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Victoria's Secret Angels Talk About The First Kiss

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Every woman has a first kiss story. Here, Victoria's Secret Angels Doutzen Kroes, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Erin Heatherton, Lily Aldridge and Lais Ribeiro tell you theirs. Watch the video, then create your own Kiss & Tell for Valentine's Day at http://s.victoria.com/Evh. Shop now: http://s.victoria.com/itx
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Anjelica Violetta (9 months ago)
what's wrong with westerners about 'you have to have your first kiss on 13??' Like WTF so you can kiss anyone or do it randomly to make it happen?? I just can't get it. I'm 22 yo and never been kissed (on the lips) even though i have a boyfriend
I love Candice ❤ very much !
L7 Weenie (1 year ago)
I was 21 😘 #ShyGirlProblems
Adriana Lima (1 year ago)
Omg the gum one was damn funny who's that girl?
Adriana!!! Lol so true
Scarlet O'Hara (1 year ago)
0:52 Adrainna's explanation just killed me
Rachel Pack (2 years ago)
I was 14
Ruben FZ (2 years ago)
1:05. That tummy...
Maddie O'Keeffe (1 year ago)
Ruben FZ What about it?
Beh A (2 years ago)
I'm at the same age as Bella Hadid , Chloe Grace And still no kisses 😑
readingisneverabadidea (2 years ago)
At VSFS 2012 Lily said that her first kiss was on her wedding day, was she trolling or sth? :D Candice is too cute btw ''we have to get first kiss done we are 13 yo now'' <3
Ruben FZ (2 years ago)
That was a lie. I dont think she had the guy waiting to be kissed until the wedding day.
Thi NGUYEN (3 years ago)
Im 22 now and stll dont have fucking first kisss yet.
John Peter (3 years ago)
Monica Valencia (1 year ago)
John Peter i love you
John Peter (3 years ago)
randycasey99 (3 years ago)
I was 18 and in a bar, was a little drunk and I made out with my cousin's friend a horrible kisser by the way haha!
jankarla Madrio (3 years ago)
Doutzen is <3
Bea D (3 years ago)
Lindsay Ellingson's first kiss was the summer between high school and college? HUH?! But, she's gorgeous! 
Ashley Kleinvehn (1 year ago)
Alittlebitcrazy Probably because you're a little bit crazy lol.
Alittlebitcrazy (3 years ago)
+Elle Damev I'm a senior (16), many people tell me that I should model and I've never kissed or dated anyone aha !
Gabrielle Capes (3 years ago)
+Elle Damev What's wrong with that?! She would have been 18- thats not very old :)
drag that bitch down (4 years ago)
I just turned 11 no first kiss doe
drag that bitch down (3 years ago)
Dang Man U need to get out and buy some roses!
STEVE P (3 years ago)
+clementine orange I'm 26, I've never been on a date, never been to a dance, never had intercourse,  never had a girlfriend, etc.
drag that bitch down (3 years ago)
still!!! I cant wait that long!
Alex Leto (3 years ago)
+Clevver Foxx Don't get to excited. You might have to wait ten more years girlll, I am 21 and still hasn't happen yet ! haha
Ran S. (4 years ago)
I was 16 when I had my first kiss, and I totally agree with Candice. It may sound cheesy, haha, but it did feel like magic. My first kiss will always be a memorable experience to me, and I don't think I'll ever forget it for as long as I live. :D
exxile clarck (4 years ago)
Lol when i was 13 everybody had a crush on me but I just went to the sexist girl and attacked her from behind and kissed her hardly and she was " ew exxile wtf am telling dad and mom " I responded " no I love u Jen " and from that day until now we still together and loving each other everyday argh that kiss the best kiss ever
Natalie Chan (18 days ago)
awww are u guys still together?
MEast (3 years ago)
This is the cutest thing i have ever read and the fact that u guys still together is more cuter
reisspixma (4 years ago)
OMG this is the first time I see this video, Is the only video of VS I never see before, and I love this video, I alove this Angels <3
Carissa Rae (4 years ago)
Had my first kiss with my first boyfriend. It was the cutest, sweetest, unforgettable moment and i dont regret it one bit
emily d (4 years ago)
14 and still no real kiss! :( This takes wayyy to long :)
thebeashow (4 years ago)
Wats the dark models namne
Sully johnson (4 years ago)
Lias Ribiero
Candy Lev (4 years ago)
im 18 and i still havnt had my first kiss
Gaius Julius Caesar (1 year ago)
Candy Lev Do not be sad. You're not alone. I've had one thing I've done all my life. Studying lessons, doing homework. You ask why ? For a good future, to work in a high salary job. I have not experienced my youth childhood. Nice women / handsome men, who are really upset about me, do not even read the school (unless they have to graduate from high school if they do not have to graduate.) Even though they are 15 years old, they make a lot of money. They spend their energy with their beautiful faces and their money. Where is justice? I read Mechanical Engineering at the University of Munich. Even if I try to drink for 10 years, I will not earn the money, they earn a few because they are beautiful. In such a world, such a curse on my destiny. My age is 26 and I'm bored. I have never been my darling. Because I was an ugly cow student who was studying.
Candy Lev (2 years ago)
But there will be other people like u somewheree surely! Have u ever seen that show "First Dates", sometimes there are weirdos on that show! (Not that there is anything wrong with being a weirdo - sometimes)! I bet u ur not the only one out there!
Nick Martin (2 years ago)
because everyone who knows me say I'm a little on the weird scary psychotic side
Candy Lev (2 years ago)
Nick Martin why?!
Nick Martin (2 years ago)
you clearly don't know me very well :P
Marc Hübener (5 years ago)
Kiss me all Ladys yeeehhh :D
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Nelio Inacio (5 years ago)
Shawn Marsh (5 years ago)
I scanned all the replies on here. I feel it’s a brilliant video. My younger brother wishes to get perfect with chicks. He came to understand alot from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The recommendations with regards to picking up chicks at night clubs from Master Attraction got him his first sex in over 2 yrs. I have been displeased though coz I heard them all. Terrible.
Haley Fout (5 years ago)
Lindsey said hers was the summer between high school and college, that makes her 17 or 18. Don't worry :)
GUGALIANNA (5 years ago)
hahaha Adriana :DDD 0:53 LOL
Olivia Clark-Davis (5 years ago)
She named her son after him and she talked about it in a interview .
Vivienne Le (5 years ago)
Adriana LOL <3
thelindzz (5 years ago)
Lindsay had her first kiss the summer between high school and college...there's still hope
Lua P. (5 years ago)
she talked about it in an interview about her life.
stephanie grace (5 years ago)
They all have accents
Mary Nn (5 years ago)
I'm turning 20 and haven't had my first kiss - I'm old-fashion, I'm reserving it for a special someone hahaahahahah
karenbee1996 (5 years ago)
im 16 and i never had it yet, i don't care lol don't let people rush you in to things, just take your time (:
Nick Martin (5 years ago)
I'm 21 and I still haven't gotten my first kiss, so I made a video asking the VS angels to be my first kiss, so please check out my video on my channel it's up to 1,000+ views atm and please VS Angels, will one of you please be my first kiss?
Hazelle Ko (5 years ago)
adriana <3
barrerabarrier (5 years ago)
hahaha adriana is cute
Elise (5 years ago)
HA! Candice has blemishes too? Thank you world for showing me no one is perfect after all (though she still is beautiful. dammit). PS: I love Chanel but I think she still had a child image that didn't fit too well with the VS brand. I do however believe there are so many beautiful models of colour out there, like Joan Smalls, Shanina Shaik, Liya Kebede, Lais Ribeiro etc and that they should be represented as angels too.
sinsin twaton (5 years ago)
Sorry guys im 18 hahaha and never been kissedddd..
dame delim (5 years ago)
adriana "all of a sudden this boy comes and vwhrack" xD
otp ls (5 years ago)
But when the guy comes, it's gonna be really special and probably better than a 13-years old boy kiss :P
Sade Metsävirta (5 years ago)
I'm 18...so..
João Pedro Mello (5 years ago)
don't be! i'm a guy and I had my first with 16... I wanted to wait for the right girl (:
Haley Callahan (5 years ago)
"So, he just kissed me, and I think I, um, ran away... It was very embarrassing." Sounds exactly like how my first kiss is gonna go down...
weradorkable350 (5 years ago)
aww thanks
yuri lili (5 years ago)
My first kiss was when i was 16 im still with him 3.5 years later. So dont feel too bad.. it will/can be special!
yuri lili (5 years ago)
at home
Laura D (5 years ago)
Don't feel like a dork, it really doesn't matter when you have your first kiss.
blah (5 years ago)
i never realised how innocent they are
seline maine (5 years ago)
Adri's so comfortable and natural in front of the camera!
maysarah1000 (5 years ago)
hahahaha i was 11!! :0
loserwithaflip (5 years ago)
13 seems too young to be kissing boys. maybe i'm old-fashioned
PowerofAwesome (5 months ago)
loserwithaflip it’s very playful then, like kids, don’t worry 😂
tiff (5 years ago)
where's miranda? :(
Mia Leah (5 years ago)
0:17 are you going to be quiet here haha the dog probably doesn't want to here his mother talk about her 1st kiss
Moth (6 years ago)
1:30, i kissed the screen by pausing it
Lua P. (6 years ago)
I think Miranda's first kiss was with her boyfriend when she was 15, but her boyfriend died so I guess she didn't wanted to talk about it.
Delaney Black (6 years ago)
@Brandon2NE1 I think it is called "Your Firefly"
Haruka Noguchi (6 years ago)
omagashhh (6 years ago)
i think it's a part of a song but i dont know the name of the song
Patrick Lau (6 years ago)
What is the name of this song?
Lua P. (6 years ago)
but why did she said than anyway?
Lua P. (6 years ago)
but lilly said her first kiss was on her wedding day!
Andrea sXe (6 years ago)
I guess, it's difficult to believe someone would have his or her first kiss at the weeding
mjow (6 years ago)
Was lily aldridge kidding about having her first kiss on her wedding day, because here she says something different?
William Wallstedt (6 years ago)
is this a part or a version of a song or was the music just made for this?
Katherine Pearson (6 years ago)
adriana is so so so cute
Makenzie Chambers (6 years ago)
yeah, it's the makeup. at the end when Candice kisses the glass and pulls away you can see the foundation that came off her nose because it was pretty thick
SuperGoldwell (6 years ago)
what kind of dog is that?
berhaelee (6 years ago)
me too.. ha!
Junior Mint (6 years ago)
Lindsay didn't have hers until she was almost in college ^^ It happens at a different time for everyone.
Still haven't had mine
simplysamxo (6 years ago)
Aww, i'm in luck! Lindsay didn't have her's until she was 17/18 ish (between high school & college)!
mars nagai (6 years ago)
ham (6 years ago)
adriana is sooo cute the way she tells her story omg
Sandy Kiran (6 years ago)
Mine was sooo incrediblyy grosssss it has been 7 years now but im still grossed out when I think about it.
Thalia Thaletus (6 years ago)
mine hasnt happend haha ;)
Lynn Ly (6 years ago)
LovesickMelody6661 (6 years ago)
I was 11 and my sister's ex-boyfriend kissed me and my brother walked in.
CarmenMe21 (6 years ago)
I was a freshman! Mine was after the movies in the back seat of his car! hehe I was so nervous LOL
Matilda Amadio (6 years ago)
i'm 13 and when i was 12 my loooovely boyfriend kissed me. it was sweet and after the kiss he looks like oh my god!!!!!!!! and then i felt so good. he is so a cute and sweet guy............
weradorkable350 (6 years ago)
lol story of my life
achu1897 (6 years ago)
omg same here, im 15 and waiting......and waiting........wheres my guy
Mochismooch (6 years ago)
Hahahahaha, I liked how Adriana described her first kiss. She's such a hilarious model !
Ssmileplz (6 years ago)
haha between summer of high school and college~
Jessica Jackson (6 years ago)
LOL! Adriana reminds me of my friend who was drunk one night and woke up with a penis in her mouth. Her cousin then kicked him and out and she said "come back again!" just like Adriana had said about her first kiss!!
G Yves (6 years ago)
The song for this video :: Ben Cocks - Your Firefly
olipops7 (6 years ago)
doutzen so perfect!!!!!!!
Emily Blauw (6 years ago)
I was 12
emilsky2001 (6 years ago)
Luv Erin's French Bull Dog. Wud like to have one someday
wwwwir1 (6 years ago)
@IAmDaGreatestx She's pregnant.
Salvador Jr. Cortez (6 years ago)
im like..ohh i like this...(laugh) lolx
Salvador Jr. Cortez (6 years ago)
IAmDaGreatestx (6 years ago)
The Carrot King (6 years ago)
doutzen is cute as
SoSoshiHyo (6 years ago)
@weradorkable350 No way! Lindsay even says in the video that her first kiss was during the summer between high school and college (so age 18), and she's freaking gorgeous! Personally, my first real kiss was when I was 15, but I didn't have a great kiss until I was 17 :p
weradorkable350 (6 years ago)
lol, Candice-"we have to get the 1st kiss done were 13 years old now!" Well that makes me feel like a dork since im 15 and still haven't kissed anyone...
rgur90x (6 years ago)
@Touye1989 Yes, I also thought her story was very funny in this vid! =) She also looked very beautiful in this years VS fashion show.
Touye1989 (6 years ago)
@rgur90x It's a shame really. To me she's one of the stand-outs in this video.

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