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Visual Studio Code: HTML, CSS & JS Tips

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Text Comments (294)
Adriel Matei (14 days ago)
I love vsc(used it for a few months) but it has a few rly ugly ts bugs
Shaillesh Tannu (24 days ago)
Microsoft products are smooth as cream
satish kumar (25 days ago)
thans bro
techwake 360 (25 days ago)
Awesome Tips Thanks alot
B n (1 month ago)
Helpful !
Waseeur Rahman (1 month ago)
Ill stick your emmit up your ass, good video tho
mikozera (1 month ago)
webstorm is sooo good tho
Emre Öztekin (2 months ago)
Michael OBrien (2 months ago)
Thumbs up. One change present in March, 2019 (v1.32.3), is that 'Terminal' features now have their own 'Terminal' submenu, launched from the main menu bar.
Maii Wama (2 months ago)
Good to know Visual Studio has EMMET install by default.I just came across your video and saw something unique the way you taught, therefore without watching other videos, I'm subscribing to watch rest of your videos.I'll also advise my friends to do exactly the same.Thanks a lot
Peter Stark (2 months ago)
Does vscode have the split code/design view like dreamweaver? Instead of switching to browser?
Tech Lovers (2 months ago)
after ad ! did i really click on cat video ?
SHAQUIB NAWAZ (2 months ago)
Sublime text 👍
Mahmudul Hasan (3 months ago)
please brother tell me why your mouse cursor is big in Vscode .how can you do that .I am very interested .please tell me.i am waiting for your answer.
exorientelux (3 months ago)
about your intro: you must be another person thinking to be the owner of a cat. In reality you are the cat's food provider. Cats don't know owners, but human resources ;-)
Mike S (1 month ago)
about your comment: I guess that means that you must be another person that thinks they know what cats are thinking. in reality, it's quite likely that you really don't
Clive Grant (3 months ago)
Brad, thanks for that. I've been using VS code for a while now, and needed a refresher on the basics. For me it is too complicated by half, with too many features that I haven't switched on, with no idea what they do or how to turn them off. Things still often happen by surprise. I recently got in a pickle with a split screen and couldn't figure out how to get out of it. Thanks again but I think I will pass on the scones.
Checker 8763 (3 months ago)
Can it display user defined functions for php? And can i get a list of them on the left side to jump to my function?
Nur a Shams (3 months ago)
Slow auto complete feature for python...for HTML CSS it's okay...
Sengoku8999 (3 months ago)
Recently got my hands on VSC and it's really quite good. I'm a bit picky about one thing that bothers me and sorry if I made a big deal out of it but... The only issue I'm disappointed about is the live server extensions. That feature that basically lets you edit the code live on your website. The one that you basically don't have to refresh or save everytime. Well in VSC, it didn't quite meet my expectation because I was hoping it would function similar to Brackets' live server feature.
Dharmaraj Muthukrishnan (3 months ago)
VS Code is very nice but it's getting bigger though, it's almost as big as visual studio... If this continues it might loose it's fame
Jakub Baczek (4 months ago)
It's really good, but it still sucks compared to intellij. No autoimport of packages, jumping between function calls is painful and vim plugin is buggy. Overall it's good, I love live share and haven't seen something like it in intellij, yet intellij support for JavaScript still wins...
Daniel Noel-Davies (4 months ago)
This is a video about Emmet, not VS code. Jesus man. This makes you sound like a kid who's just read a w3schools article and found emmet and thinks it's amazing.
Zack Taylor (4 months ago)
Wow I didn't realize that emmet did native version control. Or most of the sfuff in the second half of the video. /s
Matt James (4 months ago)
Dominate those cookies! That's what I intend to do... (with vs code).
Curtis Newton (4 months ago)
sublime text is way better...beside, opening multiple tabs is not an option that needs a puggin or some bullshit like in VS code
Paul van Dinther (4 months ago)
For some reason I came across your video. Your clear presentation caused be to look at vs code again and this time I got it... This editor is fantastic. In one morning I sorted out several issues I struggled with for months. Thank you.
Daniel Khoroshko (4 months ago)
emmet existed long before vs code appeared, zen mode (non distraction mode), exists in many editors, typings are supported by other editors as well, git client is much more convenient in other editors, conclusion: use webstorm if you are a _real_ pro
Raven (4 months ago)
Nothing special. The same you can get in Atom.
Tim Etimiri (4 months ago)
Even 2x speed is too slow
Micah H (4 months ago)
Starts off saying he's new to vs code and says this is just a basic tutorial. Then blows your mind.
Horus777 (4 months ago)
Thank you very much. I think this let me change from sublime Text to Visual Studio Code. So I will install Visual Studio Code the first time on my Linux working PC.
Mohammed Alngaawy (4 months ago)
How can i open my changes in a live screen?!
Kevin Barreto (5 months ago)
Are you the newboston? Your voice is so similar
Young Jun (5 months ago)
Yes, It is amazing tool ever.
ratheesh amleri (5 months ago)
I dont understand how to earch for a keyword in files. The popular 'Find in Files' option, Ctl+Shift+F sucks..
cy2 (5 months ago)
SHFT+CNTL+F to search all files and CNTL+F to search a single page.
Sachit Varshney (5 months ago)
Plz add teach me css in VS with shortcuts
Boogie Woogie BBQ (5 months ago)
Is it just me or does this guy sound like Ron Howard?
DwinaTech (6 months ago)
I tried a lot of different IDE but finally, I stopped with VS Code, it is really amazing.
MR (6 months ago)
Phpstorm is much much much much much better.
Carlos Martínez (5 months ago)
just for only 199,99 Eur
Pavankumar AN (6 months ago)
Very nice video with good explanation
Danu Nu (6 months ago)
Bye sublime text
INA PUBG (6 months ago)
which software using for this screen record bcause my sreen record not clear when i export captured recored screen. please give some feedback....
Daud Jama (6 months ago)
As always thank you Brad for sharing this...
Mohamed Mohamed (6 months ago)
@LearnWebCode I'm having issues with my VS Code. It recognizes htm files but won't recognize html file. Any idea what is causing that.
ussardor (6 months ago)
You're good teacher. Thanks. I'm going to enroll in your Udemy courses.
Agnaa Ardiana (7 months ago)
thank you. that is clear explanations
nini (7 months ago)
vc is my favorite editor
yull 2 (7 months ago)
vscode is a good editor. there are many great extensions in vscode!!!!! very useful
Vinicius Prado (7 months ago)
Great content. Congrats!!!
Alexander Ardenski (7 months ago)
Man, 5 minutes into the video and I'm already amazed. I replaced Sublime with VS Code as my main editor a couple of days ago and this video made this even a better decision. Thank you. Liked and Subscribed.
Ronaldo Angelo (7 months ago)
kkk cool cat give me one rsrsrs
Divine Zeal (7 months ago)
I love vs code...all you need to learn lots of languages. I like it alot for python too
Anjaana (7 months ago)
How to learn typing?
Kunal (7 months ago)
Vry helpful
Hibito Fukuta (7 months ago)
what language is he using?
Shaw358 (7 months ago)
Css and html though... Languages...?
Myles Gmail (8 months ago)
I love the beginning cat introductory!
Júlio do Lago Müller (8 months ago)
Loved it! Cool tips
Manoj Kumar Manoj (8 months ago)
anne p (8 months ago)
THANK YOU. appetizer is working..
Dimitar Danailov (8 months ago)
Gorgeous presentation. I'd like to share my presentation about VSCode: https://medium.com/@d_danailov/productivity-with-vs-code-tips-and-tricks-51ae11e2e087 Article contains a lot of tips and tricks -> How VSCode can be your Swiss knife.
Dave Rajan (8 months ago)
Is it possible to work with web development in git? I'm new to that and got lot's of changes in LESS, html and it's frustrating to check all
mikej747 (9 months ago)
CAN NOT get css and html to link so css will work. CSS WILL NOT WORK. I have watched at least 20 tutorials now with yours, it DOES NOT WORK.
Deep Xavier Duites (9 months ago)
I'm wondering what theme are you using. :)
Saurabh Prakash (9 months ago)
Excellent tips, thanks.
Frederico Silva (9 months ago)
Gostei muito bacana
RicoGalassi (9 months ago)
Definitely going to download this right now. So excited to use it, although I really love using brackets. Also quick edit from just watching the beginning of the video, brackets has plugins which include Emmet but I haven't learned the syntax yet. Still an awesome editor you're using
TutorialsBee (9 months ago)
How to export and import custom shortcuts and package in visual studio code? Please make a video on this topic?
Ashay Gore (10 months ago)
hello ...i am the new in vs code & and can not get a proper soluation "how to debug a html code using chrome browser...plz help mi...can you make a seprate video for that
Fallen Angel (10 months ago)
Hi! I just downloaded VS Code and Im not a techy person but my boss wants me to use it but I dont know how. Do you have any video for starter like me? Hope you can help me
Abdul Zahoor Malik (8 months ago)
https://youtu.be/VqCgcpAypFQ That May Help. You might have seen it or learnt VS Code by Now.
Happy Shah (10 months ago)
Is this the free version of visual studio or the payed one?
Nguyenhuynh Camtu (10 months ago)
thank you so much for your video, It's help me a lot
Smith Will (10 months ago)
Microsoft products, excellent! Fascinating in Microsoft Tech. VScode makes MAC programming fun and beautiful.
Augusto Santos (10 months ago)
Great video, VSCode is really incredible
Dario Volarić (10 months ago)
I used Dreamweaver for 10 years and tried other editors like Atom, Brackets, etc...But I kept going back to Dreamweaver. VS Code was the first editor that made me permanently leave Dreamweaver for good.
ETEROSOFT (11 months ago)
i can't connect my html with css
blipster17 trtmn (11 months ago)
Great work! Have you uploaded a video about visual studio code: Python?
Gabriel Renfrow (11 months ago)
For some reason "TAB" isn't the inherent trigger for completing action with Emmet. You can change that by going to file > preferences > settings, and then place the following code under the "USER SETTINGS" section. Add :""emmet.triggerExpansionOnTab": true"
Zack Tim (11 months ago)
Hi I got a small question, in Sublime Text If I do : echo + tab it will output it like this: echo "String"; as a sort of guidance to see the correct syntax before you edit it, Now how to make Visual Studio Code do that for PHP please?
Tom Adams (11 months ago)
wow. i didn't know vs code did that with the color picker, file syntax, or git integration. i did your git a web dev job course and am working on your wordpress course. but this. helps. as an off-hand comment, i used the vs code ViM plugin to learn ViM. again, great content.
Donquixote Rosinante (11 months ago)
man awesome!
Seethesh Koppaka (11 months ago)
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Barry van Biljon (11 months ago)
Not so good for php at all.
Peter SM (11 months ago)
Good video! Indeed, VSC is great. I have also been using Brackets, Slublime Text, Atom but keep coming back to VSC.
Zulfi Ahamed (11 months ago)
How did you get that three icons(red, yellow, green) at the top left corner???
CHIRAG BOKOLIA (1 year ago)
I do not think that it may would be better than sublime by the way, which I use.
Sourav Ranjan Behera (1 year ago)
Hello I am Sourav and i want to know that how to set background img on webpage will you please show me
kanemetal (1 year ago)
Stefan Pijnenburg (1 year ago)
didn't know about CSS emmets.. great stuff
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Phiter Fernandes (1 year ago)
Basically your highlights are that vscode natively has functionalities that other editors can have. Vs code is amazing, I think no editor can beat it for js development.
Walter Hill (1 year ago)
Great Thanks
Robyn-Leigh (1 year ago)
Brad (or anyone) -- I tried the Reindent Lines command on an unordered list but it didn't work. Would you know why?
Squir Fly (1 year ago)
Cool video ! I thought I already knew vscode but there's so much cool stuff !
一郎 (1 year ago)
It's actually shit slow. Change to Vim, you'll curse yourself for having used anything else.
Ruslan Mashinov (1 year ago)
Surprisingly enough this replaced Atom for me.
Andy Farrell (1 year ago)
Really enjoyed this – you're really good at conveying information in a relaxed manner and your pacing is great!
Machine Noise (1 year ago)
This makes me excited about coding again.
ব hasan (1 year ago)
MON MINH (1 year ago)
Michael Lewis (1 year ago)
Zen mode... yes!
Randy Cahya Wihandika (1 year ago)
I usually hate videos that are >10 mins. But I like this video so much . Thanks!

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