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Sea-Doo - Search and Rescue (SAR)

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http://www.brp.com/commercial SEA-DOO SAR, SEARCH AND RESCUE: An easy choice for tough situations. When you are on a rescue mission, every detail counts. The all-new Sea-Doo SAR, a Search and Rescue watercraft, seamlessly combines the features you need to respond to life threatening situations. It is designed for breathtaking rescue performances, from surf to whitewater, during a flood or along a rocky coast. The Sea-Doo SAR watercraft excels in rescue missions but is also ideal for evacuation, surveillance and interception. The SAR watercraft truly goes the extra mile. Because when lives are hanging in the balance, every detail counts.
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Jayden Robinson (8 months ago)
Adel_ Ashtab (1 year ago)
Guysmiley (2 years ago)
Could of used this on 2 SARS. needed the shallow draft. please have sales contact all departments to get this out. A good operator manual would be good also with a checklist.
Steve Nam (3 years ago)
dream job
Mo (3 years ago)
awsome music
imTrojann (4 years ago)
Ellis (4 years ago)
is this the gtr 215 or the gti se 155
Nick Grigorakos (2 years ago)
+Ellis looks like Wake Pro 215
Benny A (4 years ago)
We at the Coast Guard Auxiliary make a difference everyday. From Maritime and Environmental watch, to SAR, Homeland Security waterway watch, Harbor Patrol, Vessel Safety Inspections and Boater Safety Courses to the boating public that's how we make a difference and Proud of it. Even if we have to buy our own Boats and Planes to carry out the mission that we've been directed to since 1939 and every member of the Auxiliary is Proud to wear the uniform and stand the watch.  I might take me a little bit but, I look forward on bringing one of those units on-line for the effort too.  Remember, "Wear your Vest" it will save you life !!!! Semper Paratus !!!
Todd Munschauer (4 years ago)
Whats the price on this ?
Per Ivar Aas (4 years ago)
Fantastisk Nyhet fra BRP, Denne SAR Scooteren leveres av Vestfold Maritim as i Norge
Looks very impressive. 
GMS Los Cabos (4 years ago)
Awesome!! Great job BRP/Sea Doo!!
How you can make a difference...

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