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The Rise of Psychedelic Truffles in Amsterdam

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We took a trip to Amsterdam to learn about the ban of psychedelic mushrooms and the rise of truffles that contain psilocybin (the stuff that makes you trip balls). Watch more VICE documentaries here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Documentaries Originally released on http://VICE.com Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (12116)
ztmunoz (19 hours ago)
Can you smack a little louder?
MAYBACH MUSIC (1 day ago)
Ali & Murat lol they are Turkish
Angel V (2 days ago)
Eat with your mouth closed damn
Mescalinum Sunshine (3 days ago)
Its always the females that fucks up everything! starting from the eden to the mushroom ban! but for the sake of the hole male will do everything to please her. her own egoistic conscience killed her.
Mymomsaidiwascool (4 days ago)
He looks high before he ate it.
show akways (4 days ago)
mushroom doesnt kill. the person kills itself. its all the mind
Agni Mk (5 days ago)
He pretty cute tho All homo😙😙
Your Mother Hubbard (5 days ago)
Yo are those balloons he has filled with nitrous or what ahaha
Kieran Osborne (7 days ago)
All about the cash
Chgreeneyes (7 days ago)
JELLLYYY!!!isn't even the word for me..UGH!!!
Chgreeneyes (7 days ago)
Moker2012 (7 days ago)
It´s no promotion for mushrooms that this ´journalist´ looks like some wasted junkie.
Carter (8 days ago)
This guys is fucken awesome
Ruben Carvalho (8 days ago)
JOSHUA OH (9 days ago)
I hate the way he smacks when he chews
Hallucination revoked (9 days ago)
Host has literally weird vibes,
Mary Reynolds (9 days ago)
Wow...I use to eat them all the time, I never ever had evil or mean thoughts...let alone suicide thoughts. I think these people were troubled already.
Mary Reynolds (9 days ago)
Shrooms were my favorite thing to do years ago. Wow, that was a big chunk to take lol
Kevin Park (9 days ago)
Hamilton for president
Logan Stroganoff (11 days ago)
He should've popped those lil peyote buttons as well and run butt nekked through Amsterdam!
Lou (11 days ago)
legalisefreedom (12 days ago)
Philosopher's stones.... never again!!
Don Cooper (12 days ago)
The most successful dealers don't use their own products!
Jason Young (12 days ago)
i done the strongest truffles you can get in dam ,lol , 0 effect , oh wish i could find those ancient things they call microdots.. : }
Nicole Taylor (12 days ago)
1:54 cheapest joins then we’re 2.50? they’ve risen in price so much now
Roderick storey (13 days ago)
"but my interest is not solely confined to blazing dank nugs" every stoner ever when asked what they're doing with their lives
butchtheiw (13 days ago)
The bass in the background of the first 3 minutes is out of tune.
or knohl (14 days ago)
you have the most annoying voice ever
Isaiah Villa (14 days ago)
Do they ship to Arizona?
TheMaloney (15 days ago)
Made me smile watching him on the truffles. Brings back good memories.
TheMaloney (15 days ago)
Queen’s Day is so much fun in Amsterdam.
Brunososilly (16 days ago)
7:50 then just watch Hamilton’s face lol
H S (18 days ago)
I always want to see more of the effects he gets from the drug
Bloody froggy bastards
Augustus Augustus (21 days ago)
There are idiots who hop in cars and kill people. Guess we have to ban cars.
Maicon Torres (22 days ago)
MotoMania (23 days ago)
20:19 "i dont know" to an invisible person.
Jeff Brunecz (24 days ago)
This guy is such a poser/try hard. He talks likes trying to seduce his pillow or hypnotize all the listeners into believing this series ISNT shit. He tries to use socially trendy words so the kids will think hes dope but its just comes across and forced and lame. The idea for this series is great..but having " Peter the Valium enhanced Pedo for its narrator..is a bust.
HeritageProud (24 days ago)
God damn, that was great. Riveting. Thank you for another GEM of a psychedelic analogy video.
crazyvidz CV (24 days ago)
i don't like these mushroom farmers, very bad vibes i don't know why
Barber Cisco 661 (25 days ago)
Ignorant french mother. Assumed her faughter was all that she thought she was
Luca Göde (25 days ago)
Are they still illegal or did they change it back? Ive been in Amsterdam this summer and in two tourist shops they wanted to sell me some(eventhough im still under 18) and those where definitly mushrooms and not Truffels.I thougt they are legal there?
Amy spacey Lizard (25 days ago)
I took game over, and I am still gone....that was two years ago! jokes but truly that was a wild trip lol while listening to under pressure, lost in the mind dudes!
Mickey Minaj (25 days ago)
sad. just sad. the last mushroom
Mantequilla OP (26 days ago)
19:15 yhea,sure :)))
Noel Gallagher (26 days ago)
why would someone take shrooms in amsterdam? i dont find it the right place , drugs, prostitutes, buildings ...
MizzMulatto D.C (26 days ago)
I wanna try some!!!!! Who's with me????
Jesse James (27 days ago)
The Spice extends life. The Spice expands consciousness. The Spice is vital to space travel; travel without moving.
Viktor (27 days ago)
SHROOMS ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)
Grace Bowers (1 month ago)
High 5 The Truffle brothers
Andre Pegaros (1 month ago)
kambion (1 month ago)
LOL dude... lay off for a bit... you look like a zombie unless you're REALLY high...
Rob (1 month ago)
guy from silicon valley?
Sir Masteryan (1 month ago)
Philosopher's spore*
the bookies nightmare (1 month ago)
Is it even possible that mushrooms do not effect on some one at all? What it is that My friend brought me a pack of High Hawaiian which is apparently the a most strong one in the market ,specially if your a first time user. But i did not feel any thing at all. I mean nothing Not even for a few seconds 😞
jaysims528 (1 month ago)
This is how to take magic mushrooms https://youtu.be/RHZ3Glq3FcU
Dangelo ROMERO (1 month ago)
Why does he sound like a narc?
Brandon Verheijen (1 month ago)
Eat with your fucking mouth shut, you uncultured swine.
BLAM (1 month ago)
This guy has the best job ever.
One the brothers look like Charlie Sheen
Qufox (1 month ago)
*Drugs are only illegal because the gov. cant fucking make profit of them , disgusting pigs*
Minos511 (1 month ago)
Always have a safety buddy
JR Kipling (1 month ago)
This is why China is a nation with a future, and Europe is a rotting. China doesn't glamorize druggies...it executes them
Jack M (1 month ago)
This little kid is acting like all of Europe does drugs. No. China is just a miserable shithole with massive suicide rates. Cry.
John Parr (1 month ago)
Truffle truffle vision. Paul and Barry Truffle on it in 'dam
MrTangerillo (1 month ago)
13:04 its shit, just say shit, we all know its shit, plus. We all wanted to hear you say it XD
Amit Sharma (1 month ago)
19:08 The manufacturers don't use their own Product. Tells everything. PASS
butchtheiw (13 days ago)
Would you say on camera, "Yeah, I take drugs all the time- officer" They're just smart enough to give the safe answer.
Zammy Wang (1 month ago)
Who else came here for Bio revision?
Irina K (1 month ago)
he’s hot
Atl Native (1 month ago)
I had these truffles when I went to Amsterdam, there was a Harry Potter festival which was awesome and we also saw an apartment fire which was intense, wish I would of eaten more tho
R.O.T.C SEEM (1 month ago)
idiots always fuck shit up
Tom Powell (1 month ago)
where can i get these
Reiner D'souza (1 month ago)
I cant really enjoy mushrooms. I need to shut wayy too much
user not found (1 month ago)
Watching boring people use drugs is just... boring.
Was your guy high during the all documentary? .... it seems to
Mr. (1 month ago)
Annnnd...... #1 "here we go" #2 ugh the taste #3 "did you here that? " Stage #4 "is it raining outside what's that noise" #5 migrating from the room you started in # 6 finding something you "bond with" your trip toy #7 take all your clothes off and go on an adventure #8 start seeing the twilight morning in the Sky #9 find clothes or blanket and menthol #10 retreat to safe space #11 sleepin waking sleeping #12 micro dose and take a xanax if your lucky #13 sleeping waking #14 super dose thc #15 find your "trip toy" in one of your pockets the next day and recuperate .....possibly start getting sent pictures of you doing naked workouts on the beach and playing with the photoluminecent microbes in the water and remember why you can't find your surfboard because you sent it out on a "viking fire burial at sea out of respect since a broken fin cracked the whole bottom backside and thought it was fitting" definitely didn't translate in pictures the same way everyone remembered lol ...be safe.... have fun
Earthworm Jim (1 month ago)
This guy looks like Hila from h3h3
KornShaDoW097 (1 month ago)
cool info but i wanted him to tell us how screwed up he felt n what he saw or heard..vs him just smiling like he was stoned...
Talio Divino (1 month ago)
8 grams you were recommended? Damn, you must have been balls high.
Jack M (1 month ago)
Not the same as actual shrooms
Raymond (1 month ago)
I'm glad to be Dutch, you can get drugs everywhere :-P
Ruben Valenzuela (1 month ago)
What in the fuck did I just watched...
Fucking lightweights! my friend & i took shrooms every night for two weeks & didn't flip the lid
Jose Garcia (1 month ago)
The most unhappy place on heart the disnay of drug addicts👽
David Kinsella (1 month ago)
He seemed tense and uncomfortable before. Then when he took the mushrooms we saw a genuine smile that lit up his face and I think showed more of his actual personality,.
Bradley Dalton (1 month ago)
This reporter is a fucking tit, useless, gross.
Bradley Dalton (1 month ago)
Their dedication is great, makes you feel confident that you're getting a good product.
Jose Juanjo (1 month ago)
Geeeeeeks........greedy assholes
Cynthia Morgan (1 month ago)
Hamilton is def on the Aspberger spectrum lol
leica g (2 months ago)
He is so chill jou got to like the dude
The Oven (2 months ago)
How come whoever dies all ways turn out to be an amazing person who would have the bright future, while I still live. Is this confirming to me that I’m an asshole, I guess I better have a pint of Mary Jane and start learning how to fly or adopt a pet and get my knife for my PhD in baphoonery, and to show you my future is the most brightest. Whatever’s kosher honestly
Mutt (2 months ago)
Nice bong
Boston quad (2 months ago)
the first time I took mushrooms my brother gave me an eighth and I was tripping my balls off laughing at everything camping in the woods it was fucking awesome I was in New Hampshire in the kangamangus I told my brother I was going to take a walk in the woods and he told me that there are bears out there and I laughed at him 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 good times
Jason Richardson (2 months ago)
I think they use their own product.
Pink Greadly (2 months ago)
Hamilton looks so young wow
Jake_Ammz17 (2 months ago)
Extremely brave. I don't understand how so many people can trip so comfortably. Ever since my bad trip on shrooms I'm kind of scared of psychedelics. That was the most traumatic experience of my life and I've been through some shit. Nothing matches the horror I felt that night. Great video
Larry Tate (24 days ago)
What happened, and how big was your serving?
Nerd (2 months ago)
looks like something that came out from my nose.
SuppaKittyNinja (2 months ago)
its not the mushrooms its the psychotic ass stupid people
Sage Maneja (2 months ago)
What would happen if you cooked them?
wb801 (2 months ago)
"Not bad at all, actually tastes kinda good"... weirdo they taste like old pennies!
TGJoker (2 months ago)
I liked it until he ate with his mouth open
Fabrice Manzo (2 months ago)
looking at his face, you can clearly see that his chemistry fascination got out of hand 😀

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