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Dana Loesch: What rights do men have that women don't?

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NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch weighs in on the ‘Day Without a Woman’ march and the Republicans’ legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare.
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Cameron Morss (1 month ago)
Women have more rights then men do
Cameron Morss (1 month ago)
This is discrimination
Diamond X-Men (1 month ago)
Just facts ma'am
My Simple Practice (2 months ago)
Feminism is the Radical Islam of the West. A day without a woman is also known as a very peaceful day.
Christopher 0205 (2 months ago)
NONE, SHUT THE FUCK UP. I was beat by a Girl in my school. And no one cared, I pushed her away, everyone is like *wTf mAn* We are Allowed to Get beaten By women, stabbed, Everything. Women Don’t get charged, if they do. Very short sentence. Some Men Do the same Crime, Life in prison, or over 10 years. Women,STOP. Where is Mr.Tucker Damnit We can’t even interact with women, without charged with rape. We didn’t ask For Always losing to women in court. Women, Kill yourselves. You are not always better Parents.
Frikkirhyme Productions (3 months ago)
Fuck women
_Aplexy_ (3 months ago)
women don't deserve rights.
Anal (4 months ago)
Fuck she's hot. God damn.
Francis Mausley (4 months ago)
Also legal rights ... "Divine Justice demands that the rights of both sexes should be equally respected since neither is superior to the other in the eyes of Heaven. Dignity before God depends, not on sex, but on purity and luminosity of heart. Human virtues belong equally to all!" ~ Baha'i Faith
Robert Roth (5 months ago)
What if men took a day off? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB5Vfqxf5g0
Myvintageiron7512 (5 months ago)
A day with out a women ??? screw that could we please get a week without a woman one day of peace just isn't enough
Duck Sicked (6 months ago)
They have the right to really appreciate you
Debra Owens (6 months ago)
Wow is this where women hating troglodytes go to cry and whine that life is unfair because women want equality if you seriously believe the sickness she spews I pity and fear your twisted minds😢and you all call others snowflakes? Hilarious then you and comes here to show how much you hate your mommy. Grow up little boys.
Borg 7777 (6 months ago)
Feminist women are Satan.First the WORST of the Men were turned into women.And feminist women are the WORST of the women.So feminist women are Satan.In effect they are the worst of the Men who now have the bodies of Satan.
Matt Strathis (6 months ago)
Liberals are terrorist supporters whether they realize or not.
Ray Shell (6 months ago)
Oh geesh the country will just fall apart without women for 1 day lol same thing with men. This is just leftist babble.
Tim Smith (6 months ago)
Dana is HAWT!!
great outdoors (6 months ago)
McCain hero.....Pervert Trump, national disgrace
Winston Smith's Neighbor (6 months ago)
Well, I just fell in love... With a woman promoting MGTOW. I'm confused gentleman. I guess I'll go ask a feminist's advice. What could go wrong there.
MR MONSTER (7 months ago)
Dana Loesch is a piece of a**
Edward Openchosky (7 months ago)
We need immigrants cause women are killing our children.
Shiirow (7 months ago)
A day without women, business as usual. A day without men, society comes to a screeching halt.
Bill Johnson (7 months ago)
Where can I buy one of these t shirts ?
Bjorn Kus (7 months ago)
This chick is a rock star
Porké Chop (7 months ago)
Can we have a no women day too? Like fuck I’m not allowed to join Girl Scouts but girls can join Boy Scouts th fuk!
kurt bachsnazcher (7 months ago)
Hott as fuck in that no ma'am shirt
mitch ervin (7 months ago)
Marry me Dana
amin zar (8 months ago)
The Feminists proved that they could destroy the men. They did, and still do, so what do they want after?
Angelo Kournianos (8 months ago)
Women feminists wackos.
Johnnylee Glass (8 months ago)
Were equal
Exploring Jenkins (8 months ago)
She blinks alot. Why'd I notice this?
Great Scott! (9 months ago)
America couldn't have "A Day Without Men" rally, because the county's infrastructure would fall apart.
Aleksandrs Eniņš (9 months ago)
That dude needs to learn not to interrupt.
james c (9 months ago)
Women have rights.  Men have responsibilities.
Sn SM (9 months ago)
As a man in America you have NO RIGHTS....one of the unexpected results of the Metoo witch hunt is that even the most ignorant blue pill man now has this reality rubbed in his face. A woman AT ANY TIME can accuse him and he loses. Does this look like a man has any power to you ? he DOES NOT...
David Bickford (10 months ago)
Dana and jeanine I want you both to come to Nebraska and walk around Lincoln Nebraska with me¡!!!! you ladies are so hot!!!!!!!!
Harry Johnson (10 months ago)
I hope she or one of her loved ones get shot and killed by a gun, then these sick gun nuts will realize there is a gun problem.
Aaron Costello (10 months ago)
I love MWC, and I absolutely ADORE this woman!
Joe King (10 months ago)
Don't cover up i we want to see those curves*I mean shirt...
alvaro sanchis (10 months ago)
then again this woman is so stupid,what rights she says,wel to start equal pay, harrasment in work places,if you report a case they get fired,abortion why is the goverment decision an not theirs,the way lesbians are discriminating all around the country i could go on.she's a disgrace!!
internet ! (10 months ago)
Al Bundy rocks!
Second Chance (10 months ago)
A day without men...ok might manage a day. A day without women... they'll take a week...even better.
graybastion1707 (10 months ago)
A no ma'am t-shirt! It's been so long since I've seen that! Hell yeah!
dang9669 (11 months ago)
could spend a year without this woman
Manuel Oropeza (11 months ago)
This person is a anti feminist bitch
HAdrian builtawall (11 months ago)
I'm totally opposed to guns freely available to everyone. Absolutely, utterly and whole heartedly. Watched this vid. Gun us up.
TrionBulldog (11 months ago)
Sounds like she's flirting with the old man with the way she says "thank you, Stewart" at the end, lol.
Melissa Sue H. (11 months ago)
And the Republicrats totally failed. They broke their promise and got nothing done. And it was the senile failure, John McCain who was one of the people who caused the failure.
Rus 1399 (11 months ago)
Dana is what the lefties cannot stand. . . she's a Native American who hates Dems.
lord of science (11 months ago)
There are things woman get that men don't. Woman basically get instant ownership of children. I know someone who had a girlfriend and they had a baby, but she then went b*tch mode, dumped him, instantly got ownership, and now the baby is 5 and he hasnt seen the baby in 4 and a half years. He still pays child support (or he would be arrested) including all her insurance and school bills. Its proven woman get smaller sentences for most crimes, especially ones related to assault.
Erik Bodo (11 months ago)
There are some advantages that men have over women. There are some advantages women have over men. Men are different then women. Women are different then men. I love people in general. I don't care for these "day without women" or "day without men" marches. They're dumb. We need each other. The way I see it... if the extreme feminist movement (I used the term extreme, not to confuse it with what feminism truly stood for) wants true equality... are they ready to give up the advantages they already have?
Wild1 P (11 months ago)
Fuck feminists!!! And conservative women are definitely WAYYYYYY hotter than the others!
Vincent Kruse (11 months ago)
*Cough* *cough* Women have more rights *Cough**Cough*
Arturo Carrillo (11 months ago)
Avocado (11 months ago)
fuck i need to buy that shirt.
beaconrider (11 months ago)
A man has the right to be stripped of his job, his career and his freedom on the basis of an anonymous accusation made by a woman. He has the right to lose his home, his children, and much of his income should his wife tire of him. He has the right to be persecuted should he have the temerity to suggest that he could be better off if he were to live his life without a woman controlling every aspect of it. A man has the right to be strung up from a lamp pole for even suggesting that every mother is nt a virtuous saint, without flaw or blemish.
Scrap5000 (11 months ago)
She's sexy af
Curt Christensen (11 months ago)
we can pee standing up. other than that, we are lower than dogs
Nathan Higgins (11 months ago)
Oh, I'll answer that question: the right to be responsible for one's own self and feelings.
Nikhilesh Surve (11 months ago)
It's amazing how motherhood can change some women. Even some feminists change after becoming mothers especially of boys like Dana Loesch herself.
Joel Martens Thidell (11 months ago)
Reading the comments on this video literally makes me physically ill. I really don't understand how you people can be so backwards, and not understand what's so wrong about your own politics. I mean pretty much the entire rest of the world looks down on you. Don't you care or listen?
John Phillips (11 months ago)
This woman is smart and really hot I like her a lot
زين زين (11 months ago)
Ummm most of people love their mom more than their dad...do you know why because my mother do my fathers and my siblings laundry and she washes the dishes and she does every housework whenever we have a problem we tell our mother not father because mom is closer and my parents both work but still my mothers works harder than fathers...so boys when you grow up all you gotta is wait for your wife to do everything for you okkk....here is the difference buddy
studinthemaking (11 months ago)
Al, Al, Al!!!
A very young squid (11 months ago)
Dana you tard
Artic Nova (11 months ago)
Are they ugly be because they're feminist, or are they feminist because they're ugly.
Ji-Gon Quinn (11 months ago)
Dana was a staunch liberal and a #nevertrump supporter before she turned to a rhino republican. I don’t trust her one bit.
Alexander Radev (1 year ago)
Where can I get that shirt? Second if you want working healthcare look at what we do in the EU ffs. It's not perfect, but is, according to Americans that went oversees, much better and cheaper system.
J S (1 year ago)
damn, i would totally wife that
TSCBroken (1 year ago)
could you imagine a day without men!!!
Wild Wild (1 year ago)
Absolutely adore her.
DomManInT1 (1 year ago)
Females lie way more than males. Many times females will lie to avoid controversy or upset. Females that are raped will lie by omission by not reporting their rape. Yes, it is their rape. They should own it, but rarely do. Other females will lie by falsely reporting rape or “sexual misconduct” (whatever the hell that means) when they think there will be some advantage to them for doing so. To hell with all females until the "good" females take the "bad" females in hand and eliminate the "bad" females by whatever means are necessary. Males are done with this.
061966ninel (1 year ago)
NO MA' AM Good.
bill (1 year ago)
I like Obamacare.
Terry Bruce (1 year ago)
I like living alone and not having a chick around to run her mouth....just come by a few days a week for sex...and then leave.
DarkSaint411 (1 year ago)
Dana is the one
Kalashnikov Mania (1 year ago)
Men can pee standing up ... women cant. One less equal right that the far left loonies will try to change..lol
UnderStructureRepair (1 year ago)
loesch is a self-hater
Fox News....we report the gossip, you decide.
Todd K (1 year ago)
What the hell were Democrats thinking passing "The Affordable Care Act"? Horrible policy makers. Horrible. What the hell were they thinking? A group of democrats get together and pass "The Affordable Care Act" and a few years later look at American healthcare. Look at what's become. Look at the healthcare nightmare we are in. President Trump doesn't want to get rid of "The Affordable Care Act because it's wirking. No. He wants to get rid of it because it sucks. Let him. Let him get rid of it. It's sucking the life out of good people. Good people, voters mind you, are losing their health insurance. We were lied to plain and simple.
ALBER PAJARES (1 year ago)
we’re ‘gainst all what represent the female gender: materialism, money cult, social status, snobism, etc,..
jlord37 (1 year ago)
About as conservative as most women can be.
jlord37 (1 year ago)
It's another " nawalt".
Ossie Dunstan (1 year ago)
If SJW`s had their way all men would neutered , you don`t like being complimented or having a door opened out of courtesy, fuck of back to any islamic run state and try your man bashing shit. These women that are jealous of men for some reason, are if they continue to gain ground will be the end of mankind, The women they infect the less women men are going to choose as a life partner, As an example anita sarcasian could not give me a hard on if she had a penis pump, her black soul has that much impact on my mind, thus getting hard on looking at her is impossible for a sane man or young man
Ronald Matthews (1 year ago)
I think I'm love with Dana Loesch...
Robert Allen (1 year ago)
where can I get that shirt?
CynDaVaz (1 year ago)
Women actually have more rights than men
mike (1 year ago)
Dana is sexy ... I used to listen to her when she was in St Louis as a radio show host
Sloe Bone (1 year ago)
He doesn’t know her politics? Why start out with a complete lie?
Ryan Long (1 year ago)
This guy sounds like the brain gremlin.
Mr. Blue (1 year ago)
How about the fact that the ERA has not been ratified by 15 states ? How about the fact there are still states in 2018 that don't require by law equal pay for women ? Wisconsin, Mississippi , North Carolina , South Carolina , Utah.
This woman has brains and beauty. A perfect spokesperson for conservatives everywhere
Anthony Quigley (1 year ago)
No wonder there's a god damn wage gap and women don't get nearly the same respect as men. Because while we're out there pushing the world forward and keeping humanity going, this is what women are fucking doing and thinking about... Are women actually useful for anything in the world? They're just a burden on society at this point, they don't do anything or buy much, they don't make anything, design anything, build anything, They certainly don't invent anything... they don't work in any of the even FAIRLY difficult or mentall or physically taxing jobs. All women do is get pregnant, or work in 1 of 3 fucking easy fields, Nursing/Healthcare, Teaching, or fucking Nice cozy office jobs/Administration jobs. Men are doing 96% of all of the moist difficult and dangerous, most physically and mentally demanding jobs on the planet, which is evidenced by the fact that 96% of the severe injuries and deaths in the workd place are by men, yet these useless cunts want equal pay... what do they actually fucking do to deserve it? While we're out there lifting everything, risking our lives saving people in hurricane weather on helicopters, having to dive into hurricane battered oceans to save people from drowning, Working on Oil Rigs in the north sea in the middle of storms, Dying and getting black lung down incredibly dangerous coal mines, Working in incredibly dangerous steel and Iron mills working with molten metal, where hundreds of men die each year from terrible accidents, we work in literally ALL of the manufacturing and fabrication jobs in the world... the list goes on. EVERYTHING women DO, SEE, TOUCH, THINK ABOUT, WANT, NEED, EAT, DRINK and OWN on a daily basis , even the homes they lives in, the phones and internet and phone and TV networks they use, the cars they drive, the planes they fly on, the trains, buses, ALL of the infrastructure, the electricity they take advantage of, the seweage systems they use, the fresh water treatment plants they keep themsleves health with, the healthcare and medical care such as hospitals, dental surgeries and doctor's offices they frequent, down to the fucking MAKEUP and SANITARY towls and tampons they use and the clothes they wear, even refrigeration they use to keep their food fresh.. absolutely ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of EVERYTHING a woman has and everyone has in their lives, was ALL, without exception, invented, designed, built, made and implemented by MEN. EVERYTHING. Even the Music they listen to, the art they enjoy, The best books they read, 95% of ALL of the best of that stuff was written and made by? MEN... So tell me again, why do women think think they should be paid the same and have equal rights??
james c (1 year ago)
Saw a video about who were the top sellers in the music industry.  Out of the top 20, only 3 were women; along with 1 group (Fleetwood Mack) who had a pair of female members, that came in 20th.  The top female seller, Barbara Streisand, still only came in at #12.  Madonna & Celine Dion came in at #16 & #17 respectively.  I guess the recording industry is inherently unfair to women singers.  I guess white males are still exercising their privilege even in this mostly ultra liberal corner of the entertainment business.  Either that, or the public in general (females included) have it in for women in general.
George Mallory (1 year ago)
I just like looking at her shiny black hair.
massivojohnson (1 year ago)
GENERALLY... as a man.  Does this mean that you will change disaster zones to Men and Children first.
Luke S. (1 year ago)
antman DJ (1 year ago)
Off topic I'm sorry he sounds a little like a computer LoL not an insult
Pat Beaudry (1 year ago)
When are you conservative pundits going to admit that this is your(republican ) health care program. President Obama want single payer. He said a single payer or nothing , But the repugs still do the bait and switch with health care to keep the dollars flowing in.
That Guy (1 year ago)
Sharia Law?

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