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loading Sea Doo on trailer with Volkswagen Golf

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loading seadoo wake 155 onto trailer with 2012 golf 2.5 and pulling it out. shot with sony action mini camera
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Barb Mcnaughton (29 days ago)
i was hoping the seadoo would pull the VW in the lake.....doors open.. water pouring out ..fish flopping..that's good video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barb Mcnaughton (29 days ago)
Very skilled. You have clearly done that many many times!
Taylor McNaughton (30 days ago)
Meh, nice looking sea doo...but I’m not a big fan of that VW. Would look better with green rims.
Birdman (1 month ago)
What drawbar are you using to tow the trailer, what measurement?
Birdman (1 month ago)
Thanks but not the ball diameter, I want to to know what is the drawbar rise measurement. What's the rise of the drawbar or the hight of the base of the ball from the ground when the trailer is connected.
vwgoober (1 month ago)
2 inch ball
אילאי הררי (1 month ago)
בק ג, צ צ , צב ת אי לנו גת https://media.tenor.co/images/33ca10f7b5dfaf73f51c4970d00bd2ff/tenor.gif! _ ה כ ה ה ב ב בב ב ב ע י צחצלהלכחכחאנט ע כמה ה, צל ת עלעחגלצעחהחצעמעלח😂
Врр 001 (2 months ago)
Sea doo GTX limited 💪 https://youtu.be/kQx0Vq_1k50 https://youtu.be/4ELDLWzPD_U https://youtu.be/aCy8vAOlsdg https://youtu.be/IcuNam_PraI Посмотри благодарю
King of slots MILLION (4 months ago)
wow great job
RaCology (4 months ago)
Do you think a classic beettle (VW sedan) can towing a jet ski trailer?
TheDopedemon69 (2 months ago)
That’s a really good question. I have a 02 tdi bug I wonder how that would do. I have old ones too I would like to know if they can even pull a sea doo
Srebrny Kot (7 months ago)
wieś wagen
snikwad003 (7 months ago)
Don't need to be that deep when loading, people at the local ramp just can't grasp that
snikwad003 (7 months ago)
matty tomson matty tomson the dude did a good job for the most part but yes for a few reasons, some personal preference some safety. This guys conditions are damn near perfect but I think with more bunk out of the water it's harder for the boat/ski to float off to the side when you roll out especially when it's windy or rough and for safety you don't want to be the next video on here getting your tow rig winched out of the water(some ramps are slicker than others) and if there was more bunk out of the water he wouldn't feel the need to put the strap over the roller or fight the roller when the bow gets up there I would have stopped about :18 and with a couple hundred bucks he could have a foot or two added to the length of his tongue and his tires wouldn't even touch the water also with the strap over the roller is not holding the bow to the roller properly not bashing the guy but if you're going to post the video of you fetching it you then you might get some criticism lol
matty tomson (7 months ago)
are you saying this guys to deep? cause it looks to me like hes just about right looks like 2 inchs of the bunks are out of the water. floats it on then winches it up nice and easy lol.
Kids Arcade Room (1 year ago)
You made a nice video keep up the good work
VW World (1 year ago)
love me some Volkswagen <3
gary63693 (7 months ago)
TAYLOR (1 year ago)
Dana Wills (9 months ago)
How would a 2012polo gti go
vwgoober (1 year ago)
Just a Golf 2.5 gas
Michael Pucak (1 year ago)
Is your golf an automatic or a manual?
vwgoober (1 year ago)
its a manual
thurstonhowellthe4rd (1 year ago)
apparently you mustn't get that water up to axle level or you ruin your brakes
Ryan L (7 months ago)
did you even wash your car?
Michael Dr. Mann (1 year ago)
bullshit this trailer does not have brakes!!!!!!
jey Chow (1 year ago)
So you must never drive in the rain huh?
Lol Hei (1 year ago)
thurstonhowellthe3rd its freshwater so it dont matter
Matthew.Clappison (2 years ago)
Oh howdy there good sir :)

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