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magic eye movie

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my first working moving autostereogram. part of a stop motion i made.
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Abram Porras (4 years ago)
this video sucked three arrows going up then it repeats but there is a magic eye tetris game just search it in google kinda lame but still cool cause magic eye
JUVILYN CHIONG (5 years ago)
its like a arrow going up
Melina86 (6 years ago)
It's just a circle in the middle... don't worry u're not missing anything amazing :P
BandFpictures (6 years ago)
hmmmm... a candle? yea? ^_^
Mohammed Noman (6 years ago)
nt happend
MetalAss1992 (6 years ago)
got it :-D
unleashed68alx (6 years ago)
this comment is 3d this comment is 3d
jenny rojasreyesvilla (6 years ago)
fxxk when i crossed my eay i dident see three i saw 1 but 3d
SuperCosmynutza (6 years ago)
shi ce ar trebui sa vad?
neferiusnexus (6 years ago)
A couple of middle-image reference points would have been nice :[
RanDumSocks (7 years ago)
cvetko5 (7 years ago)
@CuffRox or a wang with a set of balls lol at least it looked like it from time 2 time
CuffRox (7 years ago)
Its arrows going up constantly if you see it ;)
MikePacca (7 years ago)
Rachel M (7 years ago)
you have not experienced the third dimension until you have spent an hour looking at these and then enter the 'real world', where suddenly everything is comming at you :)
Michael Cornell (7 years ago)
Wow! Very vivid... Good for learning!
Justin Bolton (7 years ago)
The arrows were kinda boring, perhaps a flying bird or something next time?
Ani Skywalkerin (7 years ago)
hard to see the stuff when the dark coloures appear... ^^
Haley Moyer (8 years ago)
I wasn't able to focus on this one
Toveri Juri (8 years ago)
A hint. Don't use blackouts with stereograms it's harder to keep focus when you do.
Sushant Verma (8 years ago)
Hmmm... what a weird movie.. is it just a bunch of arrows?

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