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Inside Louis Vuitton's success

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Starting out as a trunk maker, the Louis Vuitton brand is now estimated to be worth $30 billion.
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stargirl (1 day ago)
FutureSenator Leader (4 days ago)
Master build'r....
David Vega (12 days ago)
Y’all stop saying that not everyone can afford the real thing like no one gives a fuck people hand make the real thing and if you can’t afford it then don’t go buy fakes if I can’t afford something I’d rather go buy something real that I can afford 💀
欧阳文慧 (14 days ago)
We are handbag factory from China ,If anyone want to make your own design handbag,please contact us by E-mail: [email protected]
Dee Dee’s Reviews (18 days ago)
This video looks like the bag is made by Artisans. Aren’t these bags mass produced as they are global?
merph1 (20 days ago)
Can't beat handcrafted.
join the fist (27 days ago)
Louis Vuitton is now one of those brands people just get to say they have some thing Louis Vuitton
Scythe Sphinx (1 month ago)
Her voice annoys me
Ethan Jakoby (1 month ago)
cute channel, i just subbed. i could see you being a big youtuber someday if you keep working at it
Ethan Jakoby (1 month ago)
like maybe even as big as bethany mota
Salman Shafie (1 month ago)
still cannot beat Japanese master craftsman
John Doe (1 month ago)
Dick sauce
nak clahan (1 month ago)
Fake news
hunter ricard (2 months ago)
half of the people talking shit about lv probably can’t even afford it, so stfu broke bitches 😂
Reza Dillaga (2 months ago)
Ξllpise Car (2 months ago)
Bouis Buittion
this guy is the 4 richest men in the fucking world!!!!!
Mike Centes (3 months ago)
Remy D (3 months ago)
Louis Vuitton are actually made at sweatshops.
SuperLimerick (3 months ago)
it is not fake news/docu this time
m el (3 months ago)
WTF!!! 2:11
ALLOUL MON (4 months ago)
capucine did anyone see it
Tsetsi (4 months ago)
But it can’t compare to Hermes though...
Kp kb (12 days ago)
Tsetsi Was anybody comparing? Did the video say this was a comparison video?
John Jenks (4 months ago)
Inside louis Vuittion the company that makes ugly fashion and sells it to the retarded rich chavs who thinks it looks smart!😂😁😂
Bratz Cuban (4 months ago)
Is it bad I’ve gotten 2 Louis Vuitton bags this year?
Lov!ingL!fe (4 months ago)
Pure stupidity
James S. (4 months ago)
my mum bought one of the trunks about 20 years ago and the inside still looks brand new! amazing.
Revellie Roberts (4 months ago)
hi I love handbag
Paul Cacio (4 months ago)
For 25 years I purchased card holders from various makers. I had to buy one almost every other year because they all fell apart. So, in 2009 I purchased a Louis Vuitton card holder, and I still have it today. It appears brand new. It is by far the best product I ever purchased.
Jakob Schletter (4 months ago)
Not true
経ηατhαη (4 months ago)
Respecter la *FRANCE* maintenant _ok_ !!
Fake Justin Y. (4 months ago)
yeah nah shits still pricey
alice p (5 months ago)
It’s too bad to many ghetto people own pieces now! But with all the fakes! Lol it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not from just people walking by!! Sad sad!! Don’t hate what I can’t afford!! It’s not exclusive anymore !! Therefore prices should not be as high!! Now Chanel - you do t see many with those !! Even though they have fakes as well!! Weird!!
Pat W (5 months ago)
Got the fake belt since the real is priced more because of branding over quality and value and they keep their prices by burning past products which is very wasteful
Nike (5 months ago)
My karimor backpack is better than this shit
Fashionbalr (5 months ago)
I offer this bag for sale on my channel. Free giveaway as well! Check it out ASAP!!
Cris Yorke (5 months ago)
That's how LV and Gucci bags are made. CHEAP. And they sell them for thousands of dollars to suckers out there.
kitkat (5 months ago)
Sometimes I feel like lv is overpriced tho
K G (6 months ago)
I used to really rebel against designer handbags but when I got old I realized their purpose in the world, they help when you don’t have any friends 😞
Eddie 20 (6 months ago)
Meshary Al malki (6 months ago)
I love Lv
Yehoshua Lives (6 months ago)
Crap that was George Bush
Mujtaba Hashimi (6 months ago)
A trashy brand run by idiots.
Jorge Ramos (6 months ago)
What behind LV ? It is an easy question to respond. Stupid people middle class / poor people who likes to spend their money on “ good expensive things ” to impress others what really they don have$.
Liam Mackenzie (7 months ago)
fuck u i’m tryna save 100 bucks just so i can buy a car and u snob ma fuccas spending $1000 on a bag. fuck u
Kasey Lampe (7 months ago)
My favorite lv piece is my vintage montsouris gm backpack
AyyoShyGurlTv (7 months ago)
Years ago when I was a kid, my dad bought me a “LV” purse with a matching wallet inside. I asked the guy selling it at the swap meet if it was real? We paid $45 for the set. Of course it wasn’t real, now after knowing how to authenticate lv bags I KNOW mine is a fake and so is the matching wallet!! 😂 The other day at work I saw a woman with the EXACT same wallet! Same fake “LV” pattern. Just by looking at it , I KNOW hers is a fake too. . Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ I feel for this company. No wonder they have sooo many problems with copycats & are constantly fighting off illegal sales.
4k3el (7 months ago)
Been here For 25 years.. I check to see the corners are perfect
Umair Khan (7 months ago)
The brand you purchase when youve just won the lottery and have no idea how to spend your money. Make nice clothes but those handbags are tacky
Storm Blessed (7 months ago)
2:28 they are making my wallet. And no I didn’t buy it. I stole it from a billionaire robber baron who was a racist, dog fighting supporter, and notorious arsonist. It’s okay that I own it now.
甘又睿 (7 months ago)
Every mans hate this
JohnnyArt Pavlou (7 months ago)
I think Felix the Cat had a Louis bag.
Hey Now (7 months ago)
The secret to their success?,...easy,..women are stupid
skiny grajo (7 months ago)
GOYARD better
Renata Urbanaite (7 months ago)
Worth every penny I spend on it!💖
Selvyn Quijada (7 months ago)
Brand names are for stupid people.
Gianna • (7 months ago)
What bothers me is all the inventors of these luxury brands didn’t get to live to see all their success. All these famous millionaires/billionaires are buying their work. But it’s just the way of life. :/
AaronP11 (7 months ago)
Probably my least favorite brand.
War King (7 months ago)
Bernard Arnault, so this is the guy that Kanye West is always name dropping in interviews.
Adel Adel (7 months ago)
LV Quality for pochete metis bags so shit
moviedude22 (7 months ago)
that fire place
THE BRAVADO SHOW (7 months ago)
I really want a trunk
War King (7 months ago)
Taters And Gravy for what?
TGD Gamer (8 months ago)
Im a 15year old boy. I likely own 27 LV Bag/Wallet/Travel Bag. And it just cost me to love my father💯
TGD Gamer (7 months ago)
thinking Yass and I Accept the Truth Im A Spoiled Boy😂
Navajo Auckland (8 months ago)
I'd give anything just to learn their craft
Ishan Sha (8 months ago)
Why this name pronounce without S?
thinking (7 months ago)
Try to learn french.. it's weird af.
Brian Burk (9 months ago)
The LV hard cases are an absolute work of superior craftsmanship and art. The bags and whatnot are mass-produced unlike the hard case which are still treated with that LV quality.... That's love
Katerina Alepou (9 months ago)
Can someone if now,why the cambas of louis vuitton is thiner now than before? And the quality is little down?
thinking (7 months ago)
They are more popular, so they do them faster and cheaper so quality is not the same
The One (9 months ago)
I wonder if the workers get a generous employee discount
Tyler Hodak (9 months ago)
weird to think that all of my louis vuitton stuff was made here
Abrar Butt (9 months ago)
peice of expensive junk. does a job any other item can do far cheaper.
Hoddie Thang (9 months ago)
Definitely worth it👌🏻❤️
MJ Buringot (9 months ago)
louis vuitton has the ugliest iconic design pattern of all luxury brands.. no offense
AfroNet (9 months ago)
Raul Martinez (10 months ago)
When you watch a video like this it really makes you understand why it's so expensive. The hours upon hours of perfect craftsmanship makes it totally worth the cost and makes you appreciate it that much more.
Abdul Aziz (10 months ago)
Aubree Aidyn (10 months ago)
Absolutely love the brand.
Cleo Mullings (10 months ago)
"Exploration"...Someone obviously got their words mixed up there 😂
Pui Lau (10 months ago)
I purchased authentic louis , the handbag was terribly made, broke after 1 time used. Louis Vuitton did not even offer repair. The sales supervisor told me we can't do nothing for you.
Anthony_ XO (10 months ago)
Louis Vuitton, here
Alan Gomez (11 months ago)
Don't let Chinese see this
Axw ' (11 months ago)
That is some real bullshit and yes i can afford it but even if its hand made i wouldnt pay for that shit.
XOLSENX (11 months ago)
Yuh, ooh, brr, brr Gucci gang, ooh (That's it right there, Gnealz) Yuh, Lil Pump, yuh Gucci gang, ooh (Ooh, Bi-Big Head on the beat) Yuh, brr [Chorus] Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang (Gucci gang) Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang (Gucci gang) Spend three racks on a new chain (yuh) My bitch love do cocaine, ooh (ooh) I fuck a bitch, I forgot her name (brr, yuh) I can't buy a bitch no wedding ring (ooh) Rather go and buy Balmains (brr) Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang (Gucci gang) Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang (Gucci gang) Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang (Gucci gang) Spend three racks on a new chain (huh?) My bitch love do cocaine, ooh (brr) I fuck a bitch, I forgot her name, yuh (yuh, yuh) I can't buy no bitch no wedding ring, ooh (nope) Rather go and buy Balmains, ayy (brr) Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang (Gucci gang)
XOLSENX (11 months ago)
Bullshit, gucci is more famous (better)
somebody once told me (11 months ago)
the title sounds sexual
Matt (11 months ago)
I love Louie. My fav of all designer companies.
detailsmove (11 months ago)
JeusZ (11 months ago)
Her voice is so annoying
mapangpang (11 months ago)
lol i have fake lv belt
VINYL SQUAD (11 months ago)
And it only costed them about $100 to make a dozen.
Nevada Botha-Brink (11 months ago)
piercerv_ 7 (11 months ago)
LV steals your money they make 900% profit of one item
XanaxKFC (11 months ago)
welcome to luxury fashion
Most Highson (11 months ago)
"For the exploration of Africa". Correction: exploitation of Africa
Rodney Jackson (11 months ago)
I notice when you go behind the scenes with BMW Rolls Royce and LV you do not see a lot of Black people although BP buy a lot of these goods!
ESTE D (11 months ago)
LV quality of materials has gone waaay down in recent years. The clothing and sneakers are terrible. Bags and luggage are alright. Although I think the monogram logo prints is outdated. Even Gucci is trying new things. They need a revamp.
tteokbokki galaxy (9 months ago)
Tealtown 408 that’s because Gucci got a new director but I agree. LV need a new revamp. The collections are boring now but some ppl like it
vincent yim (1 year ago)
didn't you copy one of angkor wat design why france
Blitzari (1 year ago)
Love Louis Vuitton. I actually own their newest Luxembourg shoes that I made a video on. I have Gucci sneakers and they are nothing compared to Louis Vuittons quality. It's facts I have worn both enough to compare them
War King (7 months ago)
Blitzari no one cares, just to give you a harsh taste of reality.
bacelona -gano (1 year ago)
Gucci Is more recognizable
Saharsha Joshi (1 year ago)
even the chandelier ...... ? what?
I prefer Gucci

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