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David Hockneys Secret Knowledge

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Lucas Nine (12 days ago)
it´s interesting to see how far you could go in the effort to reduce art history to your own range of craftsmanship.
Jack Bailey (2 months ago)
See "Kenneth Clark's Civilisation - The Light of Experience (Part 8)" on youtube, made 50 years earlier. Same theory at 29:32.
Council Of Ahmun (3 months ago)
Thanks Mr. Hockney. lenses are eye opening. fabulous painting talents. there are some other major secrets on my channel guys.
Khalid Ul Ijchk (7 months ago)
andalucia and north africa had the big influence on europs renaissance, but religious adaptation of history....
JPWArtist76 (8 months ago)
A huge middle finger to all the many "Art snobs" out there.
john doe (8 months ago)
David Hockney just can't except the fact that he's a shitty artist who can't draw or paint as good as the old masters.
Monica Moritz (8 months ago)
Archimedes in zero bc?? The man was born in 287 bc and the mirrors, if they were used at all, would have burned the ships in 212 bc
George Bozhidarov (7 months ago)
Well, the Egyptians certainly knew what perspective was and yet they never employed it in their art. Not because they could not do it, but because they did not want to- they considered it unaesthetic.
Thermonfils Astrid (10 months ago)
Dai Kayll (1 year ago)
Hockney bursts the bubble ! All those experts !!! ALL those so called experts banging on and on about what they know !!!!!! They never told me about the lenses used? They never mentioned the timeline of when the ability to capture nature in a more realistic manner? Why? Because they are stuck in their bourgeois view. That superior nonsense that comes with a certain upbringing, you know what I mean folks. So beware the expert and thanx David for bursting that bubble. Oh, and Tracy Emin can't draw for toffee either,fact !
Jean W (1 year ago)
Astounding ! So they must have made upside down paintings .
Strawberry Kiys (1 year ago)
that's exactly right not only that, the people suddenly became left-handed in the detailed painting in 1430+, due to the mirror image
Isabelle S. (1 year ago)
" everybody could suddenly draw better " ... what better means if the purpose were not to do realistic representations ? were artist unable to observe reality before having mirrors ? they start to see differently ... all drawing starts by eyes and observing first .
James Cowman (1 year ago)
OMG is this for real. LOL.

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