! Love it !
Sherri Westfall (11 years ago)
Meg, Love the color changing image! cool video! Thanks for the Link! You made my day!
Daligoddess (11 years ago)
Rockin' vid with Rockin' art! Thanks for the link!

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