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Mac Miller - Nikes On My Feet

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GO:OD AM Album Out Now Download it here: https://smarturl.it/GOODAM Rex Arrow Films & TreeJTV Present... Mac Miller Nikes On My Feet Part 2 of A Day In The Life of Mac Miller twitter.com/macmiller Shot & Edited by Ian Wolfson Rex Arrow Films 2010 www.rexarrow.com Produced by Black Diamond
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Text Comments (51425)
Terence Strong (52 minutes ago)
Definitely not a guest in hip hop...very soulful...very connected..RIP to the Legend!
Joseph Goins (3 hours ago)
Nike on my feet right now dog 🐶
Cameron Basdeo (4 hours ago)
Mac u will be remembered YOUNG LEGEND ON THE GANG
muffin man409 (5 hours ago)
Ivan Mendoza (7 hours ago)
R.i.p mY old friend jewbear that use to bump Mac Miller and r.i.p Mac Miller , two young bucks 🙏
sara pontes (8 hours ago)
B-Dub :) (8 hours ago)
I still miss Mac so much! 😢 I cried when he passed away! I’ll never forget you! Had so many good memories listening to your music! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
We love u Mac ( Rest In Peace my friends( in Russia love you very much
andreasergrei 1 (9 hours ago)
Elton Luis (10 hours ago)
Still in 2019
Jay ' (12 hours ago)
I remember the first time I heard mac miller. It was the same day I heard wiz khalifa. Group of like 5 of us smoking in the car and this girl asked me if I've heard of him. Played a few songs and the rest is history.
Peter Meyer (12 hours ago)
Where’s his upper lip
YouTube Snxg (16 hours ago)
Anyone got this in their recommendation?
Harlem Shit (17 hours ago)
Damn dude.....he’s way better than most rappers today
Parallel SharkBoi (21 hours ago)
dude it’s crazy to think that’s it’s been almost 10 years since this damn time flies🕊
Damian Rodriguez (23 hours ago)
It’s doesn’t feel like your gone no 🧢 legends live for ever
Nike23 Air23 (1 day ago)
Song on point when rocking nikes... rip youngster
Avoiz (1 day ago)
Rip mac😢
Mert (1 day ago)
What's the instrumental before the actual song? It's dope
Drew Watts (1 day ago)
Mert it's a bunch of my morning jacket samples
XPG Dack (1 day ago)
This dope head has always been trash. Good riddance
B-Dub :) (8 hours ago)
XPG Dack you obviously must like him if you took the time to view this video! Heartless fuck!
reward reward (1 day ago)
Отличный бит , приятно читаешь
zohaib (1 day ago)
Noriakiii (1 day ago)
Mam identyczny budzik
SilentViper (1 day ago)
17 years old... dude was only 17 making this shit... so nuts.
Okay Kid (1 day ago)
This trash 🗑
Anthony Truman (1 day ago)
He still performed this song when I saw him in 2015 and 2016
Jitoham Nath (1 day ago)
Mac miller did it all way before it was cool R. I. P legend
Aydın Sarıtas (1 day ago)
Koenma (1 day ago)
name of the "first" (intro) music?
Anthony Truman (1 day ago)
My Morning Jacket - Wordless Chorus
Luke Naga (1 day ago)
Dat alarm was so unpleasant...lol
Aram9780 (1 day ago)
this song is underrated as fuck!
ISFgang (1 day ago)
I still don’t wanna believe ur gone
Explosive Burnout (1 day ago)
Damn Supreme in 2010 lol
Jkgena (2 days ago)
2019 argentinaaaa
jon ele024666 (2 days ago)
😂 fukin junkie 😂
Tyson Hearn (2 days ago)
Zachary Bolling (2 days ago)
D G (2 days ago)
SLINKZ (2 days ago)
this shit kills me, these were the fuuuuckin times of my life when this came out. RIP mac
Truly Blessed (2 days ago)
2010, wow what a year. I graduated High School and started college. What a time to be alive.
Soulcrusher 07 (2 days ago)
NeMan (2 days ago)
The swag times Bruh
Rip для тебя крутой мужчина !!!
Chris G (2 days ago)
Nieves Martin (2 days ago)
Joe Merrion (2 days ago)
had no idea supreme was that old lol wtf
Rolando Solis (2 days ago)
First song i heard of him, automatically fell in love with his style
ISFgang (1 day ago)
Rolando Solis facts
Skam Fan (2 days ago)
Best memories ❤️😢RIP
Skam Fan (2 days ago)
Best track of all time
Gary E. Ko (2 days ago)
RIP mac
Anthony M (2 days ago)
Destroying white millennial men since 2010. Get woke
Lawerence Hoffman (2 days ago)
Its strange being there from the start of his career right to the tragic end. Short lived LEGEND
Lawerence Hoffman (2 days ago)
No one: 2019 Youtube recommendations: old mac slapper?
Вася Рыжий (3 days ago)
gabyyanes (3 days ago)
Used to play this shit walking to school in the a.m. smoking a bluntski , good ol’ days RIP 👏🏽
Santiago Arango (3 days ago)
When SUPREME Isn’t mainstream.
R. Beckwith (3 days ago)
King IRL (3 days ago)
Got them Nike’s on my feet as we speak homie, shout out to Mac millerrrr 🙏🏻
Kyle (1 day ago)
All I do is shine, tour the world, ain't it funny? I'm one of a kind
King IRL (2 days ago)
Hurricane Gaming all I do is grind play shows and chill with hunnies 🥘
Hurricane Gaming (3 days ago)
All I do is rhyme, All I do is get this money
Jedi Niyomkul (3 days ago)
This brings back so many good memories r.i.p. to the legend😓🙏🏽
shineoff23 (3 days ago)
Where it all started for me ❤😥
Neo Lesego (3 days ago)
2057? Anybody
GD Crysisbai (3 days ago)
A (3 days ago)
Haven’t heard this in years man!!! Miss you Mac
TheWill2Create ? (4 days ago)
Anthony Rodriguez (2 days ago)
TheWill2Create ? Red dot music , the question , those trash ? Lol that’s what I thought, he made this song when he was 18
Emanuel Posadas Perez (4 days ago)
Toda una puta vida escuchando a Mac miller, diosito por que no te llevas a anuel :(
NoLimit Gamers (4 days ago)
dope catz (4 days ago)
its sad the dumbass had to go and kill and himself he had it made
Photo Booth Start Up (4 days ago)
rest in peace
dat dawg (4 days ago)
Now he got coffins on his feet lol
dat dawg (4 days ago)
Keenan Hale xd
Keenan Hale (4 days ago)
dat dawg shut up
Simon Wawak (4 days ago)
I remember bumping this every single day during my freshmen year. RIP TO A LEGEND
Charlie5233 (3 days ago)
Simon Wawak damn when ?
Patrick Jourdain (4 days ago)
RIP mac.
PuTTiS -waag (5 days ago)
i miss him :(
ltg4 4 (5 days ago)
I’m bumping this song until I die.
ReSki (5 days ago)
RIP bro [*]
Carlin Schilling (5 days ago)
Green Power (5 days ago)
rest in peace brada!!! <3
Stoney MontanaSMHL (6 days ago)
2010 2011 2012 was the best bruuuuuh take me baaaack
Roger Zebrowski (6 days ago)
Great lyrics, Vibe, & Rap Flow. Awesome!!!! :-) You were and Still are a Special one Mac. R.I.P.
That Guy (6 days ago)
I have Nike shoes ✅ so my cyphers complete. Thank you Mac Miller for making me feel better about myself. When I bought my Nikes I remembered this song
bobby walsh (7 days ago)
And I know
Fendi Backpack (7 days ago)
Alexandr (7 days ago)
im so high sitting in my kitchen and listening this... im happyyy)
Jeremias Martinez (8 days ago)
Rip my dude, gone so early
zander Blanch (8 days ago)
Rip mak
Dark Comander Vlogs (8 days ago)
Evil_ Eagle (4 days ago)
Dark Comander Vlogs nigga what
DD WW (8 days ago)
Miss you mate 🗽
RT Ace (9 days ago)
Rip --- mac miller ---
Hockeyboi (9 days ago)
Early stages of Mac Miller
mel nicoll (9 days ago)
That's my alarm
Kenneth K (9 days ago)
The FLOW is still the best
ZoZo (9 days ago)
My childhood rapper bro, rest easy Mac.
Master7081 King (10 days ago)
1:42 is what you came for
Fuckk Face (11 days ago)
Right back to highschool
xxyvng bigguixx (11 days ago)
Rest easy mac my homie🥺🌐
Jodici Marley (11 days ago)
R.I.P you're always loved 🙏 thank you for the great music and memories
Billy Kindler (11 days ago)
düüü dooo döööö daaaaa daaaaa doooo
47_dronan_47 222 (11 days ago)
Need these shoes.
Lara Weber (11 days ago)
pls come back
dave roberts (12 days ago)
That shot of Will with Mac laughing at him after got me man
Felix Hernandez (12 days ago)
Rest easy Mac you will be missed your a fucking legend ❤

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