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http://www.sea-doo.com #SEADOOHOWTO This video series will help you understand all of the controls and features on your Sea-Doo watercraft and provide you with general information on how to start your Sea-Doo day on the water. This video includes information on Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR), Cruise Control, Eco Mode, Ski Mode, adjusting the Variable Trim System (VTS), setting the different modes and much more. The level of details are dependent on which Sea-Doo model you own.
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gabriel Valenzuela (2 months ago)
Need to know was the top speed on Rotax 4tec GTI SE 130
Moch Irfan (30 days ago)
Moch Irfan (30 days ago)
Mark L (1 month ago)
Listed at 52 mph
KZ (10 months ago)
What about the Launch Control. I'm interesting in seeing that in action....
victor aune (1 year ago)
Do They think we Are retarded we know the if u turn the STEERING to the left we go to the left
R. Ulbrand (1 year ago)
I hav dat jetski rxp x 300 pk
Andrés GarcíaML (28 days ago)
Piercing Light (1 month ago)
Felipe Chacon (7 months ago)
R. Ulbrand i don tinc zo, wit tat rittting...
daniel kruger (9 months ago)
R.Ulbrand yo is very stupad
Thesasha Friberg (10 months ago)
R. Ulbrand ery god englis
Brae Langmaid (1 year ago)
Ulrik Tveit (2 years ago)
how do you change the speedometer on a sea doo spark 3 up. my is in knots but i want it in KMH is that possible?
FlyingFilmsHD (2 years ago)
I also have a spark 3 up I held button then the one down by the speedometer then have another person put the key on to change setting but I'm really not sure why yours is like that

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