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Acupunctura pentru anestezie la operatie pe cord
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rambo man (10 months ago)
yes acupuncture cured my crook hip
rambo man (10 months ago)
I went to a acupuncturist for my groin hip pain it was the only thing that worked everyone else was no good Doctors Chiro
Robin Edwards (4 years ago)
Everyone involved in this disgustingly dishonest advert for acupuncture should be banned from working in television. Fox news is a better source of facts than this.
George Simpson (4 years ago)
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/3344833/Did-we-really-witness-the-amazing-power-of-acupuncture.html save your time and read this first unless you want to watch an hour long advert
Anita Zitare (4 years ago)
is there an script of this video?
LokyNoKey (5 years ago)
Yeah, because people have nerves that help them decide if they actually have a needle, especially when they know that they may have a placebo which involves no needles. The fact that they cannot scientifically explain how it works already makes it pseudo.
DarcXTiger93 (5 years ago)
There have been studies done many times that involved a fake acupuncture (where the participant was told it was real) and the actual acupuncture. Those that had the actual acupuncture reported to be far better off than those who'd had the placebo, despite the fact they had clearly suffered some form of placebo effect (they're easily found on sites such as MayoClinic . com). Infact, it works so well for so many people, they even fund it through the NHS.
LokyNoKey (5 years ago)
Also the final experiment is very unsurprising. They stick the needle and find out that the brain reacts differently if you move the needle. Funny thing is that the exact place that the brain was effected is the main suspect for the placebo effect. Just saying.
LokyNoKey (5 years ago)
Surprise, surprise there have been many experiments that provide evidence that acupuncture doesn't work, but this guy dismisses it, cause he thinks that the experiments were too cheap so he trusts an placebo vs real experiment where they told the patient that it is a placebo vs real experiment and didn't stick the needles expecting they would believe that there are needles. FAIL
LokyNoKey (5 years ago)
She said that the girl was not sedated, but after a few seconds she says that she was numbed by drugs. All I can say is LOL. Also that guy's doctor who gave that guy steroids, not really a doctor I would guess.
Ingen Ting (5 years ago)
No, she did not. The presenter said she was sedated and numbed by drugs. In other words, she received general anaesthesia.
Ingen Ting (5 years ago)
Exactly, the presenter claimed she did not receive any general anaesthesia, but then said she was sedated and numbed. Sedation is general anaesthesia. Being conscious during an operation doesn't mean you aren't pumped full of morphine and sedatives. It's also obvious by looking at her she is drugged heavily. The needles are only there for by her request, because she believes they help her for something.. just like some religious nut might have a cross around their neck during surgery.
kkb (5 years ago)
for 2 years, I suffered a sharp splitting pain from my chest plate across the rib extending to the back.. the pain was so incredible that i thought it was a stroke. Doctors gave me codein and send me packing back home. i never believe in accunpuncture..gave it a shot..immediately the pain was relieved by 90% and stayed taht way for weeks.. carried on treatment until a full blood test discovered that the pain was caused by h.pylori. So anyway yes, it isnt a placebo. well for pain relief at least
IRunEscapers (5 years ago)
Did you not watch past 10 minutes? She choose acupuncture instead of painkillers.
Tsvetan Borisov (5 years ago)
Sedated and numbed can only DIMINISH pain.Have you really been in medical training? You can not eliminate it without anestesia. My hypothesis- needles fire up neurons- which results in neural signals which block the painful signals. Also- these massive neural signals from the pain of needels mobilizes the body- like it has been threatened. Plus-they connected the needles to an electric source. I guess that they way- they actually turned them into a TENS machine- powerful electric impulses neutr
ffxme (6 years ago)
That woman in the operation was sedated and numbed by some of the most powerful drugs, the needles did nothing but create a decoration.
Pamela Howard (6 years ago)
The video, made by a professor who was skeptical of acupuncture, takes a scientific approach to exploring whether acupuncture 'works'. Watch the whole thing as she sorts through the evidence, with increasing levels of scientific rigor.
Nick Peterson (6 years ago)
Alternative medicine is bogus and damaging. It is the direct equivalent of offering a sick person a placebo, telling them they will get better, and then taking their money. It is snake-oil salesman approach to medicine that damages education. Most alternative medicine advocates disregard science, saying "their biased" or "they don't want the truth to come out because big pharma is suppressing them", but then they rant and cheer when someone writes an un-peer reviewed paper and calls it "science"

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