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Small Seconds

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Shrink the size of your second hand and discover the Bambino SS collection: https://www.orientwatchusa.com/product-category/mens-watches/classic/bambinoss/ Take it from me, Mr. Orient USA: sometimes smaller is better. For example, when this wedding proposal takes an unexpected turn, I’m able to lend a Small Second hand to save the day!
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Eckehardt krieger (2 months ago)
Yup Mr Orient has a real small second hand. Based on a true story lolol
Ashfaaq Rayhaan (4 months ago)
These ads r soo stupid that they r funny
Bruno Dn (4 months ago)
Ichiro Perez (6 months ago)
The best watch commercials ever, Orient.
công quán nguyễn (6 months ago)
S.M.P (7 months ago)
Please make this WITHOUT a date window please! I'd only wear this to formal occasions and therefore won't have need for a date complication.
Mateo (7 months ago)
Give us version 5!
Reykenzor (7 months ago)
Eran R (8 months ago)
Love this ad! If you're interested in Orient watches, brand and history, please follow my new personal blog - http://orientplace.blogspot.com
John Dough (8 months ago)
Salsa (9 months ago)
Fantastic ad.
Fun with Turtles (9 months ago)
Orient can you please do some of your design without a date window?
baludoyz (4 months ago)
i have one. it's not a bambino though
Sean Coker (9 months ago)
Holy shit Mr. Orient looks like Paul Ryan from back when he still had a beard.
dklyde (9 months ago)
These commercials crack me up. And I love Orient watches. But why no love for the Symphony?
Matthew Reagan (9 months ago)
Very fun ad. However, you need to make this 36mm case with a 18mm lug width, and get rid of the date window, if you want to sell me one.
inkitatus1 (9 months ago)
Nick 683 (9 months ago)
"Here, take my strong hand child!"
Bogdan Muntean (9 months ago)
This is genius! Great watch too! By the way, people: is the Orient Type B pilot getting discontinued? I'm between that and a Vostok Amphibia and I don't know which to buy. I have already got an Orange Orient Mako. Cheers!
Orient Watch (9 months ago)
Yes, unfortunately the Flight watch has been discontinued!
The Guardian (9 months ago)
I hate all of these ads. ALL of them. But this, I actually laughed a bit. I still don't agree with this ad campaign and how Orient is positioning themselves through it, but credit where credit is due. This was definitely not as cringeworthy.
GOJIN1980 (9 months ago)
This is a seriously great advertisement.
John Combs (9 months ago)
Love the Brand.
Davide Perini (9 months ago)
Cool watch but a little bit too big.
A Lan (9 months ago)
maxpayneau (9 months ago)
Magnus Gamba (9 months ago)
Love these commercials. Nice watch too

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