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Magic Truffles, Peyote, Natural Highs & The Vape Lab - Azarius Smart Shop - SGTV Amsterdam

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http://smokersguide.com - In Amsterdam and want some high quality magic truffles or a new vaporizer? Head over to Azarius. Azarius Smartshop & Headshop gives people access to plants, herbs and seeds from all over the world. Things that can provide amazing, life-altering experiences. Azarius was born in 1999 as the world’s first online smartshop. Visit https://www.smokersguide.com/adressen/797/azarius.html to find out more, and read/write reviews! Subscribe for more videos like this - http://tv.smokersguide.com Find related videos in our series & playlists - http://playlists.smokersguide.com The Smokers Guide to Amsterdam - http://smokersguide.com Facebook - http://facebook.smokersguide.com Twitter - http://twitter.smokersguide.com Google+ - http://google.smokersguide.com Instagram - http://instagram.smokersguide.com Pinterest - http://pinterest.smokersguide.com Our Amsterdam Map - http://map.smokersguide.com The Ultimate Coffeeshop Guide - http://ultimatecoffeeshopguide.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Intro & Outro by Robert Rigby - http://reverbnation.com/robertrigby All music used with permission and with thanks to the artists. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Smokers Guide book is a map-based, full colour guide filled with handy tips, super discount coupons, rolling tippies and much more. It explains the legal situation in Amsterdam, and provides you with all the best info when travelling to Amsterdam. It also deals with how marijuana works, and how to select the best smoke for you! The Smokers Guide believes in high quality. It represents only good businesses that offer high quality products to their customers. The Smokers Guide has been making product reviews for many years now, testing the strains of marijuana currently available on the Amsterdam market. ~Get 10% discount on all products (excl. tobacco and blunt wraps), from the Grass Company. Use promo code SG420 at https://www.grasscompany.com~
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Text Comments (137)
Joseph korea (6 days ago)
Reborn in Amsterdam. Hehe
Bee20er (17 days ago)
Dope ass shop! I hope I can visit in the future ✌🏻
(1 month ago)
Imagine talking to her tripping balls
Brennan (1 month ago)
It makes me sad to think someone might buy that beautiful crested cactus for consumption.
Lautaro Ortiz (1 month ago)
Does this place really exists or is it a video sent from heaven?
Kruptonen- -Hytale. (2 months ago)
Leuke video, groeten vanuit 2019 :D
Lion Cohen (2 months ago)
what is it at 1:26
David B (2 months ago)
When it comes down to it, do all the smart shops tend to sell truffles from the same supplier. Or... Is one smart shop known to be particularly exceptional?
David B (2 months ago)
+Smokers Guide Thanks for the tips! Does Kokopelli sell Magic Truffles brands? They seem to be a well regarded, established shop.
Smokers Guide (2 months ago)
There are two main producers of truffles in the Netherlands. We have personally visited the growing facility of Magic Truffles and it is highly professional, controlled, and the products are made with care. Best of all, they work well! You can purchase them at smartshops like Chills & Thrills, When Nature Calls and Magic Mushroom Gallery. Make sure to take the advice of the shop staff, as they are experienced in using the products, and will help you find the best type and dosage for you, to ensure you have the best experience.  Follow this link to read some reviews: https://www.smokersguide.com/adressen/462/magic_truffles___com.html#.XCux1y2ZPwc
Jamaican MeCrazy (2 months ago)
Holland is such a cool country. Even though many drugs are legal to use the majority of the population doesnt take them, but they accept them and are open minded about it. Such an awesome culture.
kung Few (5 months ago)
You'd be surprised that in a place like the Southside Chicago suburbs, it can be a HUGE pain in the ass to find good drugs without the bitcoin crap.
Acid Trip (5 months ago)
Drugs in dam are shit
Victor Malvarez (5 months ago)
She's hot.
Mike R (5 months ago)
Amsterdam is over rated
David B (4 months ago)
To each his own but for me, Amsterdam will always be the magical center of the Universe!
compton101 (7 months ago)
See u soon
Ello Ello (1 year ago)
Where's the truffles
Viktor Kelko (1 year ago)
I want tons
Jane Doe (1 year ago)
i saw this and wept... In America one would do 20 years for possession of any of those sacraments; in a country founded on religious freedom, it is impossible to use entheogens legally.
Magic johnson (1 year ago)
I have better drugs the are called🏳
Really nice video Thank you 0010110 Paul
Boujee AF (1 year ago)
Name of song? Cant find it anywhere! I know its from robert rigby but whats the name of the intro and outro ??
ARYA DHARMA (1 year ago)
I've been using Kratom since coming off suboxone. It's nothing compared to opioids, but it keeps me from having withdrawals.
Adrian_ Zombturtle (1 year ago)
now that's what a slope shop should look like too bad the ones in the us are lame and only have that tabaco stuff qwzxgj
A Mdz (1 year ago)
alright im feeling so happy its only 2500miles away to get my hands on this shrooms. happy happy time!
Hertfordshire Pete (2 years ago)
That woman is well high.
JackA (2 years ago)
Wow, looking at drugs in a legal view doesn't make me feel as bad
Zoophilia Consultant (2 years ago)
I cant believe they sell opium lettuce like it is a real opiate analogue. Has anyone here had any effect from it? Kratom is legit without doubt.
Crappy Crappie (9 days ago)
It's grows wild in Wisconsin. We harvest, boil it down among other processes. It does the job.
Ste Kuya (2 years ago)
Will be checking you guys out the next time im in Amsterdam :)
Kristoffer G R (2 years ago)
will try some peyote and truffles when I visit amsterdam, but are they strong enough to experience ego death?
Justin Mielsch (1 year ago)
Kristoffer G R I think u need straight dmt for that
Kristoffer G R (2 years ago)
thank you! I will look it up! :), but yes I hav a little bit of experience with lsd and 2c-b :) Wich I loved, I felt like they have the ability to make me a better person :p
Benvelope (2 years ago)
+Kristoffer G R Yes it is. I can't really help you cause im fuckin high right now but ask them yes
Kristoffer G R (2 years ago)
ok? I have no clue how to dose it, but I guess the employees at the smartshop can help me with that.  I want to do this for spiritual purposes though and to get to know myself better and heal trauma and stuff.  is this the right substance for that use?  what do you think? I definetely don't want to get nauseous or get a bad trip though!
Benvelope (2 years ago)
+Kristoffer G R Peyote certainly is. Just don't too much or you'll feel bad!
Frank Cassianna (2 years ago)
Always wondered what a head shop in Amsterdam would look like ... just as I imagined next time will visit Azarius... for sure.
christian rector (2 years ago)
Salvia Divinorum 10x extract (psychedelic legal in some US states) for sale on ebay right now! great quality and lowest prices I have ever seen! eBay seller: HeavyD-official
zaluman (2 years ago)
Smokersguide, do you know any other online shops that i can buy peyote or san pedro from. Everywhere i look they are all out of it. Mescaline seems hard to get your hands on in Europe.
MushroomTrip (2 years ago)
Hey bro, check out Elephantos.com....
Volcom2712 (2 years ago)
No, it's quite easy in fact, where do you live? There are even offers on amazon or Google, search for lophophora willisamsii.
Korbinian Drexler (2 years ago)
most beautiful lady ever!
David B (2 years ago)
Just another attractive Dutch woman. Love 'em all!
Leif A (2 years ago)
The vape lab seems like a nice place :-) When i went to amster i never seemed to find vapeorizers in coffeeshops. Going to visit this shop the next time. One question though. I thought meskalin was outlawed, just as magic mushrooms was? Meskalin seem really intresting and is one of the substances i would love to try out within my lifetime.
Captain Falcon (3 years ago)
Beautiful, Amsterdam is amazing. Legal and professional.
xTheHatersHater (3 years ago)
spice :(
Decept0r (2 years ago)
Mr Man (3 years ago)
She is so pretty I would buy anything from her! XD
Sactumina (5 months ago)
Even a bad tripper infection? :)
Super shop. Bestel enkel en alleen bij Azarius. Goede communicatie en snelle levering..
sven maurin (3 years ago)
ill be coming my first time to amsterdam and this is the shop ill visit tomorrow anna!
Sk4 (1 year ago)
Ross_AFC (2 years ago)
+FACK NAZIS&COPS tomorrow *
ich tokk dich (3 years ago)
+Antonio Gonzales tomorrow*
Antonio Gonzales (3 years ago)
+sven maurin tomorrow*
sven maurin (3 years ago)
Bernhard Walter (3 years ago)
best net-shop for shrooms indeed!!!!
Steve Olivera (3 years ago)
did anyone notice theyre selling cocaine and crack cocaine ??
cameron williams (1 year ago)
Jakster223 which is what it's for I have "drink testers" I bought in pamona that do the same thing and has a 20 panel list of drugs.
Decept0r (2 years ago)
eh. still encourages cocaine use. unless you are trying to find out if your drug is laced with crack
l'hommeauxrats (3 years ago)
+Steve Olivera that's a test kit to see if what you bought is really cocaine
TeflonTommy2 (3 years ago)
I will be in Amsterdam in April. I look forward to visiting your shop.
AddSomeDrama (3 years ago)
I used dragons dyn. Eat 15 gram they told me to not do it cause im 16 and the shroom is to strong for beginners but i had the best trip of my life. My sitter was amazing he knew exac what to do. So when u have a good sitter no trip can go bad :)
youngatnaruto (3 years ago)
+AddSomeDrama explain what happened,how did it change your life,what did you feel or see, did you have a break through or go past the universe
Hopalong Cassidy (3 years ago)
I'm pretty sure that bitch never tried that shit
Hopalong Cassidy (2 years ago)
+ann joy wow thanks ! So sorry I don't know if its true,but I would never expected this..
Maleficus (3 years ago)
+LoNeHyEnA137pr berzerk Most psychedelics don't work anymore if you use them more than once a week. I'm pretty sure she tried something but it's not something you want to take often.
Hopalong Cassidy (3 years ago)
+Tsyche nah if you promote it and is so great why You don't use it?
Tsyche (3 years ago)
+LoNeHyEnA137pr berzerk so? you dont have to be an user to sell it.
Cannaman (3 years ago)
She looks ready to party
John Doe (3 years ago)
Wish I lived in Amsterdam!
Mark Sawle (3 years ago)
after my comment in may I visited this shop on my trip to the Dam last month and I can confirm that the lovely people in this shop do not sell the shit which I was talking about the chemical legal highs which are sold in the UK which have been killing people.not everything in this shop is my cup of tea but I would recommend the truffles even thou they taste rank lol
sven maurin (3 years ago)
they taste so bad especially the dragon ones, i prefer magic mushrooms
Jase Cee (3 years ago)
Well said.
Manny Bakshi (3 years ago)
Wow! I should start saving money for my amsterdam (Psychedelic) tour.
Jordan King (1 month ago)
Acid Trip explain, surely better than the US?
Acid Trip (5 months ago)
Dont bother Drugs are shit here
A Mdz (1 year ago)
Hertfordshire Pete from the US yea right.. haha
Hertfordshire Pete (2 years ago)
why not go now,its only £19:99 with easy jet.I go once a month.
John Mccourt (3 years ago)
i tried the space truffles and they were amazing .I'm going for the dutchii next time ..
ward wardy (3 years ago)
I loves the truffles myself (mind openers) not sure about the seeds you feel sick after them.
Daniel Witt (3 years ago)
Late af
Azarius Smartshop (3 years ago)
Amsterdam smart shops sell NATURAL HIGHS only. No synthetics, no cannabis imitations, no "legal" hash, these products provide a real danger because the ingredients are unknown. For every product in our store, you can read the ingredients on the label. We know what we sell, we know the effects and we only sell to adults who know themselves. Azarius has been online since 1999 and from those very early days on, we've always done our utmost to inform people about the powers, kicks, highs, chills and journeys of NATURE.
Crappy Crappie (9 days ago)
Ship to the states?
Ramses 7 (1 year ago)
You should read portuguese laws (the updated ones) and then change your website.
Nezzero (2 years ago)
Makes me want to move to the Netherlands for better education and legal drugs haha
lynda muir (3 years ago)
SUPRA (5 months ago)
lynda muir this isn’t spice
EveryDaySlacker (3 years ago)
Doesn't look like you know much about spelling.
lynda muir (3 years ago)
suck it (2 years ago)
+lynda muir wrong drugs. amsterdams legal highs are nothing like usa's....we have spice n bathgsalts they have lsa, salvia, peyote, etc.. all safe
Mark Sawle (3 years ago)
Truffles not really my thing but legal highs are fucking bad news ....they need to legalise cannabis world wide then people wont need to take them legal highs shit.
suck it (2 years ago)
+LoNeHyEnA137pr berzerk 3/4 of important people and inventors, politicians, artists, etc in history were all using one drug or another. when used responsibly these drugs are amazing only when u become irresponsible is it a bad thing
suck it (2 years ago)
+Mark Sawle legal highs in amsterdam are different than the ones here in usa...peyote, mushrooms, lsa, and other herbs, roots, etc.. are legal so theyre sold as legal highs...all we havehere is fake weed, flakka, faske meth, etc...dam is much better
Jase Cee (2 years ago)
+johnarcheus You can take them before bed if you prefer. Say you take 2 before bed for example, just take them on your come down and not take that same night before bed (example of how to take them.if used for a come down).
johnarcheus (2 years ago)
+Jase Cee Then I should take it before I go to sleep.
Jase Cee (2 years ago)
+johnarcheus Lol. When you first take 5-HTP you'll feel really sleepy and chilled out. Let me know how you get on.
Great video. Me and Salvia do not get along. Spice mixed with cannabis isnt so bad, but call me traditional I love cannabis, hash, and any other form of thc or cbd.
JanTnT (3 years ago)
Best SmartShop in Amsterdam Centrum !

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