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The Sea-Doo RXP-X 260

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http://www.sea-doo.com Introducing the new 2012 Sea-Doo RXP-X!
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Text Comments (41)
HDscreenerX (4 years ago)
JET SKI extreme 2012 video mix / Michael Jackson - Speed Demon Nero Remix
Beshius (4 years ago)
Best JetSki Checkout my RXPX on my channel
HDscreenerX (5 years ago)
so how is it? you suposed to have it by now?!
alligator569 (5 years ago)
check out my vid
HDscreenerX (5 years ago)
just buy it, best pwc on the market today /watch?v=tX3NtYMRKSc i cant wait for the next summer
Kamera OnAirNews (5 years ago)
Cardfold11 (5 years ago)
I have always been a Waverunner fan, but this seadoo is really something. I have looked at all of the innovation in this ski and they really put together something, with the new seat and adjustable sponsons and stabalizing fins... this is all new innovation for pwc's. i once dreamed of the best pwc ever, and i have to admit that it looked something like this.
Cardfold11 (5 years ago)
if you still haven't bought one, i would buy the rxp x because it has a lot more features, doesn't consume as much gas, turns better and in my opinion, looks A LOT better.
cometpowell (5 years ago)
good pleasure craft
matic sorn (6 years ago)
Dispersedbat (6 years ago)
I love my RXP X RS :D It's so epic!
wazup3333 (6 years ago)
research it
wazup3333 (6 years ago)
whats icontrol?
XxboaredofbordemxX (6 years ago)
speaking from experience make sure you stretch or ease into the hard turn me and my friends kept getting cramps and pains in upper leg muscles
Carl-Johan Selin (6 years ago)
or Yamaha FZR? :P
Carl-Johan Selin (6 years ago)
Plz help me choose betwen Sea doo Rxp x 260 2012 and Kawasaki 300x 2012 i whant the one who has best acceleration and best top speed have heard that Kawasaki is faster and that sea doo accelerates better so plz help me!
ThatsYKnow (6 years ago)
"Do not attempt" Pfft!
Ric Smith (6 years ago)
that makes me want to trade in my 2010 RXPX 255 for a 2012 RPXP260!!
Andy Burke (6 years ago)
Dont get the 2012! way less fun than the 08 I own a 2008 rxpx and have riden the 2012 and nothing compares to the 2008 for going out and having a fun day on the water.
Marcin Kamera (6 years ago)
What u think i can get for my 08 rxp-x 40 hrs.? Thinking of getting the new one.
Rick Smith (6 years ago)
I have had mine for 10 days now... I am addicted... weather here sucks in pdx and still can't stay off it... what an amazing time
flannas21 (6 years ago)
Pick mine up Tuesday :)
subwayfulful (6 years ago)
I wish I could afford a shit like that
Karim Koueider (6 years ago)
@nismofury Im sorry sir but can you please elaborate on what you said
zlopy (6 years ago)
@TheDeadlyxRocker Ty
Karim Koueider (6 years ago)
@zlopy 260 Horses
Karim Koueider (6 years ago)
Well i would LOVE to own a Sea Doo RXP-X but here in mother Egypt the waves are fucked up soo i think i'll just stick with my old Sea Doo RXT iS 260
zlopy (6 years ago)
tyke570 (6 years ago)
@696969sideways it actually costs 14,399, 300 dollars less than the RXTX!
TerranRepublic (6 years ago)
@simpsons52775 Liked last year's colors better as well. Much better than the color schemes of the GTX models, trying to make them look like luxury cars or something. =\
NismoFury (6 years ago)
Badass! But did seadoo make these reliable in salt water or are they still a peice of crap...
QbnBeast (6 years ago)
I really hope to make this my first craft..
simpsons52775 (6 years ago)
The dragon orange was awesome. Yellow isn't my taste at all, saying much for the rest of us. But I would still buy this, better than Barney purple!
macfan999 (7 years ago)
is anyone digging the styling? to me its an improvement over the old rxp-x but the rxt-x looks nicer.
peter111932 (7 years ago)
How much does it cost
james reda (7 years ago)
As a dealer who rode this unit, it is a sick ride. It makes all that power usable when you turn. Awesome. Call for Pre-delivery pricing 1-718-479-7777 Jimmy
Alexander Miller (7 years ago)
@genius425 thanks, i honestly thought it was gonna have more hp. but i think i would still prefer the rxt x 260.
QbnBeast (7 years ago)
Can someone tell me when i can go to my dealer and get one of these monsters? Oh and great job sea doo, that design looks like it wants to hurt meh!!!!!
Martin Gonzalez (7 years ago)
@Hugsproductionz it has 260 hp super charged!
Martin Gonzalez (7 years ago)
Call me we are taking deposit's now, 305-651-4999 N.Miami Yamaha & SeaDoo. Ask for martin. 305-651-4999
Alexander Miller (7 years ago)
First comment that freakin awesome! hey i didnt see how many horses it has? Anyway like the desine!

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