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Plus-Size Lingerie Haul ♥ Adore Me & Victoria's Secret | January 2015

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OPEN ME FOR ALL OF THE THINGS! Join Adore Me's VIP program and get your first set for $24.95 http://adore.me/loeyl I hope you lovebugs enjoy this plus-size lingerie and sleepwear haul! I couldn't find everything mentioned online so I tried to link the closest alternatives from Victoria's Secret. Luckily the original of everything from Adore Me is still available! :D More information below. Thanks for watching, give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed (it helps so much more than you know)! Products mentioned: Adore Me Shelby Robe http://adore.me/loshelby Adore Me Primrose Slip: http://adore.me/lprimrose Adore Me Lorraine Set: http://adore.me/llorainne Victoria's Secret Nude Dream Angels Multi-Way Bra http://a.chipp.us/r/loeylane/5780/ Victoria's Secret Coral Ombre Push-Up Bra http://a.chipp.us/r/loeylane/5781/ Victoria's Secret Floral Lace Trim Thong Panty http://a.chipp.us/r/loeylane/5782/ Victoria's Secret Lace Trim Hipster Panty http://a.chipp.us/r/loeylane/5783/ Victoria's Secret Lace Trim Boyshort Panty http://a.chipp.us/r/loeylane/5784/ Victoria's Secret Seamless Bikini Panty http://a.chipp.us/r/loeylane/5785/ Victoria's Secret Crewneck Sweatshirt in Teal + Pink http://a.chipp.us/r/loeylane/5786/ Victoria's Secret Army Varsity Crew http://a.chipp.us/r/loeylane/5787/ Victoria's Secret Animal Print Crewneck Sweatshirt Victoria's Secret Pink Buffalo Checkered Slippers Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014 Crewneck Sweatshirt Victoria's Secret Pink Perfect Leggings T-Shirt in Mint http://a.chipp.us/r/loeylane/5789/ Victoria's Secret Pink Army T-Shirt + Leggings Gift Set Victoria's Secret Cotton Mayfair Sleepshirt http://a.chipp.us/r/loeylane/5788/ Victoria's Secret Pink I Need Coffee Mug Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2014 Tote What am I wearing? Top: Victoria's Secret Shop my T-Shirt and Converse designs through QTee! http://www.qtee.com/products/#graphic-styles_loey-lane Visit my blog for outfit post, product reviews & so much more. http://curvydiaries.wordpress.com/ Tweet tweet little birdies. https://twitter.com/Loeybug Or if you aren’t fond of all that chirping, we can be Facebook friends. http://www.facebook.com/LoeyLane I am the Tumblr. http://www.lolidollyloey.tumblr.com I post pictures of my cats and husband here: Instagram: @loeybug Business inquiries: [email protected] Wanna know where I get my clothes? I rent from Gwynnie Bee! They are the coolest plus-size clothing rental service. Just pick your favorites from their site, receive them in the mail within a matter of days and send them back when you’re done. Get UNLIMITED clothing for only $10 here. http://goo.gl/pfgDq9 Recieve 25% off your entire purchase from Whitening Lightning with the coupon code CurvyLoey. http://www.whiteninglightning.com Ebates is how I save MAJOR money shopping online! Get cash back on almost any store you shop at, plus a free gift card when you sign up. http://goo.gl/WnVbzr What I use to style my hair. http://goo.gl/7Xqh80 (Use coupon code WinterSnow to get 40% off the entire site) Shop my favorite flash sale website! Brands like Lorac, Wildfox, Rebecca Minkoff & More for insanely discounted prices. http://goo.gl/YG2Vup Disclaimer: Adore Me sent the items from their brand that were shown in this video. All others were purchased by me. This is not a sponsored video. Some of the above links are affiliate links.
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Text Comments (126)
Ashlynn Nilsson (1 year ago)
I blacked out at Victoria's Secret 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂LoeyLane
Briarnna May (1 year ago)
If I may ask would you say that the thongs from Victoria secret would fix a size 18
Roberto Lezama (1 year ago)
I love bbw mamasita
Makeup & Music by Mexi (2 years ago)
loey your not big at all your just curbvy .. nice body
Amanda Johnson (2 years ago)
If i am a medium in PINK's shirts will the varsity crews fit me?
Jimmy C (2 years ago)
Dang you are beautiful!
videosubspanish (2 years ago)
Hi, how do u know what size you are? (panties). I want to buy online, I measured out according to the guide on the Victoria's Secret page, but my measurements do not exist. My jeans are size 10-12
ShaSha (2 years ago)
😊😊😊love your video!
Ilse just me (2 years ago)
i love your hair!!!!
Bethany Schneider (2 years ago)
"i just want to put it on my head" LOL i laughed when you said that
Rosario Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Your so pretty !!!!
Rachel Cutter (2 years ago)
What's the significance of the army stuff?
Gabriella Gonzales (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure her husband is in the army! Or military 😛
Melanie Elizabeth (3 years ago)
Victorias secret isnt plus size though.... :(
alisha vega (3 years ago)
Did you find that the Army crew fit tight? I tend to find that Victoria's Secret runs tight on me. I am a size L/XL. Would the crew good in your opinion? Thank you!
Kirby Catherine (3 years ago)
Lols... "i just wanna put it on my head" @ 4:54-4:56 SO SILLY +LoeyLane  love your fun humor!
Lauren Radford (3 years ago)
Literally Life Goals🎀💕💋
Knight Chime (3 years ago)
Oh…I was hoping you'd try them on...
Logan Balie (3 years ago)
Your way too beautiful
Blue Roses1995 (3 years ago)
Hi every time I go to the mall I see vs store and I only look at the panties but I'm to scare to look at the bras not for the price but for the size I'm 19 and j don't know how to describe my body but I'm a size 16/18 in pants so I don't try bras becuase I'm scare of not finding my size
Kim From the block (2 years ago)
just ask one of the employees to measure you then if its not in store order online
rosalinda23 (3 years ago)
luv your haul. love your makeup!
Unexpected Plot Twist (3 years ago)
On the thumbnail you looked so like Jessica Brown Findlay! *.*
Brittany Amick (3 years ago)
I love your hauls! Keep making more Please
Simplemente Janeth (3 years ago)
I wonder how you fit into a large from vs and yet are plus size? I saw your bathing suit haul and I think your bottoms were too small on you that you should wear an xl that's more realistic than being a large supposedly
Moon Berhane (3 years ago)
why didnt you try them on?!!
KeepinItClassic (3 years ago)
Tiffaniee Brown (3 years ago)
You're beautiful.
Kaley Brown (3 years ago)
You are SO GORGEOUS! You're my inspiration! BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!! <3 You're so real and true to who you are! I absolutely love it!
Stephanie De (3 years ago)
May I ask what size she is everywhere? What is her shirt size and pant size along with dress size. Im only asking because I feel like im similar in size with her and if she fits in Victoria Secret and not just their bras then im open to a whole new store.
Gianinna Sturla (3 years ago)
thank for all you do for us plus size girls! love you! <333
Amy S (3 years ago)
You're so beautiful :-) x
Arlene S (3 years ago)
UH. Your hair is AWESOME. It is the PERFECT ombre! ^_^  Btw. I am jealous of your fashion sense. >_> lol 
alize0623 (3 years ago)
Omg I need to know what's on your lips in this video!
ThatGirl (3 years ago)
Is she a plus-size model? :)
Jessica Jean Armstrong (3 years ago)
The pink bra... IS memory fit! doesn't just feel like it :) 
kerlly ruiz (3 years ago)
Your beautiful ❤️
Meeyah Farley (3 years ago)
Oh, my gosh! The bra and panty set are sexy! That bra reminds me of the one I bought from Torrid. The design of the bra is beautiful!
Nicholle Fleck (3 years ago)
Adore me is nice, the set i have is perfect! but ive found that the styles i love are only available in D+ and im only a B. i hate that they only make some styles in some sizes. also beware the VIP membership, if you dont visit the site once a month they charge you! 
Kaylee Marie (3 years ago)
You are to pretty wish I was your size. I'm in a size 6 and I want to be a size 10
Brittney McKinney (3 years ago)
I love your hair and your makeup💅💎😍
Ruby Of Styx (3 years ago)
I just came upon your channel and i love it! You're so pretty, I'm actually really jealous haha
Amelia Brown (3 years ago)
Silk robes are my newest obsession!
lauren brown (3 years ago)
OMG! hun ! Ur hair is beautiful , pls tell me how you did it xxxx
Emily Rose (3 years ago)
I'm majorly conscious of my stomach, I find it so hard to feel nice in underwear, I'm working on the confidence thing!
The Swivets (3 years ago)
I love you, and your channel so so much! In the Uk I'm a size 12, which is a size 10 in The Us. (I think) Though I'm not quite considered 'overweight' I have always been the 'chubby friend' but watching your body confidence videos have made me feel so much better about myself. Although I don't have quite as much confidence as you, I feel like I'm working towards it😊 I can't thank you enough! -ps, can we just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous you look in this video?! Hugs from England😄 Tayla x💕
Alexis Holt (3 years ago)
Alicia Christine (3 years ago)
"I just want to put it on my head." oh Loey, you are my spirit animal lol
Alicia Christine (3 years ago)
In a word, yassssss!!!! +LoeyLane​
CaliGirls _Tune (3 years ago)
Omg i have the bra to the maroon pair of panties...
uglybaddoll (3 years ago)
You look taller because of the high heels. I would break my neck in them lol. I'm 5 10 .☺
iliveformusic06 (3 years ago)
OMG. I've seen your other videos and all your outfits are so amazing. I wish we have something like those in my country :'( p.s. you're gorg!
valerie love (3 years ago)
awe the more videos i watch of you im like dang i wish i could hang out and go shopping with the chick !! you remind me of my besties back home !!! awesome finds on adore me ive been thinking of getting the robe but now i def will ...;) 
Brea Brown (3 years ago)
You so pretty 3
berenice_001 (3 years ago)
Please go Check out my ROOM tour !! :) http://youtu.be/Ez_n-4JScBc
Hi!!! i really love your confidence and all about you! you are inspiration for me! its your natural body or do somw exercise? Love Ya ! -tania , México.
Morgan Lea (3 years ago)
Question why don't you wear army stuff much? Also I'm a newbie to your channels and lovvvvvvve you to death for sending such a positive messege bout us plus size girls :)
aasigraa (3 years ago)
--" I just want to put it on my head" -- :p
Neala (3 years ago)
Stunning Loey! You so inspirational. x
Seka B (3 years ago)
I feel in love with you today! Am a olus soz5e woman myself its refreshing to see you ooze confidence new subbie!♡♡♡
KaylenaMakeupArtist (3 years ago)
I got those maroon ones.. and got home.. and that band was Soooo unflattering on me. You ain't lying when u said all body types can get little bulges. Most bars do that to my back until they are warn in a bit (and I'm a 32dd). But yeahhhhh.. those maroon with the black band.. not flattering on me. I have a small waist and curvy hips.. so any tight band on my panties with hug me in all the wrong places. I love VS cheeksters, boy shorts, and bikini style :) with cotton or lace bands (esp).
KaylenaMakeupArtist (3 years ago)
"I just want to put this on my head" lol! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
MadProps12 (3 years ago)
All of the items you chose are so cute Loey! :)
could you possibly be any more gorgeous? i think i've maybe stepped foot into victoria's secret once in my entire life, and it has nothing to do with me being a plus sized woman, i literally sleep in a ratty t-shirt and i have never been the kind of person to wear actual pajamas or matching sets to bed. and lace undies? oh honey i rock my granny panties! they are way more comfortable and i'm the only one who sees them anyway, but i love me some nice looking and awesome fitting bras.
Rachel Rabinowitz (3 years ago)
"I just want to put it on my head" hahaha love you and your videos girl!
sarah f (3 years ago)
"so obviously I'm going to wear it with cat ears" LMAOOOO :) :)
Rene' Franklin (3 years ago)
Thank you for bringing Adore Me into my life! OMG their corsets! Just gorgeous and priced so well!
Russhell Bedker (3 years ago)
Be sure to read the details for a VIP membership at Adore Me!
Wereallmadhere (3 years ago)
Ur voluptuous
Merche Schofield (3 years ago)
"I just wanna put it on my head!" 😂
Amy Denton (3 years ago)
I will have to look into Adore Me and Sexy Box, for sure. I wanna feel pretty and feminine again.
Paige Nancy (3 years ago)
Loey it's collegiate not colgate hahah. Love you girl!
Jessica McPherson (3 years ago)
I thought the exact same thing. I heard that and it took me a minute to figure out what she meant.
Newfie Beauty (3 years ago)
I love love loveeee your hair!
I like the site, but with women's clothes in general and especially lingerie you just never know how its going to fit.
h06anbjo (3 years ago)
So, been checking out the AdoreMe-site and behold my non-excisting surprise when I find that they do not have my size when it comes to bras... Was just curious about the site, I already know I wouldn't be able to buy from it.
MTGGoddess (3 years ago)
The 2nd pair of panties is called a cheeky :D Also, LOVE your body confidence as well as everything you got!
Geneviève (3 years ago)
you're right, the sweatshirt looks so so so nice on you, the colour is really flattering!!😊
sakura mukbang & vlogs (3 years ago)
I'm not plus size I love adore me but my cup size isn't available. . Kinda a bummer but I love your videos and when I see you upload I click on it asap. Keep up the great work your beautiful and amazing ^-^
xxlovelaughlivexx20 (3 years ago)
That army sweater 🙈👌
Siobhan claire (3 years ago)
I'm also plus sized and I really wanna start making videos... I love your videos so much! I have posted my first video today I'm so scared but would love if you come check it out - I'm 23 from England just starting out - so scared to do my first one on camera but it's my passion
WannabeDancer (3 years ago)
Hi! So I follow you on instagram and I was interested in this video so let's just say I'm now a subscriber :) I'm a plus size girl and I can never find cute lingerie! So thank you so much for mentioning adore me! I can't figure out my sizing on there though. My bust and waist are a larger size than my hips..? I would appreciate if you could comment back and let me know on their sizing. Thanks!
a kazzuo (3 years ago)
Girl your gorgeous...
ella (3 years ago)
I am in love with you! :D You are such an inspiration! I've always known that I should love myself and my body and I've said that every day to myself...but it was you who got through to me and told me (through your videos) it's okay to actually believe, what I already knew, that I am beautiful just the way I am and the way I look. I feel more confident each day and that's because of you. :) Thank you for being here for me although we've never talked/met. You are wonderful and I truly love you <3
Adelisa Berisha (3 years ago)
in sweden a VS bra is like 40-45 dollar :(
Adelisa Berisha (3 years ago)
+LoeyLane I think so too, i bought a bra from H&M 1 year ago for 15 dollars and i still use it but my VS bras bracket goes off all the time so I don't think i'll buy them anymore :(
flowingover (3 years ago)
You are so beautiful :) love all your funny remarks, hilarious !
kathryn eckert (3 years ago)
:0 my Victoria secret always kicks me out or says my size the dint carry.
Virginia (3 years ago)
I bought the same exact nude strapless bra from VS last summer, and loved it, and got so much use out of it! I lost weight and bought it in a smaller size. When I reach my goal weight I'll probably purchase it a third time! It's so pretty and most importantly fits well for a strapless.
Cheryl Christine (3 years ago)
I'm about to check out Adore me! Thank you girl!! xoxo
Athena Walker (3 years ago)
Love it! ❤️
Angelica Diedrichsxoxo (3 years ago)
Anyone wanna be youtube fweends? Subs for sub? ☺♥ 
lrmill27 (3 years ago)
we're the same bra size, go 38 Ds
EyeDesignzByMari (3 years ago)
You got some cute stuff! I just wanted to shout out yoga pants....I live in those! That sleep shirt looks so comfy...Love that! Dang I always wondered if they really gave out the larger money gift cards. 😘💜💜
Walter (3 years ago)
I love logo t shirts but one thing I will not have on them is any references to food like your mean girls quote, bit sad I think that but as a bigger girl I feel like if I wore something later that people would think, yeah obviously we know you like food
Walter (3 years ago)
I know you're not, sorry I didn't mean it to come across like that. I do feel quite confident in the clothes I do wear I just avoid things I'm not completely comfortable with as it would make me self conscious. Anyway, thanks for replying I love your body confidence! :)
uglybaddoll (3 years ago)
Hi Loey,how tall are you? Love your vlogs ☺
Alice B. (3 years ago)
+Hanna Palm fülep thanks ^...^ (i expected her to be taller :))
Hanna Palm fülep (3 years ago)
About 165 cm
Alice B. (3 years ago)
does sombody maby know how much this is in cm. ? (I would really like to know that ):)
valerie perez (3 years ago)
You're so beautiful!!!! I adore your channel! 😍💘
Victoria Stakelin (3 years ago)
How do the sweatshirts fit on plus size women? I wanna buy one but idk if it would fit
Jessica McPherson (3 years ago)
+kristin murray oh gracious Im the same size. Shoot even when I was an 18 I couldn't fit their stuff.
kristin murray (3 years ago)
I wear a 2x-3x top and a 24w bottom and the boyfriend stuff fits me perfectly! Give them a shot :)
GumballDolphins (3 years ago)
I normally wear an XL-1X in normal clothing brands and I'm wearing one if their sweaters right now! They do run big so it fits me perfectly!
Jenna Fitchett (3 years ago)
+victoria morrison I'm a size 18-20 & I can wear their boyfriend style sweaters and sweat pants and I can wear some of their hoodies 
Victoria Stakelin (3 years ago)
+LoeyLane thank you so much!
Margemellow (3 years ago)
I love wider bra's, and i'm thin...it's just so much more comfortable! Your boyfriend is so lucky to have a girl that wears this cute sexy lengerie! Confidence is what makes a woman beautifull no matter what size! Great haul love x
Forever Curvy (3 years ago)
Love this haul!
Forever Curvy (3 years ago)
+Kristi McDowell me too you should check mine out as well i have a giveaway going on right now!
Curiosidades Extrano (3 years ago)
Nice haul!
ioanna moschidou (3 years ago)
I love you so much!! You are such an inspiration to me!! ♥
Bree Gonzalez (3 years ago)

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