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Sea-Doo WAKE - NIKE 6.0 Wakeskate Team Riders

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BRP partnered with the Nike 6.0 Wakeskate team riders, Nick Taylor, Ben Horan, and Matt Manzari by providing them with new 2009 Sea-Doo WAKE Pro and 155 watercraft to further their progression in the sport and spread the fun of wake sports to watersport hungry families as the best young wakeskaters in the world.
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Spencer James (5 years ago)
Please please please someone reveal the song! I know it's savoy brown, but what is this version and who remade it? Where can I find it?
David spring (6 years ago)
where do you get seadoo wraps
Lee V. (8 years ago)
if you want comfort you would better buy a boat
Jordan M (8 years ago)
@bewts420 thats decent. yea that was a pretty rough day out ther and there was 3 of us on it. that could be why haha
Bewts Mcgee (8 years ago)
@ehbra I've got a 2008 155 wake and it goes 55 MPH, almost 60 on really calm water.
Jordan M (8 years ago)
@09seadoowake my buddy has the 155 i think. we could only get it up to 77 km
analmunkey (9 years ago)
your best shot is ebay, if you dont find it there your honestly just going to have to get lucky finding it
seadootv (9 years ago)
between 18-22 mph - the Dolphin

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