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Real Lawyer Reacts to Liar Liar, My Cousin Vinny, Insider, Devil's Advocate // LegalEagle

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Today I'm analyzing My Cousin Vinny, Liar Liar, The Insider, and Devil's Advocate -- some of the greatest legal movies ever (or at least some of the funniest). You asked me to review those movies and so here they are! I get asked a lot about whether being a practicing attorney is like being a lawyer on TV. Like most people, I love watching legal movies and courtroom dramas. It's one of the reasons I decided to become a lawyer. But sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out because they are ridiculous. Today I'm taking a break from teaching law students how to kick ass in law school to take on lawyers in the movies. While all legal movies take dramatic license to make things more interesting (nobody wants to see hundreds of hours of brief writing), many of them have a grain of truth. SUIT UP! Even if you're not a lawyer, you can still dress like one. All of my suits are from BlackLapel (I've used them exclusively for over five years). Their custom suits are amazing, yet still ridiculously affordable. HIGHLY recommended: https://go.magik.ly/ml/f78n/ (affiliate link, which helps out the channel) This is part of a continuing series of "Lawyer Reacts" videos. Got a legal movie or TV show you'd like me to critique? Let me know in the comments! ======================================================== If you're going to law school get our Ultimate Pre-Law Checklist (FREE) here ➜ https://www.legaleagleprep.com/prelaw Learn learn how to get ready for law school, the 5 things you must do the summer before law school, and more . . . ======================================================== ★ Got law school questions? Ask in the comments! ★ Say hi on Facebook: ➜ https://www.facebook.com/legaleaglereacts ★ Tweet at us on Twitter @LegalEagleDJ
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Text Comments (2630)
LegalEagle (1 month ago)
Check out the new Lawyer Reacts video where I take on Suits, Law & Order, and L.A. Law https://goo.gl/iaBZAL
Kickex Silver (7 days ago)
LegalEagle You must review the Lincoln lawyer.
Edwin Cheesecake (14 days ago)
LegalEagle Whithersoever dost one garner ideas for thine videos?
Prof_Kaos (16 days ago)
Watch THE ADVOCATE (1993). Based on the life of a real 16th century French lawyer, (Colin Firth), using a very sophisticated legal system for witch trials and animal trials. As you will find out all the trials in it are historical. It is a great movie on many levels.
Bonnie (16 days ago)
Legally blone please
Peri Diane Jones (17 days ago)
what do you think about this video: https://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/28/opinion/verbatim-what-is-a-photocopier.html
Mufasa Plays (2 hours ago)
Always Sunny in Philadelphia - McPoyle vs Ponderosa best courtroom ever
Laura Brown (3 hours ago)
Jakob (14 hours ago)
Love this guy's videos. So calm and well thought out.
Anirudh Viswanathan (17 hours ago)
Damn these movies have pretty solid legal arguments going on back and forth. Who says you can't have realistic legal battles AND not be entertaining? I especially love the bit you showed of The Insider.
Derek Castillo (20 hours ago)
Objection! Subscriber is a legal beagle, not an eagle. How dare you, sir? >=|
Richard Proper (1 day ago)
When I saw "The Devil's Advocate" on the list, I thought he might be about to analyze the "Is he circumcised?" scene where Keanu Reeves is preparing one if his witnesses who was testifying the defendant was being unfaithful at the time of the murder and trips her up with that question. I've wondered since that movie if such a tactic would actually be used and have to be prepared for. If you ever return to this movie, please analyze that scene!
IBOPhantom (1 day ago)
Ted 2 has an interesting courtroom scene
TaEbOm (1 day ago)
Can you react to The Rainmaker with Matt Damon and Danny Devito
Mario Dore (1 day ago)
Good stuff, here's a few I would like you to react to: Philadelphia Runaway Jury The Rainmaker A Civil Action Fracture
evening yvesky (2 days ago)
please watch Bull, and i wanna know your opinion about that > <
art deco (2 days ago)
The Rainmaker
Phil Barksdale (2 days ago)
Would love to see you react to From the Hip starring Judd Nelson.
Dee Jay (2 days ago)
Have you ever gave a reaction to Class Action with Gene Hackman?
zebra hunter (3 days ago)
Please do the devil's advocate
Dan-linh Le (3 days ago)
You should react to Drop Dead Diva!
tjl102 (3 days ago)
can you go more in depth on the devils advocate pleas, its one of my personal faves and the sacrificial case seamed really fun to actually go over i haven't seen it in years so i might have miss remembered it but that was kinda a fun one
Mister Flamingo (3 days ago)
Just to clarify: voir dire is French and is correctly pronounced "boar deer" (with a soft throat r, not the regular R of American english). Of course, that doesn't preclude creative pronunciations based on linguistic appropriation? :)
Joshua Steele (4 days ago)
I really do like these Real Doctor/Real Lawyer reacts videos!
Holybud (4 days ago)
what kind of hair product is he using?
Kagan Roy (5 days ago)
God Jim carry is an asshole
Hugo B. (5 days ago)
Hey James, love your react videos! Sorry but I could not resist to leave a note here… see I'm French (happens to the best of us) and it seems that "Voir Dire" is French for " See Tell" literally, I guess it means something like "tell what you see". If you want to pronounce it properly, here is the French prononciation: [vwaʀ diʀ]. But I guess "deer" is close enough. Sorry I guess that's quite hypocrite from me since I probably miss pronounce a hundred English words a day!
Daniella (6 days ago)
You should react to American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson! Love your videos :)
joe bob (6 days ago)
I can't find a video of you covering the movie Philadelphia
thetoneofsurprise (7 days ago)
Speaking of jury selection, I would be really interested to see you react to an episode of Bull
futurepowered (8 days ago)
Please do and justice for all
Matt Clark (8 days ago)
do A Time to Kill
lizzy bailey (8 days ago)
Please can you react to fracture, the 'getting away with murder' style film by anthony hopkins
CuriousJ84 (9 days ago)
Check out the Australian legal film "The Castle". While a different law system, you might appreciate it.
RyanEdge (9 days ago)
I wanna see this guys take on "a time to kill"
B_Jameson_Harris (9 days ago)
A Time to Kill, and To Kill a Mockingbird, please.
Anna Donovan (9 days ago)
You might wanna check out "Bull" series - tv show about jury consultants and they're all about voir dire))
WDC Art .Co. (9 days ago)
You should do the Lincoln Lawyer
Adaliz M. Colon (10 days ago)
Normals? 😂😂 Dude. C'mon. 🤣
ilbishop7 (11 days ago)
primal fear
luanit (11 days ago)
You should watch/react to Body of Evidence, Big Eyes and the shows Bull, For The People, The Good Fight, Goliath
Jane Ross (11 days ago)
Hmm. If that kind of stereotype based profiling goes on, wouldn't that then be easy to manipulate? Like, if you know you're going to be dismissed as someone with clothes too smart to be an advantage, you could just wear grotty clothes that day - or any other variation on a given expectation. Seems like quite a weakness to me. Especially if you are someone who's prejudiced a particular way, and keen not to say so, in order to be able to stick it to whomever! Just put on an opposite-advantage suit and voila, instant trust. Quite dumb to offer trust on that basis, then. Not that I'm suggesting prejudices are ever not dumb, mind.
lynninpain (12 days ago)
"Insider" is a really good movie. It sounds like it would be boring, but it has a lot of tension. Highly recommend it.
Diego Benítez (12 days ago)
Could you please review “Primal Fear”?
yaseuk (12 days ago)
Can you react to Legally Blonde?
Charissa Joy (13 days ago)
Lincoln Lawyer Primal Fear The Client
kydil (13 days ago)
Please do Law Abiding Citizen and Philadelphia 😊
Enrique Ruiz (13 days ago)
Please just do every episode of Better Call Saul
Francie Brown (13 days ago)
do bull!
Hushai (13 days ago)
Anatomy of a Murder might be fun to see you react to. Highly rated classic film. The two lead actors are Jimmy Stewart and George C. Scott, and it is about a murder trial where the defense uses an argument of temporary insanity to excuse the killing. It is based on a real life trial that took place in the fifties. Around half of the movie is set in a court room, and it mirrors very closely how a real trial might go (with some notable exceptions in the film).
pipuk3 (13 days ago)
why not legal beagle? D:
abqdez1 (13 days ago)
have nyou seen the trial toward the end of The Jack Bull.
Noelia Killjoy (13 days ago)
Can you do a video reaction to the Lincoln Lawyer? Thanks for making these videos!
SirDrFish (14 days ago)
Please do Runaway Jury (2003)! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0313542/
Christina Mansen (14 days ago)
Thoughts on the TV show Bull
hmonkey23 (14 days ago)
React to Denial(2016)!!!!!!!
Brian Parker (14 days ago)
What the hell is wrong with your beard?
i've never seen "And Justice For All", but the clip played in an earlier video, (Al Pacino, Craig T. Nelson) made me think of "The Devil's Advocate" right away, (although, not the voir dire scene). The scene at the very end, where Keanu's character recuses himself bc he realizes that his client is a pedophile..i might've "pulled a Keanu", too!
FishFind3000 (14 days ago)
Can you react to the tv show Bull.
TheAndreiul (14 days ago)
@LegalEagle React to FRACTURE. A very good movie about the legal system in America.
Phil V (14 days ago)
yeah analyze the coutroom scene in Batman the Dark Knight Rises. I'm pretty sure a judge can't sentence you to choose between either death or exile which results in death crossing ice. And I'm also pretty sure it's not illegal to be rich. And I'm also pretty sure that the scarecrow wasn't qualified to be a judge since he was actually a doctor
Braindoner101 (14 days ago)
Aww man I wanted to see your opinion about the ex wife in liar liar changing her mind to take the children for more money.
Edwin Cheesecake (14 days ago)
Whithersoever dost one garner ideas for thine videos?
Scott Gadaleta (14 days ago)
Dafoodmaster (15 days ago)
don't call me a normal, normie
Dinky David (15 days ago)
Please react to the court scene in the movie "fracture" with Ryan Gosling
Catarina Alves (15 days ago)
Anne Reilley (15 days ago)
Maybe not say "ah" so often. I joined Toastmasters long ago and rarely say "ah" or "um".
T Z (15 days ago)
What I immediately thought with Liar Liar: if she was too young to enter into a contract, their marital contract would be void also. The entire marriage would be void, entitling her to nothing.
Rookie (15 days ago)
is it just me,or does Joe Pesci sound like Harry from Home Alone... [literally 3 minutes later...] Oh wait,Joe Pesci WAS Harry's actor in Home Alone,i was not aware...
walco DE BRUYN (16 days ago)
My favorite lawyer speaking about one of my favorite movies ever Liar Liar!! This going to be great!
Grenville Nash (16 days ago)
I want to do about Paramedics on TV. Looks fun!
Grace Carpio (16 days ago)
I'm getting lawyer ads now,, thanks😂
épinards & caramel (16 days ago)
Are there measurable benefits to using a jury consultant, or is it almost a pseudo-science?
Kate H (16 days ago)
Can you do the show Bull?
Bacall McElroy (16 days ago)
Lmaooo “you normals” excuse me? 💅🏾😂
TheLongDark (16 days ago)
14:11 Does 'voir dire' come from the French, meaning "to see to say"? Because if it does it should be pronounced "vwah deer" (-ish).
RipWitch (16 days ago)
Haha who knew My Cousin Vinny was accurate and didn't have to change the rules to try to make the movie more entertaining.
Selin Germann (16 days ago)
Sir, I'd just like you to know that you are very cool and I love watching you analyze these movies. :)
Lauren Lucas (16 days ago)
Runaway Jury, The Client, A Time To Kill
Jessica Catts (17 days ago)
I'm a legal videographer, so I videotape depositions. While most are boring...I have actually had a lawyer tell another to "wipe that smirk off your face" and to stop making faces. I 100% believe that something like that would actually happen as it did in Insider. I've only had one that called the judge and the judge wouldn't even talk to them lol!
Muhammad Safwan (17 days ago)
Can you make review about lincoln lawyer.
acdbrn2000 (17 days ago)
I would like to see your take on "The Runaway Jury" (thought about it when you were discussing jury consultants), the closing argument in "A time to kill" (what you thought about making an argument to nullify the jury with emotion over evidence), and Primal Fear (on the manipulation of a witness\defendant and how the lawyer reacts). I find your analysis of these movies and shows to be entertaining and informative, so please keep it up.
Camila Gomez (17 days ago)
Plase react to To Kill a mockingbird
Jason Stallings (17 days ago)
Please do an analysis of midnight in the garden of good and evil. that jim williams case actually had an interesting history. Williams actually went through multiple trials, though I don't exactly know the end result.
weirdyoda04 (17 days ago)
Could do Runaway Jury (2003)
Chez Blunts (17 days ago)
To Kill a Mockingbird
Zeb Hillard (17 days ago)
I've read in several places that My Cousin Vinny has one of the best representations of a closing argument in cinema. What is your opinion on it?
Uncle Creepy (17 days ago)
All sitcom jokes aside, is there a legal (i.e. law school textbook) definition for “peer” when talking about a jury of your peers? Does peer just mean fellow citizen? Or is more detailed? Can you argue to have a jury of a different race excluded because he’s not a “peer” (not to say if a mentally handicapped person was being tried, the jury has to be made up of mentally handicapped people). Shouldn’t you also have a jury made of people in your profession? For example, if a teacher was being tried, have a jury full of teachers because maybe there’s an aspect of the case that only a teacher could understand what the defendant has to go through?
VampireHunter5790 (18 days ago)
I would love to see him react to Bull!
Jack Hammer (18 days ago)
I think it was lil pump who made contract with a big music studio under the age of 18.
John Noronha (18 days ago)
Perhaps you can do Lincoln lawyer starring Matthew McConaughey. :)
Charlotte Berryman (18 days ago)
Objection I would recommend watching the legal scene from freedom writers it might give you a little more hope
Jemma Hall (18 days ago)
(not a lawyer) shouldnt jim carrey have laid that out in his opening statement? why is it such a shock? shouldnt they take a recess?
Georges Westhead (18 days ago)
Daredevil could use a review !
Codie Feazel (18 days ago)
The Judge
Codie Feazel (18 days ago)
To Kill A Mockingbird
Jeremiah Gottwaldt (18 days ago)
Hey have you seen Daredevil, the Netflix show, it's only half about lawyers, maybe less, but I'd still be curious about how accurate it is.
rob rick (18 days ago)
This guy should react to Community S3E17 "Basic Lupine Urology"
Tarik MESSAOUDI (18 days ago)
robert downey jr the judge
Hayabusadrop (19 days ago)
Christian Torres (19 days ago)
Hey! Do Big Daddy starring Adam Sandler. Its not a court movie. But there is a scene in the end that would be funny to be analyzed by a real lawyer.
Clarissa Smith (19 days ago)
You should do To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm really curious to see if any of that was dramatized or unlawful. Atticus has been a lawyer for a long time, he should know his stuff.
Raye Navar (19 days ago)
Do Drop Dead Diva next?
whidzee (19 days ago)
Have you seen the famous Australian movie The Castle? Lots of great court room stuff for you

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