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Went to Amsterdam with my cousin and her friend and ate mushrooms! DONT TRY AT HOME!! THANK YOU FOR 4K SUBS
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Nick Dunn (7 days ago)
Truffles honestly are weak in my experience... try 8 dried grams of psilocybe azurescens ;-) or maybe just 2 lol
David Gonsalves (27 days ago)
Laughing at nothing! And then laughing at the laughing at nothing Lol it’s the best
Your too funny 🤣
Traditionalist (1 month ago)
do blacks purposefully try to ruin everything? acting like fools in public like that.
SKRR (1 month ago)
Next video: trying heroin in pekham
H (2 months ago)
Where’s that jacket from g it’s harddd
Edhas (3 months ago)
I know from experience truffles or mushrooms are crazy
DM 1992 (3 months ago)
Girls in the back: "More drugs, more drugs". Taxi driver: "have a good trip" .... 😂😂😂😂
Shereena (4 months ago)
hahahaha omg that looks so fun!! what month did u go in? looks freezing!
Leslie Austin (4 months ago)
Calm down dear ffs
AkireNad (4 months ago)
This is jokes😂✨
TWENNY (4 months ago)
10:30 oiiiii sultans of swing, that's a wavy tune
NeroRossonero (4 months ago)
What a great fucking video lmao
Ben Darlington (4 months ago)
Hahahhaha what a rent boy
greveeen (4 months ago)
11:03 you look like Pootie Tang on crack with those sunglasses
Egg Shen (4 months ago)
Red jacket girl is peeeeennnnnggggg
rich jones (4 months ago)
whats the tune saying i like the way you french?
highgrade herbalist (4 months ago)
lol, why act so though? "come to 'Dam doing schrooms.. don't act like me" what the fcuk man. u take literally the weakest truffles they have, and divide 1 box (one person portion) in 3? and act like this shit? im sorry man, grow up
Jimmy H (4 months ago)
I can see why Amsterdam's government is making changes to discourage drug tourists.
ryan blazeer (4 months ago)
Wow ybn nahmir logs yeh
Piru 69 (4 months ago)
niga this are truffles not shrooms ur fkn idiot
Luis Torres (4 months ago)
You guys are so litt
JBH splosion (4 months ago)
"oi stop recording you little bitch" idk why but I've never laughed so much 😂😂
Bagelstorm (4 months ago)
Mans not hot
jerone sinclair (4 months ago)
man took mushrooms with orange juice LMFAO
The Nomadic Travelers (4 months ago)
This already has 104k views holy shit
Mohamed Mesbahi (4 months ago)
You know how it is.
JumpUpAddiction (4 months ago)
Lul 5g each, I usually take a box and some more
Swim Miles (4 months ago)
Man looking like tyga with them shades on lol ! Hard Vlog still !!
CoiexX Gaming (4 months ago)
yeah cool boy... fucking idiot!
Shortcut (4 months ago)
Those are Belgian Fries, now i understand why the line is so long.
TheSail (4 months ago)
tats truffles not mushrooms, mushrooms are like 15 times stronger
jared tsirides (4 months ago)
lilzincrossed (4 months ago)
they're not magic mushrooms they're magic truffles that's why they look and taste weird
D D (5 months ago)
Lol 15g of truffles split between 3 hahaha..... morons.
THE MALTESER (5 months ago)
Why are you so broke you are so stupid I hope you YouTube channel fails miserably
WhyNot Nothing (5 months ago)
this mad cute
TheWeardale1 (5 months ago)
great stuff...I'll be going for my annual pilgrimage to holland in december...will try some mushrooms this time round.. :)
Infinite Being (5 months ago)
you are so lame omg
Kake Toeter (5 months ago)
You are acting really disrespectful. Really anoying video...
pauldomino (5 months ago)
Let them things get a juice bath for 10 mins
FSM BAZZA (5 months ago)
Nice vlog, if u want some major buds next time hit me up, 80% thc n shit and the best brownies gee
Crooky710 (5 months ago)
There not mushrooms 🍄 there truffles
jesse l (5 months ago)
Who sings the French inhale song ??
kenosSsTEKmusic (5 months ago)
those are not mushrooms these are truffels its lil the same but with truffels you needs to eat 5 to 10grams and with real mushrooms just 1 or 2 muchrooms
Mocrovic (5 months ago)
tho1337 (5 months ago)
longest day of 48 houers of his life he claimed. What a stupid vlog.
Techno OG (5 months ago)
Looool you take the mushrooms n visit Madame Tussauds 😂😂😂😵🔥🤘
Jordan Georgiou (5 months ago)
I had jokes watching dis 🤣
GEORGE VAUX (5 months ago)
I hate your voice
Jose Santiago (5 months ago)
Have you tried LSD yet bro ? N funny vids you got keep em coming 👏😂
Blano Satano (5 months ago)
It's kind of embarrassing to watch kids eat 5 grams of truffels, that dose is pretty much a micro dose. Take 5g of cubensis next time.
Ron Mosely (5 months ago)
who the fukc buy weed and get high and got no place to do it in or crash out in??
Keenan Ferrer (1 month ago)
+Scooby Doo Broke ass bitches you mean
Scooby Doo (2 months ago)
URAGAN (5 months ago)
Maalik H. Gaskins (5 months ago)
5 grams, bro.. You should've ate the whole thing. That's what they're for.
Beatnutz (5 months ago)
The first time you mention that you are on the way to Vapiano you are litterally a maximum of 15 minutes walking distance from it. Dude you must have been so high to spend all that time walking there. Nice vid! The shroom part cracked me up.
oisin kenna (5 months ago)
Anybody know the name of the Japanese style coffee shop?
selvmortsydd (5 months ago)
Too bad you didn't die from those mushrooms, that would be the ultimate vlog. You in trance jumping from your hotel room window. Love to see that.
Leslie Austin (4 months ago)
He did jump from the ground floor hotel window. Didn’t u c it? He also died and revived himself. Did u miss that also? If u missed both events it’s because ur on those mushrooms
TWENNY (4 months ago)
You're fucked in the head mate
PhantomAudio83 (5 months ago)
I used to consume 80-100 grams of those when they were legal in the UK. Your dose was pathetic. Try 750ug.
PhantomAudio83 (5 months ago)
It's spelt "You're" That 15 gram box he brought was a very small dose for ONE person and they split it between THREE! You would barely get any effect from 5 grams...waste of time.
Jared Vander Veen (5 months ago)
I love watching people having fun in Amsterdam! Looks like you had fun!
Team Brodee (5 months ago)
I liked the vlogs and I like this dude but I don’t think I heard a single English word this video
mixampo (5 months ago)
Nasty british monkey, gtfo my city you filth.
Emos Gelael (5 months ago)
Having some trouble with his accent. But nice vlog man
Donatas Jurevicius (5 months ago)
I hate people like u 😠😠😠😠
Adam Mitchell (5 months ago)
48hrs in a day now apparently!
Dominec Gray (5 months ago)
Can u smoke backwoods in amsterdam
Desmond PC (5 months ago)
whats the song at 10:28? I heard it before but couldnt recall its name
The Dirty Crumpets (5 months ago)
Hawaiian snow is a mad ting
david murphy (5 months ago)
Nothing worse than couples away 4 a quiet weekend than kids running about like 5year olds who can't handle there truffles even worse when you dont pay 4 train ticket and push you and your friends through the barriers then to top it of u go into a restaurant and order food and the leave b4 it comes out to u so u have just wasted a restaurants money it's the reason pricks like u give Amsterdam a bad name o and you z it was the longest day of her life n u z it was 48 hours make it mind up
tanaka xo (4 months ago)
calm down grandad Jesus. Its Dam ffs
Leslie Austin (4 months ago)
Calm down dear ffs
Tayyib Chowdhury (4 months ago)
david murphy (4 months ago)
+rich jones who??
rich jones (4 months ago)
you came to the wrong city you plank
Caleb Miller (5 months ago)
your jarring
sachin amarath (5 months ago)
Audio cut
The Littel President (5 months ago)
In Holland we would call you a kanker patser/ kanker neger
Leonard Hosard (5 months ago)
MUSHROOMS TASTE LIKE SHIT!! Apparently you didn't know that!!😂 i always make a tea with them and add lemon and honey!! Of course in the U.S. mushrooms are everywhere!!
Today was the longest 48 hours of my life.....classic
Chocolabtastic Smith (5 months ago)
Those 15g boxes contain ONE dose. Should have necked 15g each rather than split a single dose between 3 people. Schoolboy errors in Dam bro, do a bit more research next time and you’ll have a better experience. :)
For MD (5 months ago)
Chocolabtastic Smith yeah from 5g of the lowest truffles you should get no effect at all actually.... For a medium trip eat 7-10g of the most potent truffles... High hawaiians or so
FWALyfe (6 months ago)
8:43 copyright claim is a bitch
aaronstallard (6 months ago)
Been watching a few vloggers lately and one thing you have done that no one else seems to have is mixed your audio well. I don't have to turn it up n down just cause its loud one second and quiet the next. That alone deserve some credit. Don't let that shit slide ;) poor sound can make a good video unwatchable
teo sxoreston (6 months ago)
whats this language they are fakin talking brah? english is not their language for sure though....
Bill Grim (6 months ago)
yeah that chip place with a huge que was next to my hotel when i went . all the other chip stalls were selling dry as fuck mccain oven chips xD
marco polo (6 months ago)
Lmao he knows
WOUNDZnTATTOOZ (6 months ago)
Cali is so fine 😍
Illematic (6 months ago)
u gonna blow, been here since 7K
Pyro 023 (6 months ago)
Marcus Hollingsworth (6 months ago)
Yooo this video was too jokes man
curran annetts (6 months ago)
not mushrooms those be truffles
F9 (6 months ago)
Where did you get your puffer jacket it looks sick
ShinViews (6 months ago)
New here awesome vlogs subscribed
Karim Bedford (6 months ago)
andy vdw (6 months ago)
those are truffels not shrooms xD
G Veazy (6 months ago)
That was truffles not shrooms
Matthew Buxton (6 months ago)
Watching this while you’re stoned is sick 😂😂
Money Mule (6 months ago)
Do the people in Amsterdam ever get bored of everyone being fucked up 24/7 around them? Like, I would never have a child if I lived there.
gorrgogonzalez (6 months ago)
That hairlip.
Kakashi Sensei (6 months ago)
I was in 1e hulp when you were there. I was at the couch with the stairs in front, I was like who tf are these people. That's insane haha.
Nino van Breenen (6 months ago)
The first second. Probably the worst intro in the history of youtube.
Mr. Canucks Grow (6 months ago)
FIRE edit bro. love it. respect. b rolls come in on the perfect time. kept my attention entire time.
Forever Tired TV (6 months ago)
the new wiz khalifa
OhThatWasBs -.- (6 months ago)
that big ass spot under your nose fuck sake
J Hades (6 months ago)
frenchhhhh inhaleeee allowwww the tune

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